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  1. I have owned most of the Kg series speakers and am under the opinion that the 5.2 is only bested by the 5.5.


    I feel this is a very good speaker for a medium to small room.

    I personally would not pay more than$200.00 for a pair in really good condition.


    I believe you would be happy with a pair if your room is not a large room.


    Only you can be the judge of that.



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  2. 57 minutes ago, USNRET said:

    Didn't happen Tom; no picture no toy!

    Googel has some photos, how do these things sound in general compared to Klipsch horn speaks?

    For some reason I always have trouble with adding photos.


    As for comparing the sound to Klipsch, I'm going to listen to them for a few days before I comment on that.

  3. I picked up a pair of these speakers for a song and a dance(which I can't sing nor dance).


    They don't have the grills but the cabinets are in good shape and the drivers seem to be working just fine.


    I have owned the F 4's in the past, but don't remember them sounding this good.


    I am excited to have new toys in the house.


    Got to love it when I get lucky. Doesn't happen as often as I would like.



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  4. Well, it's snowing here in the Pacific Northwest(Seattle/Tacoma area), a rare occasion.


    Being a school bus driver, I have the day off. Looks like me and my music for an extended period of time.


    I love it. 



  5. The tweeters seem to be working fine.


    Played them for a week now and no problems.


    Must have just been my hearing and maybe the previous owner didn't have the binding posts tightened


    Oh well.



  6. Dean, I apologize for assuming you were bothered by this post.


    I have posted on the Polk forum.


    I am just more of a Klipsch fan and thought if any members here had some input I would probably find it a bit more helpful since we all enjoy Klipsch on a pretty regular basis.


    I guess in my mind we here have similar tastes when it comes to speakers.


    I'm not sure I want to spend $100.00 on a couple of tweeters just to find out I don't like the speakers as a whole.

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  7. 14 minutes ago, Deang said:

    Shouldn't this be posted on the Polk forum, seriously. 

    I am a Klipsch fan and forum member that is interested in opinions of this speaker by other Klipsch fans and forum members who may have experience with this speaker because I value the input of the people on this sight.


    If I have insulted or injured your sensibilities by posting this here I do apologize, but yours is only one opinion and I appreciate your comment for what it is worth.



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  8. 17 minutes ago, jason str said:

    Pump a bit of power through them before you do anything, if the surrounds are dry rotted, cracked or fall apart the $50 budget just flew out the window.

    I checked out the surrounds at the pickup point they are in good shape, firm and not dried out and seem to be no voice coil rub. Haven't put any power to them yet. Will probably do that tomorrow.

  9. 13 minutes ago, avguytx said:

    Join the Polk forum and I believe you can get them for under $50. May have changed, though. Got to give Polk credit; they still stock and supply parts to people that run those "quarter century old speakers". And you don't have to jump through fiery hoops to get them. Except for passive radiators....those are unobtanium for the most part.

    I think I will check into that.


    Thank you

  10. 29 minutes ago, avguytx said:

    Holy crap....free? Just saw that. 

    Yes free, the gentleman had purchased them new in the early 90's and when he blew the tweeter he put them aside and purchased new speakers. He said he always intended to replace the tweeter, just never did.


    I am in no hurry to repair and I think I will wait until I find a killer deal on eBay for a tweeter.


    I'm cheap, or is that thrifty?

  11. Anybody ever own a pair?


    Just got a pair in good physical condition with one blown tweeter for free and am wondering if they are worth the cost of replacing the tweeter.


    Looks like the tweeter will cost roughly $50.00+shipping.


    What do you think?



  12. Anybody ever own a pair?


    Just got a pair in good physical condition with one blown tweeter for free and am wondering if they are worth the cost of replacing the tweeter.


    Looks like the tweeter will cost roughly $50.00+shipping.


    What do you think?



  13. OK, I picked up the 5.5's. The seller said that if you bumped one speaker it would cut out.


    I tried and tried and could not get it to duplicate this issue.


    It does seem like the tweeter in one is not as loud and the other, but it is working. Never come across this before.


    Any ideas? Xover?




  14. I am thinking about picking up a pair of these for a very good price. One speaker has an issue.

    According to the seller one speaker sometimes has no sound until you give it a bump.

    Sounds to me like a loose wire or something similar. If it is a simple connection problem, I can comfortably attend to this.

    What else could be the issue? Could this be a binding post issue? 

    Any thoughts or ideas? I plan on looking at them tonight.



  15. I think that a variac is an essential tool for any vintage audio collector, tube or solid state.


    Not  being certain of the history of vintage gear that one has acquired, it is good to apply voltage at a regulated pace instead of hitting it with 110/120 all at once.


    I may be wrong with this train of thought but I choose to slowly ramp up the voltage.



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