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  1. sammey

    Ak3 Crossovers

    Thanks guys for reminding me.
  2. sammey

    K-77 tweeters

    I have 2 k77s. One has z brackets and the other does not. 70.00 each.o.b.o
  3. Ev midrange driver for k- horn and others. I was told this equivalent to a k55m 50.00
  4. sammey


    A real nice single K55M driver. 95.00
  5. A nice pair of original Ak3 crossovers from my K-horns- 200.00 o.b.o includes Crossovers for woofers too.
  6. sammey


    Looking for a set of K-55V, solder terminal type.
  7. Looking for a nice set of the A 55G midrange drivers.
  8. Looking for a nice set of Klipschorns in the Ohio area.
  9. Hello folks. I was just curious of what people think about the screen on the outlet of the bass bin. Does this effect bass output?
  10. No longer available. Please delete.
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