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  1. Just because I love your avatar, yes.
  2. I'm skeptical, but not unwilling to test it. I have been challenged to get 77 likes on my start-up companies Facebook page from a competitive co-worker. I'm not above using all my resources, including my all time favorite forum. If I can't earn it from you guys, I will relinquish my title forever. Help push me over the 1,000 mark, and I promise I will do better at popping in here from time to time. (Although that may be a threat instead of a promise... ) Go here, click like. Or share with someone who might like it. It's a really cool piece of technology, I promise!
  3. Hi Guys! Still checking in every once in a while to the new photos I explored the old powerhouse of Central State Hospital (abandoned insane asylum, west side of Indy) a couple weeks ago. Much creepy fun.
  4. Hi everyone! St Patty's Day in Indy... NCAA Headquarters on the left.
  5. Thanks all, and since a few people asked because of this post -- things are still going great at the new job. I'm not selling out of desperation (not yet!) I'm afraid not! I will be anxious to see all the pics, though.
  6. Hi all! I have a Stadium speaker system I'd like to sell for $1000, firm. Perfect condition, barely used, original packaging. Shipping within lower 48 included.
  7. Spent the last week in Vegas at CES. I just love that Bellagio fountain...
  8. My 10 year old son Steven has started fundraising for the American Heart Association. As I was setting up his page just now, I couldn't help but think of Boxx, and included his name on Steven's page for remembrance. Alex, I hope you don't mind. I feel it's the least I can do.
  9. There is not much I can say here about our beloved Boxx that hasn't already been said, except from my perspective -- as a female admin of a forum dominated by men for many years, I can say that Boxx was the ultimate gentleman, supportive of my efforts professionally and personally, always with a kind and encouraging word. I'm simply speechless and profoundly saddened. I know he will be missed here, and I'll miss him checking in on me from time to time since I left Klipsch. What a special, special man. Thoughts with you and your family, Alex. I never met your father face to face, but I wish I had. ~Amy
  10. Visited the old Stutz factory in Indianapolis last month, finally with my camera. That place is just begging to get its picture taken.
  11. Thanks to all who have helped so far! Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go. If you know anyone with small children, I would appreciate if you spread the word! Even if you can't help, drop me a note and let me know how you're doing. I'm starting to think you all have forgotten me! Exile is a lonely place
  12. Hello Klipsch family! Just a quick note to let you know that my latest project, the smart-toy Edwin the Duck, has been launched on the crowd sourcing site Kickstarter. We’re trying to raise funds to complete production of Edwin, and launch him in the marketplace. I would really appreciate if you help spread the word – forwarding to your contacts and posting on social media would mean a lot! We think Edwin is something special. If you’d like to become a backer, all you have to do is select a donation amount from the Kickstarter page, create an account (name and email), then either link it to your Amazon account, or create an Amazon account if you don’t have one. You can read all about it here: http://www.EdwinTheDuck.com/kickstarter Thanks everyone! Amy
  13. According to Wiki, 110' tall, 133 steps. Not gigantic, I'm just that outta shape Steven climbed with ease, of course. Here's a few more, for the curious.
  14. Steven and I climbed an old fire tower in the Hoosier National Forest last weekend. I about died, but the view was worth it.
  15. Thanks guys. 44 is the correct answer. I'm completely ok with sharing that. I've earned it.
  16. Amy

    Birthday Girl

    Thank you, everybody!!
  17. Better hope Amy doesn't see this! Do you think she would notice.... lol.... AHHHHHH!! Happy birthday, Chadwick
  18. I wouldn't know. Height phobic and seasick prone old lady over here. Steven loved it though!
  19. I actually have one, just don't like lugging it around. I do love the freedom it gives for night photography, but I'm rarely out after dark.
  20. It was on a chair That building made me very nervous to look at. The railing was regular height and it looked as though someone could easily topple off it. Also, our window went all the way to the floor. I and wobbly knees every time I ventured near it, ha
  21. FYI, Steven is in the swings photo, wearing blue and just in front of the Ferris wheel. He didn't have a good time in any way whatsoever.
  22. A couple more from Rush Street and one from our hotel This was Steven's big 10th birthday present, by the way. We won't be going anywhere else for a while, ha
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