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  1. OK, I popped off the back "label" and removed the screw... nothing budged! I think I'll see if I can find a JBL repair guy in the Fort Worth area; I sure don't want to mess this booger up... Rob
  2. I just noticed that one of the spring-loaded terminals gave up sometime in the recent past... the red plastic 'blew out' leaving red plastic chips and a spring in the speaker cabinet... one of the wires was left just dangling! Well, dang! I pulled out the tweeter hoping that I could make a quick repair... well, apparently not. I tried to 'unscrew' the broken terminal, hoping that I would be left with a threaded stud onto which I could simply put a washer and nut and reinstall my loose lead with a terminal on the end. Nope, the broken terminal 'unscrewed' all right, but only to the point where everything is turning. Obviously, I will have to open the tweeter up to fix this... but how do I do that? I see that there are four allen-head screws that appear to be holding the 'baby cheeks' on, but other than those, I see no other fasteners. I'm sure hoping somebody can help me with this... Thanks, Rob
  3. EZ... If you want to squeeze all the real magic out of your modded K-horns, you might consider Al's extreme slope networks... unbelievable! Rob
  4. OB was a delight... in so many ways! Like OB, I am not only an "audio guy," I am also a "car guy," and OB and I had many "conversations" about the wonderful (?) world of Porsches and Corvettes. And when I finally was ready to become a "first time" Corvette owner (after a misspent youth with three Porsches!), it was OB that steered me in the right direction. He was a treasure, I'm glad that I had the good sense to tell him so before he left us. Rob
  5. Depends on the amp. Absolutely true... And the "big bucks" spent on the "ES" networks was money [very] well spent, not "blown" by any stretch of the imagination. Rob
  6. Trachorns - It's a slam dunk..........you live in the midrange ----- Tweeters marginal Positively, absolutely 100% agree! Trachorns first, followed by ALK's "Extreme Slope" networks... tweeters pretty much last. Have a super weekend! Rob
  7. Yes the mirrors in addition to the other treatments brought the room into a very good balance. Believe it or not but again the painted sheetrock walls can reflect just a badly as a mirror which I could easily prove by removeing the mirrors. Absorption has its benefits but can so easily be overdone to the point of creating a lifeless and even irritating sound. The key was to use lots of diffusion with the ASC Tube Traps reflective sides turned in the proper directions and the QRD wood diffusers and even the large polys offered benefits easily heard in this room. The ASC tube traps can really clean up the bass and low midrange region but they can also in doing this expose a problem room mode that was masked before the clarity exposed it and if that happens a sharply tuned bass treatment will deal with that issue. I am starting to get worried about myself! All this makes perfect sense to me !! Maybe I'm not such a dullart, after all (!) Rob
  8. Josh... A 6'10" Schimmel is a magnificent instrument, indeed... how fortunate you are to have such a superb piano!! The piano in our Music Room is a Yamaha 7'6" "C7" Conservatory Grand." My wife is the only pianist is this place, though... Rob
  9. Like a couple of others, I have been "away" from the Klipsch Forum for the biggest part of the past year. As I pinged back in to try to get caught up on what's been happening among the hobby in general and Klipsch Forum members in particular, it slowly occured to me that I didn't seem to be seeing any posts by my old "Forum friend," OldBuckster. When that realization finally soaked in, I did a couple of searches, only to find that indeed he had not been posting. I wondered... and feared the worst. Only by accident did I find this thread (my "search" skills not being very good, it seems). I couldn't believe what I read. OB and I traded e-mails many, many times "off Forum" and he was always a delight! His "curmudgeon" Forum persona easily slipped away when dealing one-on-one, revealing the witty, considerate, understanding, and generous personality that was the "real" OB. He was a treasure... Like you, I will truly miss him. Rob
  10. Could you post a pic of your khorn top hats? I remember you were talking about finishing them but I missed thefinished product. Sure, Seti... here's a couple of shots of the "finished product" (gee it feels great to actually finish something!)... And here are the links to my description of the project(s)... earlier posts: ------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the beginning of the project... complete rebuilding of the "top hats" and other upgrades... http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/85067.aspx?PageIndex=1 And here is the link to the completion of the Klipschorn upgrade project... http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/86860.aspx?PageIndex=1 And I made some corner absorbers for above the Klipschorns... they turned out really nice! http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/85067.aspx?PageIndex=1 All the best! Rob
  11. Fantastic room... love the architecture! Tell us about the piano... do you play? Rob
  12. OK... I am way out of my league, but here goes anyway... And from the other direction (you can just barely make out he back of the chair) Stay warm! Rob
  13. Tom: Here's a link to a site that will give you a pretty good overview of what is available on the market today www.fountainpenhospital.com James What a great web site... thanks!!! Rob
  14. Beautifil, simply beautiful car!! So, you have an air-cooled Franklin and a water cooled Porsche... that's what I call 'cutting edge!' Enjoy!! Rob
  15. I've got a couple of Pelikans... love 'em both! Enjoy the search!! Rob
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