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  1. Contact me by email about your options for resolving this problem. Thanks! ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  2. There has been no word from Klipsch because there has been no decision made. Any firm response at this time would be premature. Any developments/new products/upgrade options will be posted on this bulletin board, as well as the ProMedia section of the website. As always, stay tuned! --Amy
  3. Won't be long now, Paragon. I'm anxious to see you actually get your Pros!!
  4. You need to get the software that accompanies your soundcard so you can change your settings. I'm guessing your soundcard came with your computer (OEM)? If this is the case, a lot of times they do not pre-install this software (the Creative Launcher). Get with your computer manufacturer or Creative. ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  5. There will be a 230v version released soon. --Amy
  6. Actually, it does not hinge on when we sell out of 400's. It hinges upon when the 4.1s will be nothing short of perfect Testing, testing, testing... --Amy
  7. Keep in mind any date you've been given from anyone is tentative. Next month is what we're shooting for, last I heard. --Amy
  8. Contact me about this... ------------------ Amy ProMedia Tech Support promediatech@klipsch.com 888-554-5665
  9. Thanks to everybody (love the signature, Hofy!)... I made it back in one piece, and only slightly sunburnt Back to reality! --Amy
  10. Just a quick note to tell you guys how much I appreciate your help and participation on this board. It really makes it a pleasure to moderate... Now for a favor : I'll be going on vacation until next Tuesday (the 30th). There will be moderators filling in for me, but if you notice someone needing my help specifically, just tell them to sit tight until then. Thanks again to all! --Amy
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