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  1. I'm not sure what to make of this: https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/wildwood-trades-vintage-black-klipsch/7340404330.html. No affiliation.
  2. The very same analogy occurred to me. It really is a matter of where one draws the line. I can appreciate the stance that Roy takes and Mr. Klipsch took on the matter, but it does restrict one's options for "personalization".
  3. I do understand. I've published technical papers, then had others use my work in their own research. Some of the results were brilliant, and I am appreciative of the improvements that they made. Others just left me shaking my head in disbelief, because they so completely botched the effort.
  4. I respectfully disagree, for the reason that I stated here. It's more about the attitude than it is about the bits and pieces.
  5. Nope. The white gas flashed-over so quickly that the charcoal was unaffected ... unlike my eyebrows.
  6. Visited a friend, once, for a barbeque. He asked me to light the charcoal while he prepped the food. He had two identical containers of charcoal lighter fluid in the garage, one of which actually contained charcoal lighter fluid and the other which contained white gas (naptha). Guess which one I unknowingly grabbed. All I remember is a brilliant white flash.
  7. Oh, geez, that's dangerously volatile and flammable. I've had success with acetone (nail polish remover).
  8. The memory is the second thing to go. I don't remember what the first thing is.
  9. Had a Northstar Horizon with 16 kB RAM, Z-80 (2 or 4 MHz, I don't remember which), CP/M, S-100. I eventually bought 64 kB static RAM for $400, and I had to solder it all together myself. That allowed me to run the original TurboPascal. I did exactly that with an IMSAI 8080, also a Data General Nova. Always prayed that the tape didn't break. The Nova had actual core memory. Why do I feel so old all of a sudden?
  10. Price dropped to $1250. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/saint-charles-klipsch-la-scala-speakers/7334860813.html Still no affiliation.
  11. Yeah, the instructors figured that one out very quickly. To quote one of my professors, "Once they allowed calculators in the classroom, we got to put the really interesting problems on the exams."
  12. Understood. I have phono in my system. For that, I convert from analog to digital right out of the preamp, after which it's all digital up to the amps.
  13. Ideally, you keep the signal path all-digital, from source to DAC. One and only one conversion step from digital to analog, just ahead of (or even inside) the amplifiers.
  14. And properly executed digital EQ (whether in the form of tone controls, parameteric equalizer, graphic equalizer, or anything else) are so good that they put analog EQ to shame. The old arguments against equalization are rapidly disappearing, for good reason.
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