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  1. Well, hello old friends (and the new ones, too). I don't want to hijack Ray's thread, but my name did get dropped in here somewhere... A lot has happened in the past several years and I now live (as Doug said) in northern Arizona, in the mountains - Flagstaff, to be specific. I am remarried and loving life up here, but (snif, snif) I don't have any of my old Klipsch stuff any longer. I have fond memories of hooking a Heresy up to the clock radio in a hotel room after our PWK visit, but an angry ex-wife gave them (and other stuff) away. So, I lost the gear but not the memories. I've been busy here and am doing quite a few HT and audio installs, but the most common requests are for in-walls. Oh, to be invited to set up a K Horn or Jubilee setup... :-) I will be at the jazz festival on Catalina Island this weekend, but will try to check in more frequently after I return. I'm surprised my login still worked! Way to go, Klipsch! If any of you are planning to pass through Flag, please let me know. Sincerely, Ross
  2. I hate to jump in with nothing more than a "me too", but.... ME TOO! I saw grown men moved to tears listening to the Jubilees (I'm serious). They sounded incredible and the prototype version, that I heard with Tony and others, was quite nice looking too. It seems that the commercial version could be made to look nice too, with enough work and money. But it would be nice to see a home version. So, me too... :-)
  3. Rudy, I have a pair of LaScalas with full grills, from the factory. To be honest, I'd have removed the grills if they weren't originally built like this. I hate to change the factory looks, but I kind of like the open appearance of a bare-faced LaScala. The full grills are trimmed with a narrow (maybe 1/4-inch thick by 3/4-inch wide?) moulding on the perimeter of the face. Ross
  4. I just saw this Jacuzzi link in an AVS post. Now we can have matching La Scalas! Seriously, though, it seems odd that they'd have trademarked the name La Scala, doesn't it? ------------------ My System's Stuff
  5. Like so many others have said, Paul lives on in his works - I heard him just last night, through my LaScalas, and he'll remain with me in many ways for a long time to come. May God bless PWK and his loving Miss Valerie. Peace be with you both, Ross ------------------ My System's Stuff
  6. Dave, For movies, use the RS-3s for surrounds and another Heresy for the center. There are other center options, but I haven't heard them with the Heresy so I can't comment on the match. I had three Heresy IIs up front, with the RS-3s as surrounds, and it was a great setup. I've now got the center Heresy with LaScalas, but I've still got the RS-3s. They're great "little" surrounds. For music, I'd have to echo Doug's comment about the full-range Heresy all around. If that's not practical, though, I'm pretty happy with my RS-3s even with multi-channel music. Ross ------------------ My System's Stuff
  7. Mike, The Pronto's something I wouldn't hesitate to purchased refurbished. Their only weakness is that they are somewhat fragile if dropped onto a hard surface or they are squashed. If dropped hard enough, there's a choke inside them that can break and the screen backlight goes out. If squashed, the screen can break. In fact, my oldest son broke the screen on my first Pronto. I assume it's because of these issues that there are refurbs out there. My first Pronto was exchanged by my dealer and I'm sure it was resold with a new screen. I've not heard of Prontos dying without some kind of abuse, so I wouldn't be afraid of buying a rebuilt one. Ross ------------------ My System's Stuff
  8. Oh, BTW. Do a search on the Klipsch forums for some older threads about the Pronto and its capabilities. I was sweating DougDrake pretty hard to get one, and he's become a believer. Also, check out www.remotecentral.com and www.prontoedit.com Ross ------------------ My System's Stuff
  9. Mike and others, about the older Pronto. I've go the original TS-1000 model and it's got plenty of storage space for all of my equipment. It's got room for both my HT and my family room equipment, with storage to spare. I've even got my CD changer's discs categorized by music type for random play. Mine is set up to switch all my equipment to the proper inputs and it even opens the DVD tray, then pauses on a "insert disc into the tray" screen. My wife loves it (as much as she is capable of appreciating any piece of audio/video equipment that is). The *only* time you'd exceed its memory is if you wanted individually list every CD you've got for direct access to a particular disc. The TS-2000 model does have more storage capacity, but some of that is taken up by its pre-programmed control codes. You really don't need that if you have access to a computer for programming the Pronto. I think the 1000 is plenty! And, at $150 for a refurb with factory warranty it's a great buy. Ross ------------------ My System's Stuff
  10. Wes, Here's an option for $150 on a factory refurb Pronto from J and R. I've had a Pronto for over a year now and I love it. I'm thinking about ordering another one of these refurbished ones for another room. The price is certainly right. Ross ------------------ My System's Stuff
  11. Ears, I also got a loud thump when I started using an X-30 with my sub. I found that the problem was I had the X-30 plugged into the back of my receiver, so it came on when I powered up. I got a thump at turn-on and turn-off. Both of those went away (thank goodness!) when I plugged the X-30 into a regular outlet, so it's on all the time. Happy New Year, Ross ------------------ My System's Stuff
  12. BTW - I *wish* I had a single LaScala just laying around... ------------------ My System's Stuff
  13. Boatman, I'm also using a Heresy (II) as a center with my LaScalas and it works great. I'm using RS-3s as movies surrounds. While those may not be the recommended surrounds for Heritage speakers like the LaScalas, the RS-3s work great as movie surrounds. Your LaScalas will make the foundation for an awesome HT system! Ross ------------------ My System's Stuff
  14. Jim, Erik is correct, but I think we were assuming these were for home theater/movie use. In that case, your listening position is usually seated so the speakers would end up about 5-6 feet high on the wall. For general room music, where you'll be standing, then you're talking about 8-9 feet high. For room music, I don't think you can go too high really. The higher installation does a good job of filling the room with sound. I've got in-walls about 10 feet up in a couple of my taller rooms right now and they're great for music. But, for movies I'd want them much lower. As far as horizontal mounting goes, that's not a problem. I've got my in-walls mounted that way to line up better with my AC grills (for purely asthetic reasons). Ross ------------------ My System's Stuff
  15. Jake, if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion. Buy the best speakers you can get now - the ones *you* really like. You can always run movies in phantom center mode until you can buy a real center speaker. Good speakers are an investment upon which you can build a great system. Ross ------------------ My System's Stuff
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