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  1. The tweeters were bad! I got them replaced and the difference is, as you would expect, phenomenal. I now have another pair of RF-25's for the rear and an RC-10 for the center channel. Now I just have to start saving up for the RSW-10d...
  2. I agree. It's what I had on hand at the moment. Any suggestions for a more permanent solution, since Klipsch doesn't offer them as parts? After spending time with them, I'm finding them enjoyable for music. I guess I just expected the sound to be clearer without being colder. As for the Denon/HK decision, I find my "lesser" Denon to be more spacious than the HK with a much broader soundstage. I wanted the 2807, but space contraints restricted me to less than 6 1/2" height (the HK was pushing it with very little clearance). Although the HK had HDCD decoding, I only had a few discs with that technology so I won't miss it, though the HK had better tuning options for the analog 5.1 inputs. Tomato, tamato. What mattered was the A/B option on the Denon.
  3. I have them connected via 12-gauge Monster Cable to my Denon AVR-1907 (bought to replace my HK 630 which, surprisingly, did not have Front A & B speaker outs). The speakers are plugged into the cable with banana plus. I fabricated an aluminum plate to connect the tweeter posts to the woofer posts instead of the wire Klipsch recommended. The speakers themselves seem fine -- nothing blown, all levels, equal, etc. The sound just seems...flat, as if I had an eQ with all the levels set right in the middle. I've always been more of a "V" person.
  4. Hi there, I just purchased a pair of RF-25's from a Good Guys that was closing down in Los Angeles (very excited, always wanted me a pair of Klipsch!). When I got them home, I discovered that someone pilfered the gold jumpers that connect the two sets of posts on the back. I contacted Klipsch and they said connecting them via wire would be just as good. The sound seems awfully muddy -- lot of high from the tweeter, then a big pile of mud sounding from the woofers. Could there be something else wrong with these speakers, do I need to connect the posts with a better type of wire, or are my ears just used to bad speakers?
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