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  1. You rounded them up, well done!!!!! Tom
  2. Yes, that was one of the most beautiful pieces of walnut I've come across. It went with a matched a pair of VRD's chassis' I built. Unfortunately they got broken up.😪 tk
  3. I'm still around, but haven't contributed to the forum in quite awhile. I have a curly maple NBS case in an antique cherry stain. Last of the NBS casework. Tom
  4. Really like the fabric, did you find it local or order it? t
  5. I couldn't post original pic so I had to change my pic size before attaching. Send me some via email, thanks. t
  6. Finally figured out how to post pics. Curly walnut and curly maple.
  7. I'll give it a try this evening, when I figure out how to do it. t
  8. Doesn't sound too lazy man to me. Poly will give a reasonably hard finish and with a wet sand and finishing with the 0000 steel wool, it will be smooth to the touch. I like shellac, not near as hard as a poly, but will render a fine finish. The other thing about shellac is it plays well with other finishes. Poly is multiple individual layers, where shellac is multiple layers melding into one. I struggled with tung oil at first, but when done right it can give a hard smooth finish. One doesn't fit all, it all boils down to what you what/need from your finish. Once again nice work. t
  9. Very nice work, what type of finish, poly, tung, shellac? t
  10. tk49


    "I believe that Hickory is rare", I'm pretty sure they are the only hickory VRD's/NBS cases on the planet, both cases came from the same stock. And yes, it would be a shame to break up the set. Price is fair on both the VRD's an NBS case. Tom
  11. With both phono sections this is a deal. The case work alone is worth over $350. Nice job on the pic.
  12. Most definitely, the one pic almost looks like it could be a blond filler finish. Classic 60's.
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