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  1. My kids reclaimed my portable speaker and I'm going out of town. Made a trip into the attic and Radio Shack saved the day! Sounds way better than any portable I have heard.
  2. There is a huge difference with LS plus a sub woofer. Once you hear it you can't go back.
  3. No regrets on Spotify Premium. I have discovered hundreds of artists that I would have never heard of.
  4. sean5340

    Fine Food and Music

    What's up guys? No pics tonight but wife is cooking meatloaf and fresh mashed potatoes. By far her best dish! Listening tof The Cure- Lullaby
  5. Jim, do you have any experience with the AT 440MLA? Maybe it's not as laid back. I was also considering this one.
  6. I will definitely post after pics. It will be finished with a clear acrylic and polished to (hopefully) a mirror finish. The final paint coat is drying as we speak. As far as carts go, I would like to try the Denon DL-110. I only have mm input on my receiver though. I wonder if the 1.6mV output would do? The original feet are in very nice condition and worked very well when it was in use before. I'll stick with those for now. This turntable sounded surprisingly good with a Shure M97xE and Lascalas. The JBL 4311s are way more laid back, that's why I'm cart hunting. Edit: Wrong cart.
  7. Well, I decided to go Regal Blue. Here it is after the second coat. It was sanded with 600 grit in between. I think I'm going to work up to 1200 grit.
  8. sean5340


    Yeah I checked him out a bunch on YouTube. He is very talented. I think the songs name is Jordan that I really like.
  9. Thanks Jim, I think I like the candy apple suggestion.
  10. Haha nice play on my typo. A couple of coats of primer, now I have to figure out a color.
  11. Houma traffic is bad but nowhere near as bad. I've been doing a bunch of online research and I may try the Ortofon 2M Red. It looks like I can upgrade the stylus down the road. Do you have any experience with the Ortofon?
  12. I'd like to hear some suggestions on upgrades while I have this thing apart. This is the first time I have messed around with a turntable and I don't know music about them.
  13. It has been disassembled, sanded and a few dings filled.
  14. I pulled my old turntable down from the attic. It's new home will be in my office sound system. I acquired this table from a very heavy indoor smoker 8 or 9 years ago. It is time to give it a facelift.
  15. Now that I'm putting together my office system I'll need another cart since I sold the M97xe. Some things have changed however. The receiver is an HK3490 and the speakers are JBL 4311's. This system is for near field listening. Pioneer PL-512 turntable. Now, would the M97xe be a good match for this setup? Or is there anything new and exciting that I should consider? The 4311's are not bright and sound very nice near field. I'm looking for something that will excel with acoustic instruments and female vocals. It must work well with piano recordings. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
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