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  1. For the pre-cut perfect fit gaskets you can go to crites website or eBay as I believe he sells them there as well.
  2. Unless any of the caps are leaking you really aren't going to gain anything unless you invest in some really high end networks. I would get some Caigs DeOxit and loosen up all the spade terminals on the crossover network give them a spray and retighten all of them. Make sure crossover board is mounted tight on the side on the cabinet. Unscrew each of the K-55's and replace the rubber gasket that is inside the horn lens at the bottom of the threads. That is about it. Really easy doesn't cost much other than the Caigs and some of your time.
  3. Specs are no indication of a speakers timbre' your best option is another Forte III if you can't pull that off next choice would be a Heresy III. Nothing from the pro line or reference line is going to blend well at all.
  4. It depends do you have Heritage or Extended Heritage up front, something from the KG line perhaps then the 3.5's are the best choice. If your L C R are reference then I would use a reference speaker in that position.
  5. I used Morel MW-166's a 6" woofer with an fs of 43Hz and 3" voice coils. Used my own 2-way passive networks with Polk Audio MM-3000 tweeters. Are you looking for separates or coxial? Some JL Audio and Alpine Type-R components are good. Morel, Focal, Clif Designs if you really want top notch.
  6. The signal processor he used was the PCB board out of a DBX 5BX-DS 5 Band Computer Controlled Dynamic Range Controller with 5 frequency bands of impact restoration. I used a DBX 3BX-DS in my '94 Camaro when I competed on the IASCA Sound Quality circuit in the mid 90's.
  7. There is also a hidden strip where the woofer lead drops into the bass cabinet as well under the top hat section. So you have that to consider as well.
  8. Audio Systems in Laredo, TX? They used to have the whole Heritage line on the showroom floor. First time I heard Klipsch speakers was there. They had the top end gear from alot of manufacturers and car audio gear as well all the really nice Alpine components in the late 70's early 80's.
  9. My brother in law wants to offer a bid on the five Heritage speakers and wants to know what subwoofer is/was being used with the five Klipsch Heritage speakers or was one not being used.
  10. That is not a sub that is a very large midbass cabinet with not much output below 30Hz even eq'd and placed properly. It will have midbass output 40 - 80Hz in spades though.
  11. Sorry, these have long been sold. Thanks for your interest.
  12. David, a suggestion if I may. A list of all the components and speakers included in this auction/sale might lead to better results. As a shopper I would like to know what I am bidding on and right now it is not 100% clear to me what all is included.
  13. Not upgrades, lateral move at best. Update would be a better term. GLWS
  14. No it wouldn't it is a total tonal mismatch, what the hell you talkin bout Willis!
  15. Just use a third F III and stop playing around it is the only way to assure absolute cohesiveness across the front three. Just make it happen and stop making excuses. You will thank yourself later. I run three La Scala's at LCR and I made it work because I wanted a seamless front stage.
  16. Why not just use a single Heresy III and be done with it. It will actually be cheaper in the long run than trying to purchase individual parts.
  17. Heresy minimum, do not use a reference speaker it will stick out like a sore thumb and not timbre' match at all. A Heresy HIP is a prefect choice because it matches the efficiency of the Belle and will be able to keep up. Just put up a wanted to buy ad for a single or turn a standard one into an HIP with an HIE crossover network and a Klipsch K-42 or equivalent woofer and rear porting. See Claude's Super Heresy thread.
  18. Not a fan of the cheap Sonicaps. If you are going to change out caps I would definately take Dean's advice as he has tried a very large number of different capacitors over the years and the AudioCap Theta's are superior ask me how I know. Heresy's are easy two 2uf caps and a coil. I would replace the coil with a better one while you are at it
  19. This is what I have been preaching for years there is nothing like three identical matching speakers across the front. The knuckleheads that post recommending total mismatched speakers all the time drives me nuts and tells me that they dont know &*it. I even stepped down from Klipschorn's so I could have three matching La Scala's up front.
  20. I love the networks! Big fan of high quality components. The MF/HF section is going to be top notch.
  21. Frzninvt

    Lascala II

    Good price for LS II's even with the minor flaws. Obviousily not a Klipsch afficiando since he thinks the finish is vinyl.
  22. A guy from the Facebook Klipsch Owner's group won them and will be picking them up on Thursday I will see if I can get him to provide some photos. I want to see what woofers they have in them the EV 15WK's or the Jensen P15LL's. I also want to know the size hole cut in the front for the woofer it was 10" or 12" to kind of load the woofer some due to the rear porting. These were the decendents of the Shorthorn's.
  23. If you really want to hear a difference use higher quality film and foils not Sonicaps or Dayton's. AuriCap Theta's, Jantzen or really good Paper in Oil (PIO) check Parts Express and replace the main coil with an Erse coil as well. Better components will yield better results.
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