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  1. additional info and images of the heatsinks are available. after browsing through the selection and choosing a couple of contenders, (I choose part # 567-557-140AB), you can click on the "page #, ###" link which gives you a pdf of the products. Just below that link is one called "data sheet" which gives specific images of the product. blake
  2. hey darkside, I also had a problem working around all the screws. as a matter of fact, the hottest part of the back plate had a ton of screws so I had to put the heatsink several inches away from the hottest part. It's not ideal but it should help. If you go to the mouser.com website, they have many different heatsink sizes. maybe you can find one that'll work. you could also buy one and customize it with a dremel or hacksaw. blakelock
  3. hey all, I, like many others, experienced the failed sub woofer amp on my ProMedia 2.1 system. Sound came out of the sub but not the satellites. Since I had bought the system "new" but from an ebay crook (username "derek_althea"), my only choice was to send the system to Klipsch for repair. I removed the amp from the sub-woofer and sent it, and $40, to klipsch. I recieved the repaired item back after ~2 weeks. (pretty decent service, I think) I was concerned about the significant heat that I could feel on the amp so I bought a heatsink (part # 567-557-140AB from mouser.com) and double-sided thermal tape (part # thr-31 from frozencpu.com). Check out the picture. I could immediately feel the heatsink heating up so I guess it's doing a good job! I also have to admit that I was unsatisfied with the "loose" and "boomy" sound of the sub so I lined the interior of the subwoofer cabinet with foam to "tighten" up the bass sound. It might've made a small difference. Not too sure. I also figured this would increase the heat which is another reason for the heatsink upgrade.
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