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  1. I just bought a Denon 4310ci receiver. Just hooked it up but I haven't calibrated my speakers with Audyssey or made any tweaks. I've literally plugged my speakers and components in and that's it. So you'll have to take my first impressions with a large grain of salt, and I can't speak much for the features yet. Haven't even been able to watch blu rays yet because I need a longer HDMI cable to connect my TV to the receiver's HDMI out slot. But right out of the box I noticed that my center channel has been given new life. Dialogue is crisper, cleaner, and more audible. I tried turning up the center channel volume on my old budget Yamaha receiver but the result was an unnatural effect that created "cupped hands" sound. Watched a couple movies and shows on HBO HD including Hulk. I didn't even make any changes to the low frequency crossover settings and the bass coming through my Fathom sub still sounded great. The sound seems to be more even as well. By this I mean the sound coming from my mains doesn't drowned out sound coming from my surrounds or center channel. Again, I've tried balancing out my speakers through my old Yamaha receiver via the speaker volume settings, but never got the results I wanted. I'm not bagging on Yamaha receivers. I'm sure a high end Yamaha could garner the same results and improvements as my new Denon. Right out the box this thing sounds pretty damn good. I'm almost afraid to use Audyssey for fear it might change the sound I'm already satisfied with TOO much. Haven't really messed around with the remotes yet either. Pretty much have only used the on/off, volume, and input buttons. The remotes and the manual look a bit daunting. Overall my first impressions have been very positive for this receiver. It produced a noticeably more enveloping and detailed sound experience than my old budget receiver. I'll post further impressions once I've wrangled with the remote, manual, and Audyssey system more.
  2. Let me preface my comment by saying that I am no expert, as you can see by the number of posts I have. As for specs, the f113 is more than capable of delivering great sounding bass sub 20hz. I'll refer you to this insightful thread that helped in my choice to get a Fathom: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/86012/868544.aspx. I've read a lot of posts poo pooing JL subs as overrated, overpriced, and overhyped. But this is inevitable when they've been lauded as the best commercially available subwoofer. It's like saying Megan Fox is overrated. Not to mention I can match each of those posts with a professional rave review for the Fathom. For those of us who failed woodshop and don't have time to invest in a do it yourself sub with better specs, the Fathom is great. It's also great for people with little space or finicky wives. But of course most of these attributes are in praise of the Fathom's form not function. Don't worry, the Fathom has the function department covered and then some. I'm planning to get a second f113 as soon as I get enough scratch. Definitely keep your mind open during this purchase, you're probably going to be spending a lot of money whatever the case if you're looking at subs that can match DUAL Fathoms. I think it's also important to mention that I bought my Fathom new, for well under the recommended $3700 MSRP on JL's website. So the overpriced criticism doesn't really apply in my case.
  3. I don't mean to hijack this post but I've been looking at buying a new receiver too. I've been looking at the SC-25 Pioneer Elite model and Denon's AVR 4310CI and 3808CI models. Montigue, do you also have a low opinion of Pioneer's higher end receivers and if so why. Unfortunately these units (the SC-25 and 4310CI) are new models so there aren't any reviews available yet. It seems to me like Yamaha and Onkyo are the most popular avr brands on the forums and I just feel silly looking at all these receiver companies that nobody on here has.
  4. I would go with a good Panasonic plasma or a Pioneer plasma if the store in your area has any left.
  5. Klipschter


    In another amp thread on this forum a member recommended that I get an amp with twice the power rating of my speakers. I have RF-82s rated at 150W RMS/600W peak. So I'd have to get an amp with a 300W per channel rating. But a lot of people on this forum seem to be happy with Emotiva's 200W per channel amps. So is an amp with twice the power rating of my speakers overkill?
  6. If your player can decode then you don't need to worry about your receiver having to. You're right, but doesn't the player have to be connected to the receiver via HDMI for this to work? If your receiver doesn't have the ability to decode DTS-HDMA and Dolby True HD, odds are it doesn't have HDMI connections either. This is the situation with my setup now. My Sony blu ray player can decode the new audio formats but my receiver doesn't have HDMI connections so I can't take advantage of the blu ray player's ability to decode the new audio formats. I've also been told that it is preferable to have your receiver doing the decoding. Kind of like how if you have a good HDTV its better to have it do the video processing rather than your receiver. You might want to check out Pioneer's new lineup of budget receivers. The vsx-819H-K model goes for $299.00 and supports Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio.
  7. I think he means a receiver capable of playing Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio formats.
  8. I'm a novice when it comes to home theater so I'll take good advice wherever I can get it. I'm very pleased with my fathom, especially considering that I bought it new for $1000 less than the msrp. The place I bought my subwoofer at does give me a year to trade in what I have for something better. What kinds of subs would you recommend?
  9. Get rid of the F113 that I already have? No way. I'd sell my firstborn child before getting rid of my Fathom subwoofer. Floor real estate is at a premium in my small room (9X17 feet) so the JL, which packs a punch in a small footprint, is great for me. I will eventually have more room when I move out of my parents when I'm done with school but I'm working with what I've got right now. Frankly, I don't need a second sub but I'd rather buy it now when I'm not paying rent than when I'm struggling on my own without mom and dad's support. Then I could have two subs when I move into a larger space. I'm no expert but from what I've read JL Audio's subs and Paradigm's sub 25 are the best subwoofers available unless you plan on taking out a second mortgage for a subwoofer and plan on using an airplane hanger for a home theater. I think any improvement that I would get by selling the Fathom and getting something new would be negligible at best.
  10. When you say twice the rating of my speakers you are referring to the wattage ranking correct? Because the power ranking on my RF-82s is 150W RMS/600W peak. So this means I'd have to get an amp offering at least 300 watts per channel if I were to follow your recommendation. Amp(s) that powerful may be out of my price range. To get that kind of power from a Rotel amp I'd have to upgrade to an RB-1092 two channel 500 watt amp which retails for $2,500. Is 500 watts overkill and would it be a waste of money in my case, or would I be satisfied with an amp giving me 200 watts per channel?
  11. Thanks, and good luck tracking down a pair of cherry surrounds.
  12. Just did some research and found the Pioneer receiver I was looking at has Wolfson WM8728 192 kHz / 24-bit DAC. Is this sufficient? Also why are good DACs important when using separates?
  13. I just upgraded my subwoofer and will be selling my RW-12d to a friend. The sub is maybe 2 years old, if that, and has experienced light use in that time. It has absolutely no scratches or dings. I wouldn't call the person I'm selling it to a best friend. He's actually a coworker of my brother's but helps me out from time to time with fixing my computer and setting up my home theater equipment. I was thinking between $370-400. Let me know what you think.
  14. Willland-You said to pick a receiver with good DACs. Could you recommend some? I've been looking at the new receivers in Pioneer's VSX line. Both the VSX-21TXH and the VSX-23TXH. I just noticed the other day on Klipsch's website that the cherry finish is no longer given as an option on the RS-52s. They are great surround speakers. Even with their small subwoofer drivers they are capable of creating enveloping explosions when watching action movies and playing video games. And yes the cherry finish looks amazing. Glad I got them when I did if they are no longer available.
  15. I will be upgrading my receiver in my system pretty soon. But I have also been looking at amps--either an Emotiva XPA-5 or Rotel RMB-1095. If I get the Rotel and a $800-1000 receiver a second subwoofer is pretty much out of the question. But I could go the cheaper route, and get a >$1000 receiver and the Emotiva and get a second JL-Audio F113 subwoofer down the road. What would you guys do in my position?
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