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  1. You may be right. Well I am happy now and it sounds great! I will put the whole issue behind me until I want to upgrade again.
  2. Believe me I work for HK and it was set up correctly. I my opinion its just not compatible with the system I have. I just gave the HK 630 to my neighbor, he will get some use out of it.
  3. Well the problem is fixed we hanked out the HK 630 and replaced with the B&K ref 50 S2 and worknig with my B&KAmp what a differnce! Everything has come life, and it only cost me 2K:) Now I can really go deaf.
  4. Man I hope your right. I was just checking the settings and jamming Tools new CD and the quality/volume still not where it should be. I have everything exactly as HK says the receiver should be. Since I work for HK we have a million dollar theatre room at our office we use for customers demos. I will have one of the techies from the office come over if need be. They may not work on it seeing how I swapped out all the HK products for the Klipsch:)
  5. Good point. I am just bummed I have dumped all that $ and no real big sound. It is loud its just not real clean and no real POP. Dialgue is real shallow with flixs and music it just not that loud no matter how hard I crank it up. I used to have Pioneer Elite towers, JBL sourounds, infinity prelude center and and infinity 15 sub with the same receiver (no amp) and it was way more powerful and cleaner. I scrapped all that for this new set up and I wish I had the old stuff back.
  6. Ill let you know the outcome. I jam mine out pretty hard as well. So much I thought I blew of the Rf-7s Floor speakers. I just talked to my HT dealer and he is coming out to take a look. Also to sell me a b&K receiver.
  7. I will take a look and give it a try. If all else fails I will see what I can get a set of Revels for.
  8. I work for Harman Becker a division of Harman Intl they own Revel so I thnk I will look picking up a set oof Revel Ultima series, even with the discount I am lookin at big bucks but again I am not satisifed.
  9. What is the rest of your set up? I am determined to make the room sound good.
  10. Here is an exact list of all my equipment. HK AVR630 B&K av200.7 Monster HTS 5100 Denon 2800 RF-7 Floors RSW 15 sub RC-7 Center RS-7 sorrounds I will try the re-positioning the floors to the corners and re-position the sub. If that dosent work. I will try another another receiver/speakers.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I will consider it. I just dont think the rf-7 system is as good as all the raves. Any other brands to reccomend? I really want to have a quality HT system and the RF series just is not making the grade.
  12. I thought the same but all componets/speakers are hooked up correct. I had the dealer I bought the components/speakers from hook everything up. I hope its all correct after I dumped 11K all said and done. I just dont seem to be getting as much sound out of the system as I am expected. Maybe I need to start over. Any other line of Klipsch systems that our perform the RF-7 system?
  13. Thanks, I have the RSW-15 now. Room is about 15-25, do you think adding another RSW-15 will do it? I listen to the system fairly loud.
  14. I have currently have the RF-7 complete system and a B&K amp pushing the set with a HK AVR 630 recevier. Looking to get some more volume/bass out of the system. Any suggestions (another sub/new center, more power). My B&K is a 200w 7 channel. I would love to stay with Klipsch speakers but not sure what to swap out/or change. Thanks Jay
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