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  1. Great job! Lots of pleasure rehabbing Heresys!!
  2. Thanks big-time Carl for the pics. 😀😀That really helps. I now see that the negative jumper goes from the woofer negative to the mid range positive and then to the tweeter positive. This is what I needed to know. Thank you so much
  3. Does anyone have good photos (or can take one😀 of the back side of the barrier terminal on the Type E network that would shoe the position of the negative feed wire that loops over the screws?? I looks like it toes to every other screws (that is negative). Need confirmation please . Building one with spare parts I have laying around. Thanks.
  4. If the K70G driver is used in the Forte III does anyone know the crossover point or have a schematic for FIII? If it is a tweeter driver why is it being used as a mid driver in FIII??
  5. If you glue it I would recommend installing a cross brace from the sides under the driver magnet and leave a gap and fill it with a stiff foam rubber brace to keep some or all of the drive weight off the broken joint. 1" x 3/4" cross brace a little narrower that inside cab dimension with two screw block on each side into cabinet and one bole with wing nut to secure brace.
  6. Thanks TigerwoodKhorns I'll run with your opinion! So could you measure the inductance at all the different taps and if they are identical or close conclude they are the same??? Seems stranged to have a DA if its the same as the T2A unless it was a different manufacturer????? Ken
  7. This may be a stupid question but here goes. Is it possible to connect TWO ATS with lower reductions values like a T9A (-3DB) AND T4A (-4DB) TO GET A -7 DB REDUCTION? NEVER MIND DOUBLE POSTED BY MISTAKE!!!
  8. Marvel and and MookieStl have answered the call!! I appreciate their assistance!!!
  10. I was asked by a forum member to post pics of the LaScalas I was rehabbing for Kirby at the time of his passinger. Here are a few pics of the LaScalas I have just about finished for Kirby. His wife and sons with pick them up this week. Pretty solemn build.
  11. The LaScalas. Can’t post pics from phone too big.
  12. I was asked to post photos of Little scholars that I was redoing for Kirby at the time of his death. His sons are going to get to Little scholars now and will pick up next week. Will post pics soon.
  13. I met Kirby on February 11th when he came to my house in Little Rock and bought a set of speakers from me and dropped off his black LaScala speakers for me to veneer in walnut. We talked for about an hour and hit it off from the start. He was very kind, knowledgeable, pleasant and friendly. He told me he was going skiing with his sons in Montana in March and was looking forward to it. You could tell he loved his two sons. He offered to buy dinner for me and my wife if we were ever in Dallas. I texted him some pics of the progress on the LS and was surprised that he didn't respond quickly as he usually did. I later got a text from his wife on his phone explaining what happened and talked to his brother Ray who lives near Little Rock. He was coming back here on March 22 to pick up the LS. The LS are going to his sons. I hope they enjoy them. Makes us all think about how quickly life can end. Longdrive03
  14. I regret to post that forum member Kirby died in a skiing accident in Montana on February 5th. Apparently he fell and hit his head on a rock. He was wearing a safety helmet and one of his two sons was with him but didn't see the fall. He was 60 years old. He was married and had 16 and 19 year old sons. I met him in LIttle Rock when he bought the Heresy clone speakers from me and dropped off black painted LaScalas for me to rehab. Great guy, funny, smart and friendly. He was coming back on March 22 to pickup the LaScalas. His brother who lives locally will get them. He will be missed.
  15. Dave, I don't know how to say this so I'll be blunt. The horns look like they would have a lot of vibration!!!!! 😀🤪 JUST JOKING!!!! These are magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like hollowing out a tree trunk!!
  16. Sold to forum member. I have another set with same mottled eucalyptus almost finished and will post when done. Rehabbing black lascalas for forum member with walnut veneer on the outside panels now. Thanks Tinnitis. Appreciate the complement! Stay safe! Longdrive
  17. Sold to forum member. I have another set with same mottled eucalyptus almost finished and will post when done. Rehabbing black lascalas for forum member with walnut veneer on the outside panels now.
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