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  1. Just to follow up on this, my friend told me that he ended up buying them. Makes me happy, at least someone I know has them now!
  2. I've been thinking about getting these. I have a pretty unique situation. I live in Seattle, but a good friend currently lives in St. Pete and is moving out here to Tacoma next month. I already have 2 setups with Forte II's and Academy centers, don't have a need for these CW III's but it's really hard to pass up such a good deal. I've updated the crossovers and tweeter diaphrams in all my speakers (one full set of popbumper crossovers, the other set I soldered in the Sonicap upgrade kits from Bob C), and I know I'd want to do that again with these, and get a single heresy as a center. Somebody talk me down from this please!
  3. This may be of interest, not exaclty a Khorn, but a pair of cornerhorn speakers from Speakerlab located in Salem, OR. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/salem-speakerlab-ev-cornerhorns/7222135956.html
  4. @vasubandu Man, I'd definitely be interested in that set of Axiom's, but I'm in FL and wouldn't want to pay to send all that weight across the country. I'm actually going to be in Seattle next weekend, but I can't exaclty check those on the flight home either, haha. I'm planning to move to Seattle in the next year, maybe if you still have them by then I'll look you up again. Good luck in the meantime. -Shawn
  5. Edgar, I think you're right. As much as I'd love to squeeze them into that room, what I have right now is borderline overkill already. This would easily fill two rooms that size! Man, it's just hard to pass up such a deal. But I have to be realistic. I hope these find a good home soon!
  6. One other question, the room these would be going into is relatively small, 13'x13'. I have 2 Forte II's in there now, with a Sub 12, Academy Center, and KG 2.5's as surrounds. I'm pretty sure this Legacy system is overkill, but is it even feasible to use in a room this size? Also, these would be driven by an Integra receiver, the DTR 70.3. It's rated at 140 watts/ch into an 8 ohm load.
  7. Wow, reading the top of this thread, I was thinking to myself "I wonder if he'd take $2500 for them", after I saw that they are in FL. Then I see that the offer is on the table! I have some heritage Klipsch speakers in my two home theater setups now, but this is over the top amazing sound quality I'm sure. In my current "dad cave", my surrounds are side firing, but one is basically in the corner of the room. With the Mist speakers being side firing, would the sound be muffled/distorted with one of those basically up against a wall? I really don't need these, but man, this is like a once in a lifetime deal here.
  8. Is the Academy still available, and would you be willing to ship?
  9. Is your Academy still available?
  10. When I bought my first set of Forte II's from someone at work, he was nice enough to give me his ADCOM preamp and amp too. The preamp didn't work, and the amp needed a replacement fuse to get working. Once I replaced the fuse, I listened to some music through the amp using my yamaha receiver as a preamp, but I wasn't pleased with the sound. I sold the ADCOM stuff to help pay for some more Klipsch gear (I think I bought a pair of KG2.5's to use as surrounds), but back to the amp, I thought it sounded too rough and bright, for my taste. I had my Forte's as the left and right channel in my 5.0 setup for quite some time, being driven by an outlaw 7500 amp. Sound was excellent. I would put it in direct mode and play CD's through it and there was bass for days. Placement with these will definitely go a long way. As Wuzzer said, 12-15" away from the wall is key. You may have to play with it a bit. I've got mine toed in slightly, but they are always around that 12" mark from the wall.
  11. canyonman, thanks for the info. Glad to hear you haven't had to mess with the Scott after getting it tuned up! That thing is a real beauty. I keep bouncing back and forth between the Scott and Marantz in my head (though I haven't heard either). I know I'll be happy with either one. Part of me really wants to have a 299 sitting on my shelf and see those tubes glowing [H], even if it does cost a few hundred $ more. I suppose when the right deal comes around, I'll know it! I was half hoping to read that you were thinking of parting ways with your 299 when I started reading your post, haha. I'll keep looking. There was a post in the garage sale that landed someone with a 299 in a matter of 3 days or less! Exactly what he was looking for, restored by Craig and everything.
  12. I had originally wanted to go with exactly this, a Scott 299 that had been restored. But, I'm not very keen on the maintenance and cost of upkeep for the tube world, despite the obvious benefit of getting to listen to my forte's through a tube amp! I thought about the Outlaw integrated, I've seen them go on sale every once in a while, with free shipping too. I've read some bad things about them not being made as solidly as you would expect for the price range. Issues with the volume knob, etc. I'll have to check out the other integrated's listed on Audiogon and here in the Garage sale section. I'm leaning toward one of those old marantz units, despite having never heard one. Something tells me it would be a very pleasant upgrade []
  13. Something like this maybe? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Restored-Marantz-2252B-Stereo-Receiver-/250957276659?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item3a6e3825f3
  14. I'm looking for a nice integrated amp (new or old) to use in my two channel turntable setup. I have a music hall MMF5.1 table, and its running into an old 70's receiver that was a budget piece even back then. The sound is just not good. I'm looking to spend no more than $600. I would be ok with getting an integrated amp and a separate phono preamp, as long as it stays within that budget. I'm also interested in knowing what would sound good running my Forte II's. They have completely rebuilt crossovers (courtesy of popbumper) but they're not being used to their full potential! I listen to a lot of metal music, but there is quite a bit of 60's/70's classic rock and prog in there as well. I mainly want a nice warm sound, not harsh or bright. Initial thoughts were a Marantz in the 2245 style, but finding one that has been professionally restored can be tough. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone, hope you're all having a great new year so far!!
  15. I have an Adcom ACE-315 line suppressor that I bought new about 5 years ago. Its the little brother to the ACE-615 that has more outlets. Its been having some trouble when powering on. The two unswitched outlets are working, and one of the two switched banks is working, but the other switched bank is rapidly and sporatically turning off and on. I opened up the unit to make sure all the wiring looked ok, but didn't find anything unusual. When I first put the cover back on and plugged it in, it worked fine, but about 15 minutes later it started to fail again. I can't figure it out. I know I can send it off to get serviced, but with the price it will cost to ship it and fix it, I could probably buy a new power conditioner. Has anyone ever exerienced this type of issue with this unit or a similar unit? Thanks.
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