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  1. I did enjoy. Thank you. My Citation II was a tube amp I sold/traded to a good friend of over 40 years, when I was about 20. He still has it. Maybe it's time to clean it up and plug it in!
  2. Saw Elton John at Olympia with Kiki Dee opening, back in the 70's at Olympia Stadium, home of the Red Wings then, I'm sure the tickets were less than $10. The best concert I have seen in a long time in Detroit was, surprisingly, TOM JONES at the Detroit Opera House last year. Fantastic show! He had a great band, great guitar player. He did all the hits you would expect and some you would never expect. He still has a powerful voice at almost 78. My girlfriend at the time won the tickets, which were worth about $250 each. There was not a bad seat in the house and the sound was terrific. She told me she paid $500 to see Paul McCartney and was disappointed at a much larger venue. I actually worked for the Michigan Opera Theater in the mid 90's and photographed the Grand Opening of their Detroit Opera House, so I was actually PAID to be there. All the top people in Michigan were there, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Presidents, Michigan Governor, Detroit Mayor, etc. The best seat were going for $10,000. My wife's sister was a Ford Motor Exec, and she was in the upper balcony "cheap seats" at only $3,000 each. It was an all-star show. I got some great shots of Luciano Pavarotti on stage, since he was the #1 draw. Great show, totally goose bumps at all the great voices, including a choir. I was even invited to the after party at the Detroit Athletic Club, where some of the Opera Singers got on stage with the Jazz Band, while I drank Cabernet and cut up a Filet Migon! I got the last shot of Pavarotti sneaking off with his girlfriend, getting into a limo with a stupid looking fishing hat on, as if I wouldn't notice he was leaving, LOL. All the other photographers were too busy, but I was lucky to run down the hall after him and get his face sticking up above the car's roof right before he got in. But I agree about the outragous prices of some of these concerts. I REFUSE to go to big indoor venues. I'm strictly DTE or Meadowbrook these days, and I won't pay more than $50, which is what I paid to see Jeff Beck, Paul Rogers, and Anne Wilson together in one show. THAT was totally worth it. But, yeah, I'll take concert Blue Rays any day.
  3. sorry for the late reply, but I'm pretty sure only Canadians will get you reference! I'm sure there are lots of Corners and Walls in the buildings of that city, however! LOL.
  4. I agree with this notion. My Super Heresy Mod, doesn't have that boominess, unless they are placed wrongly in a particular room that give them a large peak. Cornwalls, being larger and going down to 30 Hz. easily have more limited placement. The bigger the box, the less freedom of placement you have, unless it's a huge room, of course, but not many people have that. My brother wants to hear my Super Heresy 2.0 cabs and trade me for his Cornwalls, which are too big for his new house. He borrowed a pair of my Heresy's before, but they were stock, so they lost the contest in his old house, so to speak. It's happening tomorrow, so we will see what I come home with. LOL.
  5. I know I'm going out on a "guessing limb" here, but I suspect that the new Cornwall may not be using a K-33 woofer. BTW, I'm about to bring my "new/old Super Cornwalls" up from the basement this week after fitting them with the Tweeters you sent me. I will curve them and put them in the system as side channels, with KP-250's firing off the ceiling in my evolving Dolby Atmos setup in the living room.
  6. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe he could do it for a slight discount, like $9, to the customer could afford to buy some paint to match the walls and make them "visually disappear" out of shame. LOL.
  7. Also, some may tell you that you can cut that tweeter height by 30-40%, thereby saving material. Subject to measurement and hearing, of course.
  8. Owners of Older LaScalas with a K400 horn, have reasonable "phase" alignment because the Mid Horn is within 1/4 wave of the Bass Horn. With this new tweeter, you can now have phase alignment between the Midrange and TWEETER too! Not only does this tweeter sound better overall, but for those hose hearing is sensitive to Phase, you never go back to the old mounting methods, guaranteed. This thing has my full endorsement!!!
  9. Well, that is quite and endorsement. E Pluribus Unum. Thank You. Glad you are enjoying them as much as you do.
  10. There are no sonic quality differences. That's balderdash. We are talking about BASS boxes here. The walls of an MDF flex more than plywood. If Klipsch had used 1" thick, top greade, Baltic Birch instead of MDF for the LaScala II, they would have the same performance or better. Your "sonic" argument holds no water...............but MDF does hold water like a sponge.
  11. Great minds think alike. I do the same thing with my Yamaha CX-A5200. Highly recommended for sound quality, versatility, ESS Sabre DAC's, and built like a TANK.
  12. Whichever pair you happen to own are the best year.
  13. I put CT-125's in a pair of LaScalas that I refurbished many years ago. I found that I had to drop the midrange down about 2 db with one of Bob's Autofomers in the AA Network, to get the overall balance correct to make up for the less sensitive nature of that tweeter. They are flat to 20 Khz., but less sensitive than any of the B&C's spoken of here. For guys who were former Garage Band members, dwellers, or who attended a Who concert back in the day (million watt PA's with custom Horn Cabs, yikes), who cant hear anything above 8-10 Khz. (I'm good to almost 13 Khz.) The K77 is still a fine tweeter. In fact, you could probably disconnect it and never know the difference. LOL! In fact, Pete Townsend, Mr. Tinnitus, should have changed the name from the Who to simply WHAT? A long time ago. LOL.
  14. Yes, and since most Klipscheads (enlightened Audiophiles) have more experienced (abused) hearing mechanism's, whereby the years of rock concerts shave off those high frequency sensitive "little hairs" in your ear ducts, thereby rolling off OUR High Frequency responses, the B&C DE-120 is the perfect Acousic EQUALIZER!! LOL.
  15. I agree with this. Having measured both. Owned both, and listened to both in Super Heresys I Modded, I still give the win to the 120, but some "ears" may prefer the 125. All are an improvement over the K77. Now that DaveA figured out how to fit a DE-10 on his MAHLs, and to fit that combination into a Super Heresy cabinet, I give the "best bang for buck" nod to the B&C DE-10 with the MAHL as the hands down winner, whether listening to music or measuring curves.
  16. So what does this mean, exactly? Which horns lenses? Did you install them? Measure? Listen? WHAT?????
  17. I have had those drivers on and off for over 10 years. They represent the "best bang for the buck" from B&C. They are the ones I recommended to DaveA for his MAHLs, big and small. If you can make them fit, they are a better value than the B&C 120, which is terrific also.
  18. Tom Danley told me to do the same thing. Crossfire, I call it.
  19. Brushes on cymbals can almost be touched in 3d space.
  20. And coupled to Dave's Large MAHL, they are hard to beat, soundwise.
  21. Yes, I did the testing and gently nudged DaveA to produce the larger version in an ellipse with a tractrix-like flare. I owned 4 of the DE-10 about 10 years ago on my 'horn stack" to replace JBL Baby Butt cheek tweeters. They are the best bang for the buck in tweeter drivers!
  22. My friend's Marantz Pre Pro crapped out. Per my urging, he replaced it with a Yamaha CX-A5000, just like mine. This guy has all Pass Labs front end with a $19,000 DAC box, basically about 100 Grand in Electronics and he's happy with the Yammy. To be fair, he's not a big HT fan except from when his Grandkids visit, LOL. But he does have mono and stereo cartridges on his twin $13,000 turntables, and he's a world class speaker builder. IOW, hard to please and he loved the Yamaha's reliability.
  23. I can't ever say enough good things about the Yamaha, with state of the art Sabre DAC chips, and YPAO room correction with a single microphone reading. I have owned 2 of the 5000 and one 5200 currently. I'll be keeping one of the 5000's for 2 channel in another room, it's that good. I think the 5100 also does Dolby Atmos, but I'm not sure. Of course, my 5200 does, but that "Atmos" never shows on the display because Yamaha uses AI technology. Working on plugging a pair of Super Cornwalls for SR and SL, along with 4 Super Heresy's for ceiling bounce for total envelopment. At the touch of a single button on the remote, I go from 2 channel with subs, to 11 channel with subs my 4K home theater. Thumbs up all the way, which impressed the carloads of Klipscheads that were here 2 months ago. Call me if you more info. I think you still have my number. If not, you can PM me.
  24. I have it also, as soon as it became available. The 1957 recording is SUPERB
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