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  1. I have a set of k horns with Deans AA Crossovers and would like to try some Altec 511 horns with 802-8D drivers. Can this be done?
  2. Price drop. 125.00 includes woofer components
  3. Thanks guys for reminding me.
  4. I have 2 k77s. One has z brackets and the other does not. 50.00 each.o.b.o
  5. Ev midrange driver for k- horn and others. I was told this equivalent to a k55m 50.00
  6. sammey


    A real nice single K55M driver. 50.00
  7. A nice pair of original Ak3 crossovers from my K-horns- 125.00
  8. sammey


    Looking for a set of K-55V, solder terminal type.
  9. Looking for a nice set of the A 55G midrange drivers.
  10. Looking for a nice set of Klipschorns in the Ohio area.
  11. Hello folks. I was just curious of what people think about the screen on the outlet of the bass bin. Does this effect bass output?
  12. No longer available. Please delete.
  13. Price drop. 2200. As is. I have not had a chance to get the corners of the one hat looked at yet.
  14. I had some folks asking about the corners on the one hat. Here are a couple of pictures. I am planning on getting this looked at by a shop.
  15. Thanks but he bought some cornwalls.
  16. Sale on hold as I am going to have the minor ding repaired
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