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  1. 51 minutes ago, Coytee said:

    What lengths do you need?


    I have a couple extra pieces of Mogami Neglex that could mysteriously end up in your mailbox.  They however, do not have any ends on them.

    I am looking for two to three pair,  1m. each.

  2. Anybody use these interconnects?


    There are so many manufacturer's of cables that it is hard to make a choice. Without using them in my system it seems to be just taking a chance. I want to buy on the used market to try to keep cost down.


    I am using Pass Labs X 150, Odyssey Candela, Oppo 105D and soon have my VPI Scoutmaster up and running.

    I will be using off and on, my Cornwall's and my Magnepan MG 1.4 speakers.


    Any thoughts on cables. I am using Transparent interconnects at the present. I'm just always curious as to what other cables will do for me, if anything.



  3. 2 hours ago, dtr20 said:

    So you had the original kg line 1,2,3,4, then you had the replacement kg line 1.2,2.2,3.2,4.2,5.2, then replaced again .5,1.5,2.5,3.5,4.5,5.5, and then kind of replaced by the klf line klf 10, klf 20, klf 30. What replaced this type of speaker after that? Was it the reference line? For some reason I thought the reference speakers were out the same time as the klf speakers. I don't think I have really heard any reference speakers. How do they compare to the lines listed above, more specifically kg5.2, kg5.5, and all the klf speakers? I have a pair of kg5.2, kg5.5, and klf 10 that I will be doing an A+B+C comparison on hopefully soon.

    I have owned  the 3.2,4,4.2, 4.5,5.2 and the5.5 in the KG line and I have owned the KLF 20s and to be honest, the KLF 20s were the best, to my ears.


    I felt there was no comparison to the KG series. I do like the KG series of speakers, but the KLF 20s were in a whole other league.

  4. 7 hours ago, onemoretime said:

    Thanks, Tom. Between the Cornwalls and the Heresy trio, I should have a well-mated setup for home theater. I really like the fact that the Cornwalls and Heresies are three-way, each two horns and a woofer. As it is I'm digging the three Heresies as mains and center channel there. 

    But now what to do about my 2-channel rig?? :unsure: At the moment, it's just a pair of KG 3.5's to go with my Odyssey monoblocks.

    Sounds like time for some Klipschorns.



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  5. 4 hours ago, onemoretime said:

    I know, right? Water damage usually means mold and that's why I started getting cold feet too. I shared some high-res pics with the speaker tech and he basically said he'd buy them from me as-is with no questions. Turned out there really wasn't water damage per se, just some marring from water on the surface of the veneer that can be brought back. There was also a patch of over-eager sanding on the other cabinet, but they should turn out OK. I should have confirmation this week and will update this thread if anything further is needed.

    The Heresy cabs will need more work than the Cornwalls. I want to remove the ugly stain job, there's some damage to the 7-ply edges on the two long side panels, and when I take out those eyelets the holes they made will also need some attention. What material do folks generally use when patching the natural cabinets?

    Glad to here about the Cornwall's. You got a great deal.

    I was listening to mine last night for the first time in a long time and enjoyed them tremendously.


    When you get them back you will be hard pressed to want anything else. Just my opinion of course.



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  6. On 8/6/2016 at 4:49 PM, onemoretime said:

    Thanks for the thoughts. Just hooked up the Heresies and KG 3.5's last night for a test run and was pretty impressed. Of course that was mostly from the Heresies up front.


    I thought I'd lost the Cornwalls I saw this week, but the first buyer flaked and I picked them up yesterday. $250 for Walnut Oiled finish (needs some restoration), both woofers in need of re-coning. That will cost another $200 but the work will be done by a Klipsch specialist locally who will order OEM parts and do the work right. I cannot wait to get them in a couple of weeks!


    Darned fine shopping, huh?


    I seen these on Craigslist. My concern was what appeared to be water damage. From the picture it looked like they have been stored outside or something. I hope that inside the cabinet you don't find a bunch of corrosion.  

    Let me know how these look once you crack them open.




  7. Those are the ones. For that price I could hold out for a good deal on La Scala's or spend ~$450 for Forte II's.


    I owned the Forte with Crites XO and heard the Forte, the RF 7 and 7 II's beat them in my system.  So, I got rid of the Forte which is no slouch and a great speaker.  The 7's are a more complete speaker than the LaScala.  They really don't need a sub where as, the La Scala should be paired with one.  The LaScala has a great midrange sound to make you forget about needing more bass.  Simply put, the RF 7, RF 7 Classic and RF 7 II's are just a great speaker.

    I concur. Well put.


  8. I got the amp today it found it's way to my door in good shape.

    Upon opening the box I seen that they did a good job protecting it with thick styrofoam. I popped off the top piece of styrofoam and found that the idiot who packed it did not protect the amp from all the tiny pieces of styrofoam scattered on top of the vents and undoubtedly dropped through the vents.

    It is hard for me to imagine an individual that claims to have been in the audio business for 30 years to be so careless and neglectful. I understand that most of the stuff he has in his shop is a lot more expensive than this piece, but the two grand I shelled out is a lot of money to me. Wrapping it in some paper or plastic would have only taken a minute.

    I called him and let him know how I felt. He apologized and blamed it on one of his employees.

    At least it made it here safe and I can now see if it was money well spent or not.


  9. I agree $800.00 is a fair price for these speakers in excellent condition.

    I personally got lucky and picked mine up with a center channel (RC-7) for $400.00, but they had no grills and cabinets had some scuffs. I bought new old stock grills from a forum member here and sold the center channel because I only do two channel and with all that said, I have approx.$500.00 in them.

    Mine are black. I would have loved to have found some Cherry or other natural veneer RF-7's for the same price, but you just don't see them for that amount.


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  10. In my opinion, the Speakerlab Khorns don,t compete with any of the Klipsch speakers due to the inferior xover and completely different mid driver. Cornwall's and Forte's are different due to design and Lascalas smoke them. Lascalas are great if you got the room. I would have kept mine but they just took up too much real estate.


  11. Having become accustomed to an Adcom GFA-535, I'd love to hear one of Mr. Pass's grown-up designs. How's the break-in going?

    I just purchased it today and it is being shipped to me.

    I hope to get it by next weekend.

    It is an older Pass model but has been upgraded with current design parts.

    It will probably seem like a long week for me. LOL!


  12. Just bought a Pass Labs X-150 today online from a reputable dealer.

    This is my first venture into Pass Labs and think I made a good choice, but I have no experience with any of their products. I'm not a rich man so I chose this amp. I have read on the internet that people are pretty happy with it.

    I am hoping some of my forum brothers or sisters have had some experience with this model.

    I will be running my Snell Type A or Magnepan 1.4's or Cornwalls with it.

    In front I will be using Odyssey Candela preamp, Oppo 105D, Musical Surroundings Nova Phenomena phono preamp with JVC QL-Y5F with Zu Audio DL 103.

    Any comments? Good or bad synergy?

    Thanks, Tom

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  13. Given any thought to Odyssey Audio Candela?

    I believe it is around $1,600 brand new with a 20 year warranty.

    I picked one up used and have been using it for only a week now and so far I like it.

    I may not have as much experience with tubes as many of you, but it has impressed me.


  14. Just seeing if there is any interest in this completely original single good condition '52' Klipschorn. All drivers work and the xover looks to be untouched.

    I'm in the Seattle-Tacoma WA area. I'm thinking around the $800.00 mark. Not completely sure of the value.

    I picked this up, thinking that I would use it for a mono system, but that doesn't appear to be on the horizon anytime soon.

    It would have to be local pickup and if there is any interest I will post some pics.


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