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  1. Do the speakers hiss when the computer is off? If not, you're soundcard or "system noise" is the likely culprit. Make sure your mic and cd audio volume levels are muted when not in use. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  2. If you can't fix it, call our customer service at 888-554-5665 to order a new one. --Amy
  3. Ok, Janko, you're tempting me to lock this topic just so you can't bump it anymore!!
  4. Yes, I got your email this morning. I'll be responding shortly... --Amy
  5. When did you order the CP-1? What kind of static is it (electrical interference static)? We never "want" returns but we certainly don't mind helping when there's a problem. Please contact me by email. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  6. What started as a seemingly friendly debate has turned ugly. Let's move on to something else. --Amy
  7. Somebody has way too much time on their hands.
  8. Probably the major advantage of buying direct from Klipsch is the warranty--if you loose your receipt, we will have a record of your purchase. Plus if something happens to your speakers during shipping, you'll be guaranteed help from us. I'm not sure what other online store's policies are... Usually you'll be taken care of, but you just never know. --Amy
  9. Probably not until the mid-late March. They're going like hotcakes! --Amy
  10. I have no control or say so in the dealer process-- I'm sure there are many factors that go into it. I can certainly pass along your suggestions! --Amy
  11. Again, send me an email with your concerns, and I'll forward it to the sales rep. for further information. --Amy promediatech@klipsch.com
  12. 500w is sufficient, but if you want to go higher for peace of mind, that's up to you Elf, Let me know the response you receive from Yello. --Amy
  13. The quint sats are shielded, to a point. They have a bucking magnet on the woofer. No shielding cup. There is no difference between the v2-400 and 4.1 subs. --Amy
  14. I'll keep pushing. I'll tell you what would help... Everybody who wants to see the next version of the Pros have better speaker wire and/or see Klipsch make upgraded speaker wire with the jacks already connected available on our site for a small $, send me an email, and I'll forward it on to TPTB!! Put "Speaker Wire" in the subject field. Amy promediatech@klipsch.com
  15. Well, we do ship overseas, but only to dealers and distributors. If you want to contact me by email, I'll foward your message to the sales rep for your area, and perhaps he can point you to the right direction. Keep in mind that the overseas version of the 4.1s have not shipped yet, and probably won't until mid-March. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  16. Most dealers don't have them in yet. If they don't have them now, it will probably be mid-March before they get some. --Amy
  17. Actually, the 4 speaker option will produce 4 distinct channels. I don't know of a software setting that will duplicate what you're trying to do, but you could always get a stereo y-adapter and plug both front and rear into the front channel of the card. --Amy
  18. 500W converter is sufficient. The v2-400 and the 4.1 sub are identical. --Amy
  19. I'm glad they were helpful, Mike. BTW, I've been to Connersville...nice town! --Amy
  20. If where you purchased them will take it back, then yes, I'd get the 4.1. As fawwaz mentions, keep in mind the 4.1s are 299 instead of 249, but you also get the new crossover in the satellites. If you have trouble returning them, please let me know and we can try a replacment preamp for you to see if that helps. --Amy
  21. Hi Mike! Have you tried a different preamp yet? How long have you had the speakers? Have you considered a CP-1? --Amy
  22. Send me an email with your tracking number, and I'll try to find out for you. Those scans are not always reliable (as far as where exactly you're package is right now). --Amy promediatech@klipsch.com
  23. Suspicious of what? Here are the differences: 1. CP-1 included New features include: a. Enhanced Direct Path amplifier interface for lower noise, crosstalk distortion, and amplifier compression. b. Headphone jack for private 2-channel listening. c. MP3/Portable Music Player input jack, with front L/R channel soundcard mixing function. d. Speaker Engagement switch with two-color LED status indication (green/red). 2. Upgraded Satellite Speakers: Revoiced crossover networks for both intense gaming and musical reproduction. That's it! --Amy
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