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  1. Micron is the only place in Canada with the CP-1s... The promedias do not have a serial number. Use your order number, or the name of the place of purchase. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com
  2. You can try cleaning off the metal connections, too, with some lint free cloth. --Amy
  3. Everyone welcome Robyn (csr1)--she will be keeping track of the Customer Service section of the Bulletin Board for us. If you have any issues with returns, orders, tracking, etc., she's there to help! --Amy
  4. I wasn't aware of any email that was sent...that's probably handled by our international customer service division. I'll see if I can find out. --Amy
  5. Our Canadian dealers will have their orders fulfilled when we get more product in at the end of March. --Amy
  6. Sounds great, Matt! I think we all look forward to hearing much more from you!! (don't forget us little people!!) --Amy
  7. They should be in and ready to ship by the end of this month. --Amy
  8. Contact me about the crackle. --Amy promediatech@klipsch.com
  9. You probably have the first release high gain preamp. Contact me about your options. --Amy promediatech@klipsch.com
  10. Fawwaz-- We are currently out of the 4.1s. My advice would be wait until we, or an authorized dealer, have more in stock. There is no warranty if you purchase from an unauthorized dealer (or person). --Amy
  11. That was an error in the manual, which is being corrected... it's the 2.1s that have the power switch on the sub. Is the subwoofer getting warm at all when it's plugged in for a while? Are the speakers or sub making any noise at all (hiss or static)? ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  12. We've found 2 reviews of the 4.1 so far... Feel free to send me more as you find them! http://www.review-zone.com/hardware/audio/audio_guide/page6.shtml http://www.gamersdepot.com/hardware/speakers/klipsch/promedia_41/001.htm ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  13. Call our customer service at 888-554-5665. Keep in mind, you will not be refunded on any shipping charges. --Amy
  14. Send me an email with any problems! Amy promediatech@klipsch.com
  15. I cannot give you a "safe volume level" simply because different types of media and media players have different outputs, and even certain songs are "heavier" than others. Just use your best judgement And the sub will cut off if it's being played too hard... --Amy
  16. Do you have a center out on your soundcard? Just plug them into that. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  17. Replacing the speaker wires will not void your warranty. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  18. When you move that speaker to a different position, does it still click? In other words, is it the satellite that's giving you trouble, as opposed to the output from the subwoofer? ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  19. Actually, the ProMedias are made in China. Our plant in Arkansas manufactures all our other speaker products. Justin, It sounds like you do need a replacement preamp for your v2-400s (the 4.1s have only been shipping for 1 1/2 weeks). Contact me about this. I'd like to see Klipsch make upgraded speaker wire available on our website and for future releases of the products. As I posted once before, please send me an email if you would like to see this too, so I can put a list together for a convincing argument. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  20. There only available in limited quantities right now. We'll have much more by the end of this month. --Amy
  21. Another cleverly disguised bump? Good luck with the snowstorm!! --Amy
  22. The v2-400s were only available in 110v, so they did not ship to overseas dealers. The 2.1s are available in 230v, and have been available in Europe for a few months. The 230v version of the 4.1 should be out in about a month, so look for them then! --Amy
  23. Sounds like a faulty CP-1. Send me an email! --Amy promediatech@klipsch.com
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