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  1. sammey

    2 K-Horns and Belle for sale

    I smell bullshit here
  2. sammey

    New crossovers

    For the folks who have replaced their crossovers was it worth the money and what areas did it improve?
  3. Probably the worst was not by me but a gentleman I sold a Krell Ksa-300 to. During our conversation before he bought it I asked him what type of connections for the signal he used and he said he has always just used single ended and I suggested to try balanced. Well after he received the amp he was experimenting between the two and when he went to switch cables he forgot to turn the amp off which resulted in blowing something in the output. Mind you this amp weighed 180# so shipping it to Krell for repairs was no easy feat. I really felt bad for the guy but it shows how a very simple mistake can end up with very bad results.
  4. sammey

    86' K Horns

    Well after a few weeks of serious listening I must say the K horns are simply amazing. I did extensive comparisons between my Krell Fpb400cx and Primaluna prologue 5 with El-34 and kt120 tubes and I prefer the Krell big time. All around crazy good sound. Sitting here now listening to Diana Krall and you would swear she was right in front of you singing.
  5. sammey

    Infinity Renaissance 90 speakers

    I own a pair of these. They are an amazing speaker (no affiliation with seller)
  6. sammey

    Wtb Klipschorns

    I located a beautiful set in Ohio and purchased them. Thanks for the replys
  7. sammey

    86' K Horns

    Yes they do Tony, Very well.
  8. sammey

    86' K Horns

    I have been a die hard Infinity fan for years but recently had a chance to hear a set of K horns. I was amazed at how effortlessly they played. They were hooked to a home theater Reciever so I knew it could be so much better. I posted an ad in the Garage looking for a set and a Gentleman that lived only an hour and a half drive had a pair of beautiful 86' in oiled walnut. I purchased them and brought them home. I have always heard the negative bullshit about them being harsh and honky so I had doubts. Also the you can't run them on SS Amps. Well I use a Krell Kct preamp with a Fpb400cx amp with cast connections. All I can say is wow. They are fantastic. Excellant highs no shrillness at all. Great bass. The music sounds so natural. I have a set of Primaluna Prolouge 6 Amps so I am gonna try tubes on them as well. I have kt-120 as well as El-43 tubes to use with them.
  9. sammey


    P.m sent
  10. sammey

    Wtb Klipschorns

    Looking for a set of Klipschorns to purchase. Located in Ohio
  11. sammey

    Klipschorns For Sale

    Are they still available
  12. sammey

    Cornwall Dates of Mfg

    Thanks Bob.
  13. have a line on a set of each. trying to figure out which to go with. pros and cons of each. Thanks for any information.
  14. Ran across a set of cornwalls, the ser.no are 31x219 , 31x220 What year were these made? thanks