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  1. Excellent advice! Make sure you insist on OEM parts from EV. The aluminum voice coil's lower mass coupled with a light cone and big magnet is what gives the driver that little bit of extra "resolution" that favors the midrange over the bass. The bass portion is provided by the box down to the point where you should be using a subwoofer to get full music bandwidth into the high 20's anyhow.
  2. He died in 1990. I saw him at Royal Oak Music Theater. He move his concert date to Tuesday and cancelled the Saturday gig to go on Saturday Night Live the year I saw him with his brother. I also saw him at Cobo Hall with Jeff Beck. What a terrific show that was!
  3. I was there about 3-4 years ago for the vacuous experience I had. Stevie Ray Vaughan was very loud as I recall from the 80's, but not as bad as the 113 db I measured at Andiamo's for Mark Farner about the same time as "the bar scene" during the Robin Trower concert There in 2019. I'm done with all that crap. Saving my hearing for my systems and the extra 850 CD's I just got less than a year ago. I don't need to SEE musicians play the music I like, if I want to see things I enjoy seeing, I will photograph more 20 something female models for my classes while playing recorded music, usually theirs! LOL.
  4. Saw Weather Report, Al DiMeola, Chick Corea Electric Band, Jan Hammer, the Fabulous Thunderbirds (not so fabulous) and Stevie Ray the same night. It was a different place then. It totally sucked for me a few years back with Robin Trower. Having a bar with 200 people talking in the back ruining the expreience, while seated on metal folding chairs nearby. It made the $75 ticket, Dinner at restaurant with friends before, etc. an expensive mistake. I will not attend another rock concert again because of that crap. At home is much better.
  5. monophonic signal with biphonic presentation.
  6. How about FACTS from Paul Klipsch himself: "The optimum size for a speaker is a Klipschorn." All others, including Heresy (best selling), Cornwall, Belle, and LaScala are compromises with higher DISTORTION! Or in the case of Belle and LaScala, similar distortion with truncated low bass response. I have owned all the Heritage and most of the Pro Stuff. Basically, you are asking: "Is it possible for something different to sound the same." The answer is NO.
  7. When I met with the President of PONO in 2015, I told him his product was a good idea, except I told him that if he charged too much for the "HiRez" music it would NOT work out. Obviously he didn't listen.
  8. And his "miniature" (compared to Jubilees, aye?) setup sounds terrific. I heard it a few times. The IM distortion will always be low if you don't play too loud. Super Heresy's with subs will play loud, like all Heritage Klipsch (with or without modifications).
  9. PWK has been dead for over 20 years, how the heck do you know what he or anyone else would do. Wrong again.
  10. Depending on their production volumes during these times of supplier issues (like magnets), that's likely to be true. I'm currently waiting on 4 woofers made by Eminence, but I'm told it's a magnet supply issue from China holding things up. I don't think Celestion is above those consequences if they get magnets from the same sources.
  11. It's a Dialog Channel for movies and TV. So, having had matched and unmatched speakers implemented in about 7 domiciles in the new millenium, I don't think it's as "compromised" as some people here claim. But not knowing the specifics, I can't argue the point either.
  12. First of all, who is you guys? Since you are quoting me, I have to correct your false assumption conflation of Parts Express vs. Celestion. Not knowing specifically the OEM production volumes and where they are made, shipped from , etc. the Axi2050 Drivers by Celestion do have a Klipsch Label on them, do they not? So, not so obviously, apparently, I was speaking about a relatively large potential order by Klipsch direct from the manufacturer or importer, if that be the case. The 150 Number was a reasonable guess based on having at least 75 for the 75 they will potentially build for the Jubilee 75 PAIRS. In Engineering, EVERYTHING has a date stamp on it. By that logic, I can only comment on information as it evolves with the calendar and presented here in some form by Klipsch Inc. and their employees. As to my Just In Time (JIT) comment, it's based on my Engineering Past in implementing Japanese Quality Engineering and Production Methods we stole from Toyota in the Automotive world with parallels in other industries, which include speaker manufacturing.
  13. They should have had about 150 on order, with maybe 1/2 dozen delivered. They could be doing JIT, though, probably not on purpose!
  14. Not when you use 3 identical speakers in front. No compromises.
  15. You are not alone with this life change.
  16. Matching drivers is as important as a matching horn.
  17. You crack me up with your random cluelessness-like responses. I was exaggerating jokingly, but sometimes it flies over people's heads, apparently. I knew that MoparDave had the 4 ohm version (as I recall because he found a really good deal on a pair from a music store), so didn't have to use the dash four. And as to worry? I'm like Alfred E. Newman!
  18. OMG, I committed an unforgivable sin. I forgot a dash -4. The info was for MoParDave, not you, who jumped the gun a bit and got a pair on sale somewhere, AFAICR. He, unlike you tried to build something. It's a much better mistake than you continually making wrong assumptions and giving wrong advice when you never seem to know WTF you are talking about and have never built anything or shared actual measurements to help people. Wasting time is your contribution to this forum. Aside from that, I'm the one who actually did the WORK instead of poking my head into areas I don't know crap about, and making snyde comment, like your mirror knows.
  19. Wrong again, there's a 4 ohm version, which is what I used.
  20. Because of the higher BL product of that woofer, I wanted a better midrange response, like I did with the Super Heresy. I never finished the project because I found that to "do it right" would have been too expensive and too elaborate of a modification to the Cornwall, also, retuning the ports for correct response would also entail the use of a subwoofer to get down low enough after re-tuning acoustically or adding PEQ's and even split crossover bi-amping, along with new midrange horns. So basically when you add all the potentials costs of all the possible variations, it was exponentially much greater than doing Super Heresy's so I gave up on it. Physics is Physics and Money is Money, so unless I can get a "bang for the buck" in my Mods, I just won't do it.
  21. Oh, and one more thing, the 3015 LF can take way more power and has larger Xmax for the ultimate "party speaker" when you want your guests to dance.
  22. The 3015 LF needed some PEQ to work well. the Crites woofer is a better match, the stamped frame one simulates best.
  23. Since Klipsh Inc. now uses double flared ports in their Mark IV offerings (and inside ported horns, too) Here's a port with double flares you can use with Super Heresy 1.0 or 2.0. You may not hear an improvement, but every little bit helps, right? Buy some extra ones just in case. https://www.parts-express.com/B-52-4-Diameter-x-4-1-2-Long-Flared-Port-Kit-299-2368?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=16380022984&utm_content=135206494513&utm_term=&gadid=584044596140&gclid=Cj0KCQjwlemWBhDUARIsAFp1rLXYqBQPxE9AqgqqkDzjni8PJBnXdtsOciKc2E3xn5XeFmCJFXOh0GUaAt2JEALw_wcB
  24. Transfer function with the same parasitics as the original caps from 40 years ago be my SWAG.
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