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  1. It means it's oem. Released in bulk to manufacturers. Sometimes you can get good deals by buying oem products, sometimes you get headaches. The product can have differences from the retail version. Features missing, different drivers than the retail version. If you buy it just be aware that it may not have all of the features of the retail version. ------------------ PROMEDIAS anything less would be uncivilized
  2. July 27th. Oh wait, that's today. OK so I cheated. But they're out!!!!! Now maybe we'll start seing some reviews. ------------------ PROMEDIAS anything less would be uncivilized This message has been edited by jjayb on 07-27-2001 at 02:03 PM
  3. You can quit your whining now. They're here! ------------------ PROMEDIAS anything less would be uncivilized This message has been edited by jjayb on 07-27-2001 at 02:04 PM
  4. I had the same problem, took me a while to figure it out. When listening to the cd go into your creative surround mixer and on the recording source box on the left set it to cd(whichever cd drive you are listening to). Walla, sound from all 4 speakers. Don't know why this needs to be done but it will fix your problem. ------------------ PROMEDIAS anything less would be uncivilized
  5. Another thing to check. Make sure the main volume in your creative surround mixer isn't turned up to high. About 65 to 70% should be good. The same goes for your bass setting. If you turn them up to high it just sounds distorted, plus the restrictor will kick in. Let the speakers do the work, they don't need that much of a signal. ------------------ PROMEDIAS anything less would be uncivilized
  6. BuBye! ------------------ PROMEDIAS anything less would be uncivilized
  7. Am I the only one who is tired of looking in every other thread on this board and seeing Paradigm ranting and raving about the paradigm ht system? You post a topic about the klipsch's, this is a klipsch board, and all you hear from paradigm is how you should just buy paradigm's instead. If I wanted to hear about paradigms I'd go to their web site. Paradigm, by now, with your incessant promoting, we have all heard of the paradigms. Give it a break already. ------------------ PROMEDIAS anything less would be uncivilized
  8. You're assuming he wants your lame *** paradigms. If you're going to buy a "real" home theater set up why settle for the paradigms? Why not spend a few more bucks and get a real system? You keep telling everyone "why settle for the klipsch's when you can have the paradigms?" Well I ask the same question to you. If you're gonna spend the extra money, why not spend a little more than that and get something better than the paradigms? Because of the price point right? Well that's exactly why people buy the klipsch's. Because of the bang for the buck. If they had the extra bucks then they would buy a home theater setup. They don't. Leave them alone. I personally, and probably a lot of other people, are tired of hearing about your damn paradigms. Go hang out on a paradigm board or something. ------------------ PROMEDIAS anything less would be uncivilized
  9. "boo hoo, sob, sob, I just bought my 1.2gig thunderbird a month ago and now they've got a 1.3, before you know it the athlon 4 will be out. I demand an upgrade! I just bought a geforce 3 and in a month the geforce 3 pro, or ultra or something will be out. I demand an upgrade on that. I bought a cheeseburger at mcdonalds and now they have a double cheeseburger! I've been screwed!" Here we go again with the whining. Nobody is getting screwed. If you want the new ones buy them. If not keep the ones you've got and quit yer bitchin'. I'm still using my v2.400's and very happy with them. It will probably be a while before I can convince my wife to let me spend the money on the 5.1's, but when I do, rest assured, I'm not gonna come here crying like a baby if they release new ones a month after I buy them. I'm gonna listen to the ones I have and appreciate them because they rock. Please think about how silly it sounds to complain because a company releases a better model of something. It happens every day. It's called progress. ------------------ PROMEDIAS anything less would be uncivilized This message has been edited by jjayb on 05-24-2001 at 10:22 AM
  10. The subwoofer will be 200 watts using two 8inch woofers! I'm drooling already. 4 satellites and a center at 60 watts each, bringing the system up to 500 watts! It may just be time to give my v2.400's to my wife for her stereo. "here honey I love you so much I'm giving you my speakers. Uhm, can I buy a new set?" ------------------ PROMEDIAS anything less would be uncivilized
  11. Where do you see the info in the 5.1's I've looked all over and can't find it? ------------------ PROMEDIAS anything less would be uncivilized
  12. That pic was posted here Well over a year ago. Probably around december of '99. It was soon after I got my pro's. It is Hoffy indeed.
  13. One thing that I've found that helps is turning down the surround knob.
  14. You definitely need to turn down the windows volume. You are sending too much signal to the pro's causing the distortion. set the volume for windows somewhere between 45 and 70 percent and you'll have much better results.
  15. What dvd player are you using? If it's a software player like powerdvd or windvd you need to go into the audio settings and set it to 4 speaker or 6 speaker sound. For a hardware decoder I have no idea 'cause I don't have one. Hope this helps.
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