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  1. Its been awhile since I have been on this forum. Since I have been away my preamp has started the infamous crackling when turning the volume. Almost a year of crackle free operation and it starts now. What has klipsch been doing about it. And am I going to have to wait months to get a new one if I send mine in? Or can I purchase one? Also, I have a Microsoft Explorer Pro Optical Mouse that took a dump on me. Its fancy little red light doesnt light up anymore and the computer doesnt recognize it. I remember a while ago, someone on here had the similiar problem with theirs and they had a number where one could call and Microsoft would send a new mouse to their front door. In my opinion Microsoft has a terrible web site where I have been unable to find any help and I cannot find my manual. If someone could helpme out with my problems I will be very grateful and appreciative, Thank You. ------------------ Boom'n
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