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  1. I got these from a friend that worked at EV location here in Arkansas that is now closed.  These are cast frame two ways with built in crossover.  See link below for more info.


    These are in great shape and I was told these were not installed in a cabinet at EV.  I hooked these up in a make do box to prevent back wave from cancelling out front wave and they sound great - loud and clear.  


    These would be great for a center channel with 90-18KHZ range or for other applications in home.


    I've seen new prices of  $270 to $300 each  for these.


    Selling for $100.00 each plus actual shipping to be determined.  








  2. I've got several (10) sheets of this 5 ply 3/4" material - the outsides are mdf and insides are wood ply.  I think there is a name for this but can't recall.  All you shop guys probably know this!!!  I think it might be good for speaker cabinets since there would be different woods/mdf with different dampening characteristics?  Anybody use this before?????




  3. I never noticed that when I had them because I wasn't going to usethem.   They weren't in the same production year as I recall.  Could be because the Klispch K42K has a cast frame front edge and was heavier (thus used the 3/4"???)   K42K EV) had a thinner stamped steel frame ????  Could also be another situation wheere  Klipsch used what it had on hand from different suppliers or models since you can't tell the difference from the front???


    Just guessing. 

  4. Finished tonight except for screwing down back board - waiting for black screws to come in Wednesday.  Bass is much better than Heresy 1 even in my garage.  Need to get them in the house to hook up on the floor near a wall.  Sound really good.  Thanks for your help Claude.




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  5. You can get the redo history at the link below.  Total redo of HIP cabinets sanded down to birch plywood, veneered with fiddleback anegre wood backed veneer, ( including the back outer edges) finished with six coats of wipe on poly, wet sanded and waxed with 0000 steel wool. 


    Will stretch new tan cane weave  grill material and post pics later.


    One woofer is K42 and the other is EV version of K42.  Forum members say they specs are almost the same on the woofers.  Mid drivers are K55M, and found magnet K77 tweeters.


    Changed HIE crossover to Cornwall B with modifications per Claude to make these Super Heresys ported in rear.  New Parts Express metallized poly caps installed.  The original HIP's had mixed K77 tweeters (one square magnet and one round) but I switched another round magnet to get a matching set.  New rubber washers on mid horn.  Foam installed to reduce mid frequency reflections.  Back cover is 3/4" plywood- not 1/2" ply normally on Heresys.


    I'm in LIttle Rock and have a friend that travels to the Tulsa, Kansas City, and St. Louis areas on business and could probably deliver these to those areas to eliminate shipping.




    Get em while they're hot!




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  6. Update, the long journey is nearly over.  All woodworking and finishing is done.  Crossover changes (thanks to Claude ) have been done - changing HIE xover to Cornwall B  with modifications.  They sound great.  Just need to stretch tan can grill material and get black screws for the new  rear panel which I also veneered.  Used PE 2 uf caps (two going to the autoformer and one going to tweeter after autoformer.


    Thanks to Claude again for his patience through this process!!!!!


    Now I need to sell them at the garage sale forum.



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  7. Thanks MC appreciate the compliment.  Working on these in spare time which is sparse now.


    We travelled up your way in late July 2019.  Flew into Calgary and spent three days in Banff and in Lake Louise.  Incredible blue lakes, glaciers and waterfalls.  We want to go back but it's awful cold up there now.  We left early August and it was 25 degrees in the morning!  Wife, daughter and her boyfriend loved the scenery and hiking. 

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  8. BUMP!!!


    Okay after much anguish and hand wringing I've committed to rehabbing the cabinets making these super Heresys per Claude.  


    I shot a lot of nails in the cabinet joints to make sure they are solidI filled in the front rectangular slot port and the handle hole on the top.  In the process of veneering front baffle then I will install 3/4" x 1/2" edge trim on front and veneer front edges.


    I built new 3/16" masonite grills with neo magnet hidden under the front veneer.  I've got the 4" x 4" PE vents to install on the back.  Using anegre fiddleback veneer on these which will be wrapped around sides and top.  Veneering a new back panel with the veneer also.  Rear plywood edges will also be veneered.  Will recap the xovers per Claude using Sonicap caps.


    I hope to either come to the pilgrimage of send the speakers with a friend if anyone is interested in buying them.  Please pm me for details.


    The tweeters in these don't match but I will install a matched pair (round or square magnet) to match.


    Here is a pic of how they looked when I got them and now with one front veneered (without the front edge trim pieces and veneer.


    I plan on using brown cane weave grill cloth but maybe could use some black weave grill cloth used by Klipsch.


    Will sell for $750 for the pair.







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