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  1. Great Audio minds think alike. I do the same thing all the time.
  2. I you Paypal me half of the extra $920 I saved you, I would not be insulted. LOL.
  3. Let's just say that if an $80 stereo amplifier can sound similar to $1,600 pair of Monoblocs, that's really something, now isn't it? Horn guys don't need much power, so the "sound money" (double entendre intended) should go to Horns rather than more Watts. This is something PWK used to make fun of in the Ultimate LSH Loudspeaker in Dope From Hope, as "Customary Cost of Amplifier to Speaker Ratio." He said a great deal (50 years ago) with few words that still ring true today, more than ever!
  4. I still own 2 pairs of Carver Amazing Platinum speakers, which are a solid 20 db LESS Sensitive than my horn systems. A 20 db difference means the Carver speakers need 100 TIMES more power than horns. So if that guy with the Scissor Snip Test needed more than 37 dbWatts, it most likely because he was NOT using Horn Speakers!! If you were Bob Carver, and your job (ever since the Coffee Can amps he built in College) and Career has been to build and sell high power amplifiers (more expensive than low power ones), you can't do that by building horn speakers too!
  5. About the DAC running 25 db higher with lower Power Amp Gain: For people with sensitive Horn speakers, this is the reason why I recommend using an the Attenuator Box with a dual ganged 20 Kohm potentiometers between Pre and Power Amps with NO gain control. It forces the signal level UP for a better S/N ratio at the source, and make the Mechanical Rotation (or Numeric Displays) operate "up the scale" for finer volume control latitude. In my case it was to give my Pre Pro's Operational WINDOW the optimum volume level for it's YPAO system acoustic feedback adjustments. In other words, it's a way to give any system it's BEST SHOT.
  6. This is the main reason I got a Silver one and willing to wait 2 more weeks for it. Cables are Silver too. Why take a chance on having to buy it twice! (it will take surgery to remove the tongue stuck in my cheek over this one). Almost as good as the ultimate LSH!
  7. Must have had it confused with the old mold that was pictured by Jim Hunter at one point. Thanks for the correction.
  8. Which, Gary Gillum, former Klipsch Chief Engineer was puzzled about. I spoke to Bob Crites about the K600 horn. He purchased the old tooling from Klipsch and had his name molded into it. He said the horns were selling well, especially in Japan. When I got around to measuring my Cornwall 1's (still have them in storage), I found that original K600 horn, on the baffle, goes down to 500 Hz. I remember PWK telling me that after he designed the K500 for the Belle Klipsch, that he thought the K400 was longer than it needed to be. I always liked PWK's economy of design, which allowed the Klipschorn to "retain the crown" even after JBL came out with their more expensive version of a Corner horn, that sounds like crap in comparison.
  9. the photo of PWK and Roy was taken in January 1999 at Caesar's Palace. I was there briefly, at the tail end of the CES show because I was attending a Digital Photography Seminar down the hall. PWK knew me from my spending time with him 14 years prior, but I missed seeing him by about 10 minutes. Roy gave me a "who is this guy" look when I asked if Paul was there. Bummer that I missed him because he passed on about 3 years later. I'm glad he taught Roy so much before that happened!
  10. I built the world's first "Cornscala" in 1975 as a Center Channel for my Big Altecs. The name came later from the Klipsch/Crites crowd. I put the picture up severalt times on this forum. I'm too lazy to do it again.
  11. I guess it makes my All Horn systems able to leap tall buildings and run the 100 yard dash in less than a millisecond!
  12. It's the Reviewer that needed the break in, not the speaker.
  13. The picture quality of the Panasonic is incredibly good on my LG OLED 4K 77". I sold my 203 for more than I paid for it used. The only thing I'm missing is the ability to play SACD's (5.1 and 2 channel), I only have a few dozen of those, so I have a cheap Sony 700 to take care of that in another input.
  14. That's 36.81 dbWatts, so add that number to your nominal speaker sensitivity. Hope they can handle it! Probably OK for a milli to microsecond rise time, which I believe is what was being addressed.
  15. oooh. Now I'm waiting to see if you dump both of your amps!
  16. Don't expect it to outperform the Hypex, but I'm not sure the PA5 is a chip amp. Seems to me they just copied the THX AAA 888 technology the AHB2 uses, but who knows?
  17. and a great stepping stone to your present Class A/AB with lotsawatts!
  18. What a difference 6 months has made, now that your Hypex 1200 is for sale!!
  19. I had Twin TPA3116 based amps. 4 channels were drive by Danley/Xilica Digital Xover on my Underground Jubilee Clones with K402/TAD4002 drivers. They use the very common 19 volt Laptop Power supplies that only cost $9 each. That was the best bang for the buck at the time. I measured 124 db output in my living room. I'm now using 3 of them for surrounds, soon to be replaced by the Aiyimas with the 3255 Ti chips. They spec out with higher S/N and since I use the built in potentiometers to lower the gain, it will be easy to gain match each one. This double my power amp cost, but going for about $120 to $240, I think I'll survive the financial burden. LOL.
  20. No interest in home made tube amps. Signal level voltage drop though a 20 Kohm Potentiometer is all that's needed in front of any power amp.
  21. I discovered chip amps in 2004. They were called "class T" amplifiers, using the 2020 chip, which was called one of the best chips of the last millenium by chip maker reviews. I still have 2. I had one tested at Klipsch HQ in Indianapolis when I lived there 2013-2014. They were a really good sounding little 6 watt amp that blew the minds of reviewers of the day over 18 years ago. I used one to power my Quarter Pie Bass Horns. I still use one for all my speaker measurements and it was used in the development of the Super Heresy. You can still buy one from Parts Express under the Dayton label. https://www.daytonaudio.com/product/697/dta-1-class-d-digital-ac-dc-amplifier-15-wpc http://6moons.com/audioreviews/sonicimpact/t.html
  22. Let us know how it compares to your other amplifiers in practice, since LotsaWatts Per Channel is not your primary requirement.
  23. Ordered mine thru Amazon, to be fullfilled by HiFiGo. Notice of shipment a few hours ago, but not slated to arrive until Jan 31 to Feb. 13. Lot of wiggle room on that one for sure!
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