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  1. I will take some measurements of mine tomorrow if you still need them. I'm adding some pics of mine. I'm going to restore it, it is completely empty other than an original grill cloth and frame. I guess the rest of the cabinet may be the painted lacquer finish that was available? It doesn't match the grill frame-it is veneered. I would like to keep it as original as possible, but still look good. No grill cloth on the sides, so matching those is not possible. I have a type 2 crossover I will use, just need to find some drivers and horns and a 15" sub. This is the cabinet I bought from the pilgrimage auction Jim had several years ago of extra "stuff" in storage. I think there were less than 50 of these produced. Any advice on components would be appreciated. Kevin
  2. I bought this-I figured PWK spoke thru this while flying, another of his passions..
  3. The first CW was manufactured in October 1959. This was made first week of March 1960, so it's the 12th CW ever made! I've attached a link of it used as a center channel from the Kipsch "History of the Cornwall" from the Klipsch archives. http://www.klipsch.com/cornwall-history
  4. My first pair of Klipsch I bought at Modern Music in Memphis. I think 1983. Still have them! Great Speaker!
  5. I'll see if my buddy from Sugarland is coming home for Christmas. If so, maybe we can work something out if you're interested.
  6. For sale one 1960 Mahogany Cornwall All original Serial # 112. $650.00 OBO. Very good condition, original grill cloth is stained ( may be able to clean, never tried ). If you need more pics I can take more tomorrow. Pick up in Hot Springs AR or I can put on a pallet if you arrange truck pick up.
  7. Hopefully my shorthorn cabinet and grill I bought at the last auction in Hope are still in Jim's office, I've never picked it up! I need to call him... i was im the Vette, no room...
  8. I will try to post them Tomorrow evening. If not, then Sunday.
  9. I have a pair of Mahogany Cornwalls that I will get more info on in the next few days, I will add serial #'s and driver info, just wondering what the market is for what I think are 1960 with original cloth. I think the drivers are original, as well as the cabinets, although they are made a little different. One is like the one in the museum in Hope, with wood accents on the front, the other more like a normal Cornwall. Sound is excellent, I have had them in dry climate controlled storage for the last year. I know there will be questions to answer, but Is $2k a good selling price for these? One of these I got from Gilbert about 5 years ago and is in excellent condition. It still has the warranty tag with it. Anyway I will post pics and info, just curious about interest. . Haven't been on the forum in a while, Was just looking back at some old messages, got a tear in my eye from some Daddy Dee sent me. Thanks I'm in Hot Springs AR, 50 miles from Little Rock. I could palletize these if need be, but shipping would have to be arranged by the buyer.
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