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  1. Great story. Thank you for sharing.
  2. I have to ask. Since you have been such a proponent of this going back to 2008, did you ever actually BUILD one and measure it?
  3. Not when you look at Karlson 3's actual curves.
  4. That tweeter, which I had a small part in it's development, is the very best tweeter I know of for Heritage! It's the "icing on the cake" I referred to earlier.
  5. Then you would need to play "More than a Feeling" by Boston as your first Test Song!!
  6. Here's another hint for y'all. Build the Anarchy Sub box a few inches thicker and use the 8" Tang Band Sub driver instead. This will give you another 6 db more output capability if you use the next up plate amp also for a few bucks more. https://www.parts-express.com/Tang-Band-W8-740P-8-Subwoofer-264-854 https://www.parts-express.com/Dayton-Audio-SA70-70W-Subwoofer-Amplifier-300-784
  7. Having owned them all several times and then some, I would take LaScalas and a pair of THTLP subs over a pair of Khorns any day of the week.
  8. So even if you optimize the vented extension exactly like DJK says to do, you will still only get to 40 Hz. AFTER the Electronic Boost and High Pass filter. The Anarchy Tapped Horn adds 10 db to the driver, which gets you to 95 db of sensitivity. The 25 watt plate amp (14 db Watts) will get you an extra 10-15 Hz. below that figure with ZERO distortion and max output of 112 db at 1 meter when you build 2. When you can get down to 25 Hz. with the same amount of floor space and zero added distortion with the same lumber volume, it's pretty hard to resist.
  9. Here's a quote from DJK himself, who, sadly passed away in the Winter of 2018, still in his mid 60's: " Simply making the box larger gains at 31hz, but you lose 3dB at 50, 63, and 80hz. The vented (without EQ) has about 3dB more output than stock at those same frequencies. While the vented has only 2dB more output than large sealed at 31hz, it's 7dB more than stock. When EQ is applied things change. EQ applied at 31hz will cause distortion and increased cone motion on the sealed system, on the vented system the EQ is at Fb and thus does not eat up cone motion or increase distortion. It also protects the system from excessive infra-sonic inputs. The Q=2 at around 31hz will bring up 31hz by about 6dB, and the 50hz by about 3dB, little change above there. The response with EQ fits in a 6dB window (as measured in the example here) vs 19dB for stock (ignoring the 40hz null). Fletcher/Munson contours of equal loudness are 10dB apart midband, but only 3dB apart at 31hz in the 90dB region (where most people listen). That means the un-EQ'd response difference at 31hz is going to sound much, much louder. The original concept was based on the computer model for the Eminence 15711 (a custom-made driver based on the K-43) as a 6th order equalized system. The lighter magnet K33 is a reasonable 'fit' with some ripple in its response (±1dB or so in the model), but sounds a bit 'heavier' than the K43. The concensus is that the 7" ports sound better, they model within 1dB. When measurements are that close I always go with what sounds better, all but one pair I have supervised are now 7" (the owner of the lone 10" pair likes the 'heavier' sound on his RAP music)."
  10. So apparently you are enjoying the same passion and energy of this extension of it (2008). Like I said, a lot of new and BETTER technology (tapped horns, better drivers, digital electronics, etc.) has come along since the original LaScala Port Mod.
  11. The Tuba HT, by Bill Fitzmaurice's own admission, is a 25 Hz. horn, but Cabin Gain begins at up 12 db/octave at about 30 Hz. So while it may strain the driver just a little for movies, it's totally EFFORTLESS and Super Low IM distortion for music, so it still has lots of output a 20 Hz. when called upon. Those who have owned one or equivalent will never go back. However those who have lived with just vanilla LaScalas can still be happy enough, since the most CRITICAL frequencies for most music is from 100 Hz. to 10 Khz. I'm just one of those who is not happy without extra layers below the main cake and also having icing on top (better super tweeters too). It's one of those rare "don't worry be happy" horn designs that represents a huge BANG for the buck. 20 watts of power in one of those will flex your drywall and windows and represents a FULL 2.5 Octaves below a LaScala HORN portion (not the resonating of the Dog House portion). I"ve owned 1 THT built by Jason STR on this forum, as well as a pair of THTLP's built by 2 unknowns. I prefer the smaller footprint of the THT LP firing upwards to a wall/ceiling junction or upper corner, which takes up the same amount of floor area as a Cornwall.
  12. Since they are, essentially, a 2 1/2 foot horn, vs. a 5 ft. horn for the commercial Jubilee Bin, they both sorta limp across the finish line as short and medium bass horns in the open, effectively, and benefit GREATLY from room corner loading. My Edgar Titan II's are 3 foot Straight Axis horns (what I always wanted) only to 90 Hz. but work down to 60 Hz. in corners. PWK was right all along!!!
  13. Only the brave survive the Big Bass TESTS!
  14. LOL. No competition here. This is America and everyone is entitled to their own ridiculous opinions, even me!
  15. And so we move from sub-100 hz. bass to philosophy. A relatively harmless activity. We should all learn from History's Wisdom! Even about sound reproduction.
  16. I do both. Full Atmos in LR and 2.1. in workout room. 2.1 on computer. I don't have a problem either, I have several. LOL. Besides, all this HiFi stuff is a terminal illness involving a personal illusion that you can do the impossible. To create something as good as live acoustic music with headphones and speakers. That is the quest.
  17. Totally agree with your last sentence. My happiness has nothing to do with the best way to get more bass. I added a positive contribution before your response didn't I? The only subjective aspect is what is acceptable to a listener. Otherwise, it's applied science with measurements. I'm not "dragging" anyone into anything. Your misconception of my intent is not fact. Feel free to ignore my advice and do whatever you want, which is what we all do. What I have a problem with is that you do not have Experience or Measurements to back up your incorrect claim. So even though my data suggests that you don't know what the heck you are taking about with your negative statement about your PERCEIVED inadequacies of a 6.5 inch High Excusion Sub driver that is loaded with a 13 foot horn, you are still free to do whatever you little heart desires with your speakers. You always were. Enjoy the music.
  18. So those of you who still insist on building the OP's Port Mod for a LaScala, then you should have the ports firing into the corners, which will give you about 6 db more output for FREE, and reduce (not eliminate) the need for EQ boost. Dennis mod was great 15+ years ago, but the advent of Tapped Horns by Tom Danley and his influence on the DIY community has given us way better alternatives for lower, and less distorted BASS while not messing with the LaScala "magic." OK? Oh, and one more thing Mr. Marvel, I used to use 4 MWMs bins under my LaScalas crossing at 150 Hz. 14 years ago as Subwoofers, and I agree they had fabulous bass, but not low enough for HT, which was still emerging then, before we got 1080P TVs..
  19. I only left momentarily to gather data and post what I KNOW to be a better solution without going overboard. Dude, you should know me well enough to know I'm just trying to help. My track record of 15 years speaks for itself. Who else here has built stuff and posted curves to prove their point besides me? I have not measured the PEAK output of a pair of these, but I know that just ONE will reach between 105-110 db and is RULER flat between 30 and 100 Hz. What more do you want? I'm also trying to eliminate what PWK would have deemed as BS without facts and experiences to back them up. Is that fair enough?
  20. My brothers worked for me as Wedding DJ's using a system I designed and built. We had 2 LaScalas that DJ in the 80's with no subs, and 120 wpc Halfler amplifiers that never failed. I lost count of how many pairs of those and Peavey versions I have owned (still own a few). I know what these short W bins can do and I have used and measure all the drivers the work with them. I'm the guy who initially recommended full horn subs that can do 124 db output, remember? That is the ultimate solution, which apparently is out of reach for now, so this is workable alternative to the ultimate. Now considering we are talking better alternatives that include cost, space, ease of building, etc. I can assure you that TWO of these Anarchy mini tapped horns (they are 13 FT long) with High Excursion drivers, as prescribed, would STOMP the "air volume/port mod" in question any day of the week. Klipsch's 15" drivers are not high excursion so too much boost a 32 Hz. would definitely increase IM distortion to an unacceptable level. 31 Hz. is an open B string on modern 5 and 6 string basses, so it's part of the music scene besides synthesizers and pipe organs. But this is not a discussion off the absolute scale at this point, other wise I'd recommend what I have in my living room which has Scared Strangers on more than one occasion. For the amount of lumber and air volume, the Anarchy Subs would outperform the proposed mod and would be of similar cost and time to do without touching a LaScala's guts at all. The fact that you "disbelieve" means you probably have not tried it. So at this point your response is based on "Emotional Testing" that leads to Negative Opinion on your part and nothing more. This has the same useable value here as what it cost you to type it.
  21. Thank you. I like being more than a designer, DIY builder, modder, and a guy who curves speakers. I really do enjoy the success of others here, like you.
  22. It puts out a truly amazing amount of bass for it's size. The one I curved was built by me and and a friend as a "portable" subwoofer with a handle on top. I have owned several of the BIG Danley Tapped Horn subs, and still do. However this thing will put out way lower and more bass without a fuss than the double port LS Mod. For a given amount of cubic feet, a tapped horn puts out 6 db more output than bass reflex with the same driver. Since this thing has it's own driver and amplifier, it doesn't take anything away from the excellent sound and low distortion from the LaScala while simply ADDING to it. Even with only 25 watts X 2, this thing will flap your pant leg if the Music calls for it. Dizrotus has 4 of those babies! He has not looked for anything else as long as I've known him, and yes I heard his more than once.
  23. No cutout of any kind. Just add, but you have to live with the dimensions.
  24. This is the one that was used for the curves I uploaded. https://www.parts-express.com/Tang-Band-W6-1139SIF-6-1-2-Paper-Cone-Subwoofer-Speaker-264-919
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