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  1. Spent the weekend in Chicago...first ever Cubs game. Among other sites...
  2. Amy

    Checking in

    Mais oui! But where on earth did that come from? ha
  3. Amy

    Checking in

    Hi everyone! I admit it. I've missed my kids subjects cats-to-herd friends. I hope all is well -- I haven't been looking at the forums much lately. So busy! Being involved in a start up company is a crazy experience. There's so many little things to address that never would occur to me, so many twists and turns along the way...so revealing of the people involved. A character building exercise in the real world, I think. But so rewarding. I do miss my Klipsch cohorts (talking to you, Chex), and of course the excellent products and customers. There isn't a place like it on earth For those of you who said you'd keep in touch and haven't, shame on you! For those of you who I haven't gotten back to, shame on me! I haven't deleted any emails, I promise! Hope you all have a great labor day weekend. Steven is turning 10 on Sunday...if you can believe that. So spill. Tell me how you're doing.
  4. Thank you, Bruce! It's more therapeutic for me than anything else
  5. What a great photo! Classic. Steven's first car ... Indiana State Fair last week.
  6. Amy


    Yes, both were flushed. Let's move forward.
  7. That's what we do. Who says I was referring to this forum?
  8. Amy

    men and baby showers

    You'd be wasting your time trying.
  9. We come together to grieve when it's a famous person because their fame connects us, and it's a grief we can share in that commonality. It should not, and does not, take away the value of anyone who has battled similar demons.
  10. The World According to Garp is one of my all-time faves. A sad loss indeed.
  11. Amy

    men and baby showers

    I don't even attend baby showers nowadays.
  12. Still have time to get out once in a while
  13. Cat herder. Oh no wait, that was my last job.
  14. One woofer is collapsed.
  15. Sorry, only one is distorting, but would like to be able to get two... Let me get some more info
  16. So I have a pair of Heresy I's found on ebay in my new office, but sadly, the woofers and distorting and Klipsch doesn't have them any more. Funny, I didn't know if I should post this in garage sale, or updates and mods. I feel like a total noob. Who's running this place, anyway?
  17. While I agree the Heritage line is the backbone of the company, the subwoofer, headphones and pro lines are unique categories of products, while passive speakers as a whole have their own subsets, as Carl pointed out. Creating a Heritage section would only confuse people as to where to post their questions. For example, if they had a Khorn mod, would they post it in mods or Heritage....etc. Unless we created a Heritage subsection for each section...which just sounds like a lot of work to me.
  18. Only when he brought up gun control. So, yeah, pretty much. I see no reason to lock this thread. It's amusing, slightly annoying, but tame by the standards of this group.
  19. I hate ketchup and cold pizza. My services here will no longer be required.
  20. I nominate Boxx solely based on his ability to moderate with animated GIFs, never having to actually say anything.
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