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  1. .....and now, on to Side #2....... Seen here on the UK imported turntable With that, I bid you all a good evening/day and I will check in again soon ! 🍷
  2. ....the vinyl itself showing the center label.... Got this CRANKED a bit thought the Parasound amp and preamp / Martin Logan electrostats tonight 🍷
  3. ..........rear cover with tune listing and write up about the artist etc......
  4. Good evening my friends and good morning to you Paul ! Enjoying my first spin of the evening over in RTM and as always, will share my vinyl spins here too! So, here is the LP of the evening. From a 1956 re-release recording of the Sonny Rollins Quartet. Album cover art...
  5. ...........screen shot from the Marantz SR6011......
  6. Good evening everyone (morning to you Paul!) I am once again over in RTM and wanted to listen to this album suggested by you in FULL tonight. So, just into the 3rd track and enjoying via Spotify premium streamed via Marantz AVR with the laptop as a remote control and into the Parasound and Martin Logans.... Nice ! 🍷
  7. A great day of discoveries John, cheers ! 🍷
  8. Hey there Paul and friends!, I found it right away. I am really liking it alot, the orchestrations in the first track are wonderful and for a 1973 recording, sounds might good . Showing here using the laptop as a controller, but streaming thought the Marantz AVR in 2.2 audio as seen on the big screen in the background where the camera focused, nearfield blurry. And yes, glass of wine poured, here we go 🍷 !
  9. Thank you Paul. Your are ready for breakfast and coffee...............I am getting ready for dinner and YES, stopped at the wine shop today and picked up more VINO of course, I will check into this album you suggest, I have premium Spotify and it will hopefully find it within an instant. Cheers mate , and have a good day 🍷
  10. With that my friends, I am off to Side 4 and will catch a movie when this concludes... Have a good evening/day everyone, ware your masks when you go out, be safe
  11. Hello Paul, I am not sure how I can help exactly. I think all is under control .. Meanwhile, listening and enjoying Side 3.... Yes, originally released as a single LP, but remastered and moved to TWO discs for wide dynamic range etc. This is a VERY quiet pressing as well !
  12. ....Now playing Side 2.. 🍷.Disc #1
  13. ....the vinyl disc showing center label artwork.... 🍷
  14. Good evening friends and GOOD MORNING Paul, getting near lunch time for you now .. Meanwhile, over in RTM and wanted to join in for a spin of an LP. Been thinking about this one for a long while and wanted to hear it yet again. Marillion - Clutching at Straws on 180 gram. Listening through the Martin Logan ESL 9's and Parasound Halo A-21 and Halo P6 preamp sounding BIG and WARM Here is the cover of the gate fold..
  15. Here,..sitting on the trusty old Teac waiting for me to hit the play bar, cheers everyone see you all again soon!...........🍷........Gary .................
  16. ...the back side of the box with track listing etc.....
  17. Hello friends! Paul, I know it is coming up lunchtime for you!, but, I thought I would share my MAGNETIC spin from this evening here in the States..... This one from 1975 on the CBS label. Aaron Copland himself conducting his own compositions for stage and film. Here is the cover artwork....
  18. Good evening to those in the states, and wee hours greetings to Micro and I know it is almost lunch time now for Paul. 🍕 I am sorry I can't post photos tonight, my favorite server for that activity is under maintenance right now. But, I am listening to a Columbia recording from a good friend of mine (studio owner and chief engineer of Rotary Records not far from me) and his LATE father's collection of organ / symphonic recordings given to me as a gift, a HUGE collection of fine LP's and CDs all in like new condition, some LPs dating back to the very early 60ies! A very rare one plays now, with Leonard Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic with Aaron Copland's 'Organ Symphony'. The organist is E.Power Biggs whom is well known over the many decades for his playing of Bach organ works. So, this is quite a bit different for him. Really a great performance, the LP is pretty free of any scratches, and pops, however, it has a very loud surface noise that sounds like there is a constant sound of the sea surf in the background! But, still very listenable. Thanks for reading and enjoy your music my friends. See you all next weekend for more vinyl playing from Longfellow Music Hall, cheers! 🍷
  19. Ok my friends, now listening to a digital recording over in RTM. I bid you all a good evening and hope to be back here again tomorrow evening (Sunday in the states). Stay safe everyone, observe your social distances please 😷.. Good night..... 🌙
  20. .........now spinning #2 side....🍷
  21. rear album artwork and the vinyl disc with that familier 'X' at it's center
  22. Thanks Dave.... Yes, they are a 4 ohm load, and the amp is 400 per at that load. They will play as loud as you can stand it, and that is the truth! DB meter in A weighting has showed a direct comparison in dynamic range with my test recording along side the Klipschorns, I would NEVER have believed it until I saw it for myself here in Music Hall. Else, I am continuing to enjoy for sure, now with one of Mossy's favorite gal singers! Julie London on 180 gram vinyl does the trick 🍷
  23. .....SIDE TWO up and spinning !
  24. Many thanks Mossy and JohnJ. Yes, from what I have read, this latest line 'Master Piece' series is their best product to date. They are very warm sounding much like my Klipschorns were. NOTHING like the Reference Premier 280F's which were a much more 'forward' speaker for sure. John J. That is 380 Hertz. The twin 8" aluminum drivers come in at 380 Hz. The whole idea was to get the xover frequency well away from the most sensitive area of our hearing. The exclusive curved ESL creates a nice wide sweet spot which separates it from all other panel speakers (Maggies etc.). The bass cabinet is 24" deep and the low end on these things is the big surprise, yes, they shake the sofa just like the Klipshorns did!, so there is no disappointment in their low end response, it can be jaw dropping on certain recordings! Mossy, I hope you can hear them near you. Hard to believe this model is the 'baby' of the ESL range! Ok, enough of me and the gear..............back to the music
  25. Ok........without a doubt, these are the finest speakers I have ever owned in my lifetime! Hard to believe something thinner then a human hair with 3 kilovolts applied to it can make such a smooth, full sound down to 380 Hz. ! Those that are on RTM, please keep this new system just to us here, Mossy knows I am trying to keep this gear a surprise for when Pezz comes to visit for a Music Appreciation Day (M.A.D.) soon. Just took this photo for you all.
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