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  1. I am tired of all of the CD's in my collection and would like to buy some more, but I can't think of anything in particular that interests me right now. Can anyone recommend anything that is really good? My favorite type of music is rock (soft/hard - no metal please). I like stuff all the way from the '60's until today, although my favorites are from the '70's when I was growing up (Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Steely Danetc.). Any suggestions for something that will make me say "Wow!! ?
  2. I really think it's Mars, based on the sky charts that fini gives a link to. The object I see is right above Orion as I look at the southern sky - if you can imagine Orion as the hunter drawing a bow that it's supposed to represent, then this object is where about where his head would be (assuming the top two stars are his shoulder and arm). According to the sky chart, that is where Mars is in mid-February.
  3. I was wondering if there were any astronomy buffs out there that might could answer this question. I usually take the dog outside to do her business about 8:00-9:00 pm (CST) in the evening. Directly overhead lately there is a very bright object that I am assuming to be a planet. It is yellow/orangish in color and not too far above the top of the constellation Orion. I am assuming it is Jupiter or Saturn, but I don't really know for sure.
  4. I got my old 1980's model Yamaha receiver out recently and gave it a listen. The first thing I noticed were that the volume, balance, etc. controls need a good cleaning - there is a lot of static and sound cutting in and out when they are rotated. Could someone recommend a good product to use for cleaning these? I assume that all you do is remove the cover of the receiver and give the controls a good shot of some aerosol cleaner - correct?
  5. I was talking above about what mas and speakerfritz suggested.
  6. These look neat but I don't have separates, nor do I have a pre-amp out/power amp-in setup. I bet they probably wouldn't work if I plugged them into the "phono" inputs on my receiver, and then plugged the turntable into them, would they?
  7. I bought a Pioneer turntable on eBay recently so I could listen to some old albums again. I have noticed, however, during some quiet passages, that I can hear some turntable rumble. I think my problem is twofold - one, this turntable was made back in the '70's and isn't that high-dollar of a turntable, so it probably does generate more rumble that a really good turntable would. Second, I am using a subwoofer, which probably reproduces that low rumble pretty well. It probably wasn't a problem back in the 70's, since subwoofers weren't used and most speakers probably didn't go that low, but it is a problem for me now. The question is: how can I minimize this? Is there a different mat that I should use instead of the hard rubber OEM turntable mat, or do I need some kind of isolators under the turntable feet, or what? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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