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  1. 1973 - wearing a suit to attend a wedding...
  2. It helps a lot if your sub's not sitting directly on the floor. My subs are all on neoprene rubber pads, plus one's on a bedside table, one's on an end table, and one's on a sturdy box. None are on the floor, and I've never had a complaint. It helps that the building is made of concrete, which transmits less sound between apartments than a wooden building.
  3. The "T" in the serial number indicates 1979, not 1974, and the stickers look like they're 1979 style as well. Since black La Scalas of that vintage are stained, not veneered, it looks like a piece of the outer ply or two got chipped off.
  4. Thanks for the info, Max. I'm not sure what the server issue is, but I just sent you a reply. I'll update the forum when the unit is hooked up and working. Pat
  5. Well, it's not jammed now, but it still won't print. Anyway, here's what I was able to do with Arrange-a-Room, scanned from the print I was able to make before the program stopped co-operating. The diagram shows 2 Scalas, with the Paradigm sub beside the left one, the 4 surround speakers at the back of the room, and I even threw a couple of cushions on the sofa and chair. The speakers have gray fronts to show which way they're pointing, no choice in the style, just in the size. The room is actually 18' x 19', but I thought I'd show how it opens up toward the dining room, because it's all part of the acoustic space. Sure beats scribbling on a napkin to explain a speaker layout.
  6. Wow, what a handy program! I just spent the last hour or so dashing back and forth between the living room and the computer den with tape measure and notepad and printed out my listening room layout. It's got every detail, including bookcases, main and surround speakers, in the size of your choosing. The speakers are rectangular, but the corner fireplace could serve as an approximation of a Klipschorn in size and rough shape, if not in exact style. However, while it's easy to make up a colour diagram of your room, right down to cushions, and print it out, I had a problem saving it. It says it saves it to my hard drive, but it's a .mht file, something I've never heard of. Right now, the Arrange-a-Room window is open in mid-save and it's jammed up. Anyone have any tips? I'd rather not shut it down and lose my hour's work.
  7. Did you mean "attenuation" or "augmentation" in the sentence referring to destructive interference? Mike, I quoted only the parts that bear directly on my listening situation. A few weeks ago, I decided to connect my old unused equalizer to my sub to try to tame a resonance in the room. Lowering the response 5dB at 30Hz did exactly as you just described. The sound was less annoying, but a little weak and thin-sounding, showing that the measurements I'm using don't tell the whole story. However, I've got a new sofa and chair arriving soon, with taller backs, that may have an effect on the room response, so after they're set up (if they need to break in, I'm thinking it'll take place over months or years []), I'll turn off the sub and start from scratch. It sounds like the best compromise, after the room is treated as best I can manage and the sub is in its best location with its best settings, is to only partially try to correct room resonances with the EQ, since what I hear is more important than what I measure. Is that roughly correct? BTW, thanks to you and mas for explaining audio theory. Some of it is is actually starting to sound like English to me.
  8. With a long-term purchase like speakers, "what I'd like to spend right now" is not always the best guideline. What seems pretty extravagant at the moment can be something that enriches your life on a daily basis for years to come. That may sound like an exaggeration, but my La Scalas bring a big smile to my face when I turn them on, which is nearly every day before breakfast, and they improve my day. I feel lucky to own them. My advice is to buy the speakers you want. You'll have them long after they're paid for, and the price will eventually seem unimportant, but the sound will always be there.
  9. My La Scalas have only 1 digit before the letter. One is 2M370 and the other is 2M389. I'm wondering if the first digit is the month of manufacture. The M will represent 1974 and the last 3 digits should be sequence of assembly. The drivers' numbers are sort of mix and match, with one speaker having a lower numbered K-77, and the other one having a lower numbered K-55V. I guess the assemblers weren't obsessed with lining the drivers up on the shelf with their numbers in sequence.
  10. Okay, I can follow that you can't EQ up to "fill a void". What about EQing down to quiet or reduce an unwanted peak? If less energy (at the frequency of the resonance) is coming into the room and the room gain flattens a dip caused by the EQ, is that logical?
  11. That's why banana plugs are banned in Europe. They do fit into European AC outlets, so now speaker cables are fitted with BFA connectors. BFA stands for British Federation of Audio. You can see some at http://www.knukonceptz.com/productMaster.cfm?Category=Connectors They're a split tube, with a wavy edge to the split, and they fit directly into regular binding posts. The BFA "bananas" (but they're not really a banana, since they're cylindrical) are actually a better connector, with more contact surface area.
  12. Do you mean you've got women figured out and can move on to figuring out subwoofers? [] [*-)]
  13. Pat, Hadn't made one of that model. I putzed around long enough to get as much done as I did. Do you have a pair of those? If you do, that box is ideal for DJK's ported version to lower the bass response of the LS. It could get you flat to almost 30 Hz. A slight loss in efficiency takes place, but only slight. Bruce I haven't worked with any CAD-type programs, but it does look like plenty of work. Yes, those are my '74 La Scalas, but they look a little different now, with CT125 tweeters and Sonicaps, as well as black grille cloth on the K400s. The removeable tops really make it straightforward to service anything in the top section. As for the bass mod, it's an idea, but with the help of the Paradigm sub, the bass is at reference level to 30 Hz and down only 5 dB at 25 Hz. I've saved pix of that bass mod, but it's on the far back burner at the moment.
  14. Thanks for the info, sunburnwilly. It sounds like they're a little disorganized but willing to do what it takes to please their customers. Looks like you got a great deal! I just wanted to be sure they're not some sort of scammers.
  15. With most companies, the warranty period starts on the date of the original purchase. If the item fails in the last week of the warranty and is replaced, the new item's warranty expires that week. Otherwise, customers could keep bringing in "defective" units every time the expiry date approached, making it into an unpaid-for lifetime warranty. If the manufacturer or dealer is willing to repair or replace a defective purchase, they've done all they promised and all you should expect. Throwing an extension to the warranty into the deal would be surprisingly generous.
  16. Has no-one heard of HiFi Trader?
  17. Bruce, do you have a drawing of the early (mid-70s) La Scala? That's the one with the removeable top, the bass bin that's accessed from a panel under the squawker horn, and a single bottom panel. The crossover is mounted to the bass bin access panel.
  18. Is anyone familiar with this dealer? They seem to have really good prices on overstocks and open-box items, but I hope they're not too good to be true. Their site is at http://stores.ebay.com/HiFiTraderOnline
  19. As I understand it, PLII (5.1 Dolby Digital) has 5 discrete full-range channels plus the LFE channel for the (mono) sub: L,C, R, L surround and R surround. PLIIx (7.1 Dolby Digital) adds L surround back and R surround back, which are derived or matrixed channels, which give better front-to-rear transitions and improve the sound field in larger rooms. The 5.1 surrounds are positioned to the side, the surround back speakers are positioned at the back, and they do improve the imaging and front-to-rear volume balance in a medium- or large-sized room. 6.1 has a single (derived) surround back speaker, located roughly in line with the (front) center speaker. There's lots of 5.1 program material on the market, but I've not seen any discrete 7.1 material yet.
  20. I think the break-in that occurs is the initial stiffness going out of the suspension of the stylus. As it works in, its compliance improves, along with its sound.
  21. Just listen to your system for a while. As your RF-7s break in, they'll likely start to sound a little more mellow.
  22. Hmm, looks like this discussion is headed to infinity, and beyond... [8-|]
  23. Richard, as you can see from the exploded view that Fritz provided, there are 2 V-shaped (or chevron-shaped) pieces that form the start of the expansion of the horn. The woofer does face the back of the speaker enclosure and "speaks" through a slot that's about 3"x 13" (I think). The chevron pieces start the horn, and its shape then goes around the corner on the left and right and faces forward. Then there's a 7 1/2 inch non-tapering section. After that the large Vee section begins. Although you'd usually picture a horn as having sides that angle out from each other, the La Scala is a split horn with the Vee forming the angle, making two tapered horns that come together at the front. Having a folded horn within a rectangular housing with no wasted space seems ingenious and simple at the same time, like most great ideas.
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