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  1. You also have to consider that INFLATION has made that 1,500 US dollars worth a whole lot less since 1977. Today's dollars would be $6,587 as the new price, NOT 1,500 and calling "about that much."
  2. Totally true. He built the ones from the Dope from Hope and put them in his living room. I was there..........seen and heard for several hours of his own recordings, while doing a few shots of Glenfiddich Scotch with PWK. Great memory.
  3. That is one STOUT little driver, now isn't it? Tom Danley knows how to pick them. The wires and wood screws are inconsequential to making low bass.
  4. You can use 20 awg inside, it really doesn't matter.
  5. Wire is rated a "milliohms per foot." So it depends on how far from the amplifier your subs are located. If they are close by, you can use 14 awg, if they are farther away, you can use 12 AWG, but it doesn't really matter that much. Copper is copper, and as a former Printed Circuit Board designer, I've been a "copper slinger" all my adult life. I'm just not a fan of copper that is overpriced, like most "audiophile" cables out there, which are total Bovine Sediment and a ripoff. Spend money on modern 4K movies with Dolby Atmos, not wiring.
  6. In 2007, I got 4 MWMs bins with 2 gauss woofers and 2 K43's. I put the K43's in my LaScalas and discovered the much greater MIDRANGE definition from that woofer. Vocals, saxophone, guitar became exquisitely detailed. If you are using those, I would just keep using them. I came up with the Kappa 15C as a brand new, best bang for the buck alternative, which has a teeny bit better midrange definition than the K43, but not as much power handling. K43's are a great driver for a LaScala, for those who use SUBWOOFERS with them.
  7. Yes, I agree. We all must practice safe amplification. To do this we must provide a load that does NOT approach a short circuit to the output stage. I prefer 8 ohms series wiring on a sub with twin 4 ohm drivers because you can use smaller gauge wire to get the sub bass there more efficiently, as long as your amp has the required higher voltage to do it.
  8. I'm not publishing them since the drivers I'm using are "unobtanium." I bought the last remaining pair of "Super 12's" from TC Sounds, which have a moror structure similar to their Monster 18" driver that cost a grand about 10 years ago. But if you really insist, they are nothing but a refold of a Gjallarhorn by Josh Ricci, done by redone by another DYI community member. All I did was simulate a "Slim, Wall version" that is only 17" instead of 25" like Joe's "Lowarhorn." Either way, we are talking about an approximate 22 foot tapped horn, and depending on it's position near a wall or corner with other objects in proximity, it can be an effective 24 foot horn, which gets down into the low teens as a subsonic response. Scary stuff for those who have not experienced it. So have a lobster bib and some extra toilet paper handy if you build one! LOL. Here's the link, if you wish to pursue this, but know that Joe's cut sheets are wrong for the Slim Version, which requires fewer sheets of 4x8 plywood. BTW, I got his DTS-10 because it did not fit his new home, but the refolded Gjallarhorn did, and with better performance from another 18" "unobtanium" driver from TC Sounds, now out of business. I'm using twin 12's, with the same Sd as a typical 18. A slimmer box loses efficiency, but not bandwidth!! It will also have as much output as TWO Danley DTS-10's which are the most powerful Subs I've ever owned that get down to "Subterranean BASS." https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/1502990-joe-s-lowarhorn-build.html
  9. Ah yes, PHYSICS, the enemy of all wishful thinkers, worldwide!
  10. If by "punchy" you mean the 140 Hz. +7 db peak, with the anemic response of the K33 at 400 Hz. (vs. the "best bang for buck" Kappa 15C), you are correct.
  11. These are in series. The drivers are 4 ohms. Referring to the Spud with the Tang Band drivers, not the DTS-10, which I prefer wired in series also. BUT both of them need reverse ELECTRICAL polarities to compensate for the reverse PHYSICAL polarity of the backwards cone.
  12. My Super Tapped Horn will beat both of them. Have not owned them all, but most of the major ones.
  13. It was T-35 (K77), T350, and ST-350. The former looks like a Bigger K77, and the latter looks more like a JBL "baby butt cheek" tweeter, with much better polars.
  14. "They have never been abused and only powered by two large Jolida tube amps that were never clipped." This reminds of the classic used car salesman's pitch: "Only driven to church on Sundays by a little old lady, never above the 25 MPH speed limit." LOL.
  15. BS filter fully engaged when reading this description.
  16. I don't think that is possible without active Xovers, to boost the woofers high enought, and getting your "winged wonders" to cross low enough.
  17. 2nd place in the Unlimited category. My friend, who built them, actually was suprised he did that well and said the ones that did win first place were way better than his. We both figured out why, so he's modifying them now.
  18. Since your are making a hole in the rear, it's hardly "cutting them up." Plus when you put them back the same place, not only will they have more detail from upgrading the tweeter, but they will bass like crazy from the loading in those cavities they are placed in. She will love it.
  19. Great talent, gone too soon. https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/neil-peart-obit-1.5422806?fbclid=IwAR2I3tB5fK_-gIEnX3Mj9NcLC308TxGr9W0WzwRW_NrEiXL-Xd_ZFQ0S4kk
  20. Even though the K55 goes down low enough it's throat size is not even a full inch, more like 7/10 of an inch!! This yields a throat area of .385 square inches. While it has remarkable performance for it's size, it's hard to compete with a driver that has a full 2" throat and a 3-4 inch Voice Coil, which yields 3.14 square inches or 8 TIMES the surface area! This is exactly like comparing a 5 1/2 inch woofer to a 15 inch woofer!! Guess which one will have the least amount of Intermodulation Distortion and 9 db greater output capability!!! This is something that PWK won a Audio Engineering Society Silver Medal of Honor for, for good reason, and why, with all the "advancements" in audio, we can still all say: "Paul was right!!!!"
  21. Me too, but mine are a drab color. Your are visually pleasing, looking at wood grain instead of paint.
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