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  1. Cult of the Infinitely Baffled Not very active any more, but still lots of good information there. Lots of cone area can be substituted for horn loading; even PWK admitted that. He also pointed-out that many problems come along with that solution. But for the very limited bandwidth of a subwoofer, it may be viable.
  2. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/elsah-klipsch-cornwall-ii-speakers/7394981303.html No affiliation.
  3. FWIW, MSRP on the JBL is nearly 3x that of the Cornwall IV.
  4. This actually showed up on the Saint Louis Craigslist, but it's in the NW suburbs of Chicago. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/mount-prospect-vintage-hifi-and-high/7393026999.html No affiliation.
  5. Edgar


    To be fair, while he might not have been the brightest person I've ever met, at least he had a job and was presumably providing for himself.
  6. Edgar


    I once bought (not at a dollar store) 6 feet of chain at $1.03 a foot, and the checkout clerk had to enter $1.03 six times.
  7. Edgar


    And you can definitely go to college and not make a good living.
  8. All in good fun.
  9. If we can stream high fidelity audio sufficient for audiophile consumption, then we can certainly transmit test tones with equivalent fidelity. If test tones are distorted (and stuff), it is because they were improperly generated, not because they changed as they traveled online.
  10. Job satisfaction. (Yes, I'm at work.)
  11. 1 To tell the OP that he should dump his passive crossover and go active. EDIT: Yeah, that's usually me, or Chris A.
  12. Wow, that went fast. The post was only a few minutes old when I referenced it.
  13. Not a lot of info here, but for $400 you get a receiver and a CD player, too. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/chesterfield-klipsch-speakers-stereo/7382127328.html No affiliation.
  14. I have a 7-channel Rotel that could be described in exactly the same way. Works fine, measures fine, does everything that an amp is supposed to do. But only makes sound, not music.
  15. I assume that the length is exactly 57 1/8 inches. (Oh, I'm so sorry. I just can't get past that Medwin meme.)
  16. Two feet of 16 ga copper wire has a resistance of 0.008 Ohms. Two feet of 10 ga copper wire has a resistance of 0.002 Ohms. Even two feet of 20 ga copper wire has a resistance of only 0.02 Ohms. Considering that the voice coil DC resistance is in the Ohms range, all are negligible. In fact you'd be hard-pressed to find two drivers of identical make and model in which the voice coil resistances were within 0.018 Ohms of each other. Not to mention the fact that there are often padding resistors present in the midrange and tweeter circuits.
  17. https://ethanwiner.com/basstrap_myths.htm, see Myth #1. Winer has tons of information on his Website and in his articles.
  18. Not Tube Traps, but Ethan Winer has been promoting membrane traps for a long time: https://realtraps.com/data.htm
  19. Looking over this whole thread again, there are a few things that just don't make sense: Using Litz wire in a woofer channel. (Litz is designed for use at high frequencies. Was this specified by the purchaser, or by the builder? Was this the source of the builder's "nonstandard items" comment?) Expecting Sonicaps at Dayton prices. (Others noted that the cost of the Sonicaps alone was almost equal to the total price.) The builder posting their price and component changes on the same day that the thread emerged. (That's not something that a company changes at a moment's notice. They knew about it for at least a while. Did they fail to inform the purchaser of the change, or did the purchaser just misunderstand?) I get the impression that there was never a true meeting-of-minds here. Neither party completely understood what to expect from the other.
  20. I hadn't noticed that. Why would somebody use Litz wire in a woofer channel?
  21. Are those Erse 1.5 mH coils Litz? Litz wire costs extra.
  22. Several years ago GM got into legal trouble for putting Chevy engines in Oldsmobile automobiles. There was nothing wrong with the Chevy engines; the problem was that they weren't Oldsmobile engines. I think that if the vendor advertises Sonicaps, then they should actually use Sonicaps.
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