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  1. Ok guys...I have this at PSD@klipsch.com. We are working on it for him. There are a number of locations wanting to do something like this. A distributed audio system would work better, but most don't care...they just what the COOL LOOK, not great coverage and sound. This service at klipsch is FREE.
  2. Not and be a tri-amp active system...this speaker needs 3 amp channels for each speaker...
  3. The klipsch part is 127123 and it about $35.
  4. Customer support uses a ticket system. They have a 12 or so folks to cover the entire world. Chat is the fastest way, but email will get answered as they can. What is your issue? Do you have a ticket number? NO ONE in CS looks at this forum to answer questions as part of their job. I look around from time to time, but don't stay long.
  5. Each NEW email is a NEW request if outside the original ticket...I am just saying that email outside of your ticket will make more new tickets. When behind, more new tickets on for the same issue or request slows things down. Not that you did that...just letting folks know how it works.
  6. This is all I could find on PR. it gives weight and size....It makes me wonder if someone hit a incorrect key ....KD-17? THIEL_SMALLS_ALL 5.pdf
  7. each NEW request makes a NEW ticket...replying with in the ticket will not and is the BEST way to keep in touch. Each phone call makes a NEW ticket that requires a CSR to listen to a recording and edit the ticket. MUCH more work.
  8. I just need a copy of the card...front and back...Won't be long until you will need that card to do most anything...We are not getting the shot. Good luck to everyone that did.
  9. The issue is clipping the amp...IF you ask more from the amp than it wants to give, the outputs will go from a sine wave to a square wave. In audio / AC, the wave is rising or falling most of the time. IN a square wave, it rises until clipping, then it is flat...or in electrical terms, DC. Speakers don't like DC. Tweeters see it as too much current and act like a fuse. With many amps/receivers, the number for power they give is not the number for clean power...may times it is 1/5 th of rated. With a 6 W amp, I would expect 2-3 W clean. ( I am NOT a glass amp guy! All odd harmonics only...not my thing, but to each his own.) So, can you hurt your speakers with too little power in your amp, YES. But only if you push it toward max out.
  10. First, NO VOLTAGE SHOULD BE ON THE BACK OF THE AMP! short of static electricity. That unit should have a IEC power cord connector. I think it is only 2 connectors. IF you house is wired to US code, you should never have this issue. Like others, I suspect the outlet. I know nothing in the sub amp that could cause this. IT will have NOTHING to do with the RCA's....This is a power from the wall issue.
  11. ....Is that like when folks get a flu shot...the shot will stop all flu? No, and they have had YEARS to "get it right". The last year and a bit have done it. There is no more flu. (it's all covid now) In indiana there was 168000 cases of flu in 2019...168 in 2020. Where did it all go? Did everyone get a shot and now the flu is gone? NO. Just like with this lab test, the population is the lab rat. We don't get the flu and we DON"T get the flu shot. Same for this 98% recoverable and survivable bug. F the shot and the money bags it rode up on.
  12. Not sure if this is real or not...but there are folks out there that are "proving" that the vaccine stops the "x" version of the bug. But it does nothing to stop the "Y" version of the bug...and in fact, it blocks your natural antibodies from doing their job and trying to stop "Y". Thus, letting "Y" through with no resistance. This could be VERY BAD for folks, as this will never leave your body. I believe this report but hope they are wrong. I don't take Flu vaccines ..or otherwise. I won't and don't worry about a bug with a 98% or higher recovery and survival rate. 98% chance I will be fine or 50% chance the drug will be "OK". As for hospitals and their ICU bed count...One would think that with ALL the folks needing ICU due to the bug, the hospitals would INCRESS the number of ICU beds....Looking at Indiana...and just looking at the amount of beds used, Most hospitals are at 60% full. (about avg for now). Most are at the same for ICU beds. However, I can not find anywhere that states that they added more ICU beds at any local hospital. I may just not be able to find it. It has been over a year, someone surley looked at this. I think that by not adding beds, the media can say, "we are running out of icu beds" when in fact, they never added more beds to handle the issue. Again, I can not prove this, but it sure looks that way. Not to mention the extra covid money each patient earns the hospitals. A year in, it looks more like milking the covid *** than anything.
  13. I would have to go to the lab in INDY to do that...then someone would scream that I didn't have a mask on and I would have to kick someones ***. I am working on a testing rig at home...once that is up and running I hope to do just that. MAYBE point out all the YELLOW BUTTON stuff.
  14. ...mostly Zinc...plated in brass or "shiny stuff"
  15. ...Yes, but not many can give enough AC voltage to test...due to the 9 Volt battery used to provide power. The unit we use at Klipsch was 20K new, and still isn't that great. MOST speaker network caps are 100 to 250V AC. 100 Watts @ 8 Ohms is about 28 Volts AC. How often in the life of a speaker do you see truly 100 Watts for long times? I was generalizing in earlier post. There are AUTHORIZED REPAIR LOCATIONS, you don't have to use aftermarket parts and trust what others hear is better...you can use correct parts and Know... JEM performance audio. Crites and other are NOT authorized for any replacement part or repair. Many will come to the defence of the aftermarket stuff... but facts are facts.
  16. I will buy lunch for anyone that can PROVE the jumpers and wire are different and the wire is better. Voltage transfer, acoustic measurement, blind listening with switching, Note from your Momma....ok, not the last one, but you get the point. insert little yellow button
  17. Measuring a cap with a handheld meter is mostly a waste of time...
  18. ...What should he use to test the caps with? ...Unless they are leaking oil, they are fine.....Never tested one in the lab, ove 22y, that was bad unless it was leaking. Maybe heat up the joints on the network...as some of the points could need it. You may "hear" a difference once the caps are changed...but you can't test that...as unless you used the wrong part, it won't change.
  19. Are these not the same type of people that told us that cigarettes were safe? Oh and used mustard gas to make cancer meds? The list goes on. My wife now has a non-reversible effect of taking a drug that has been tested and on the market for years...NOW years later it has been black labeled due to making 30% of the people taking it sick. And these IDIOTS want us to take a drug that hasn't even been on the market for a year? No Fu...ing way. (her drug was REGLAND and now she has Tardive Dyskinesia. She took the drug for 4 weeks after a hernia surgery...that was 2 years ago. It changed how she reacted to other drugs. She had to change some of her long term meds due to this change and now will have to take a drug to help slow down the TD....for the rest of her life) DON'T BELIEVE THE "DOCTORS".... DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!
  20. ...Which is just 1 of the many points that will keep us from being a lab rat....NO WAY for us.
  21. ...With out the spec...you have no idea if that is correct.
  22. This is a preference question or a Math question.... Math... 101db@1w/1m 2 x power = 3db 100 W ph. 1 Watt dubled, then dubled... 1,2,3,8,16,32,64,128...that is 7 times. 7 x 3 =21db output... 101 + 21 = 122db max out. to get there clean, you need at least 6db headroom. So 4 x the power. 128 x 4 = 512 Watts per channel to reach full volume with headroom at 1 meter. Your seat is ....4 meters away...for fun...-6db every time the distance is doubled. that's 2 x -6 = -12db off the level due to distance. SO, with about 500 Watts to each speaker, you can have 6db of head room and about 120db at your seat. IF you want 3db less than that, cut the power in half.
  23. there are about 8000 folks in front of you....hold tight...they will get to you. What's up...maybe I can help.
  24. Email me...I have the schematic...trey.cannon @klipsch.com
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