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  1. Amy, Any updates as to when the Palladium P-39F will start shipping in the US?
  2. Ok, so I don't "Sprecken sie Deutch" so that wasn't very helpful. []
  3. Where are those Europeans? We need to see their comments! []
  4. I believe that Amy said they had already started to ship in Europe. Amy,Can you please comment as to approximately how many pairs have shipped?
  5. If the Palladium P-39F speakers are already shipping, I expected to see more comments at by now.
  6. I thought the Palladium P-39F speakers had started to ship, but I have not read any user postings. Why no Palladium P-39F comments or reviews?
  7. Amy,Just to clarify. The Palladium P-39F speakers are available now, but the matching Palladium center speaker and surround speakers won't be available until June, correct?
  8. The Palladium speakers should be offered in gloss black. Many people prefer gloss black/piano finish to natural wood finishes.
  9. When will these Palladium speakers be available for purchase in the US?
  10. I prefer not to paint new speakers. I don't own any speakers yet, and the lack of white surround speakers may prevent me from buying Klipsch speakers. []
  11. My application requires on-wall surround speakers. I need to purchase 4 speakers for 7.1.
  12. garymd, The RS3 surround speakers are no longer made.[N]
  13. Why doesn’t Klipsch make white surround speakers? I like speakers with wood finishes, but I want my surround speakers to match my white walls. I would hate to buy surround speakers from another manufacture besides Klipsch, just because Klipsch doesn't offer white surround speakers.
  14. I would like to hear more about the Klipsch XF-48 speakers. Would forum members who own these please post comments? How do you like them, etc.
  15. Amy,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> What are the dimensions of the new Klipsch XF-48 and when will they be available?
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