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  1. Both theaters are in Gonzales, Louisiana, right next to each other. Sorry about the mystery!
  2. She does! But nothing further from the truth. She is so great, so nice...her and Josef both. The car was actually disassembled when we went in... the mechanics scrambled to put it back together without us asking. Then they told me to get in... I was leery -- scared I'd get stuck in there. Unbelievably tiny space they have to work in. But so glad I did it. I love that place!
  3. Ha, Chad! You missed it. This was taken Friday afternoon, not too long after qualifications. We were wandering around the garage area, when we were unexpectedly escorted back into Sarah's garage for pics of the car.
  4. Here's the car! I'm thinking about changing careers.
  5. If you could zoom in on the pits for Ryan's wreck, you'd see me
  6. Thanks! This is a picture of qualifications for the very first Indy Car Grand Prix at the track (held tomorrow). Since it's a road course, they do use road tires and race in the rain. Regular Indy Car racing is not rain-friendly, In fact, the track has to be completely dry. I hope it catches on. It was fun watching the big name 500 drivers run in the rain for once!
  7. Steven is playing spring football. It's a nice tide-me-over.
  8. No. Unfortunately, people use these on knock-offs and sell them as Klipsch.
  9. Carl Zeiss, German. They've been around a long time. The lenses are things of beauty, sharp as a tack. Gorgeous glass, and heavy. Only downside is lack of auto-focus for many OEM models, but I'm ok with that most days. Until my eyes start to go, ha. After Christmas, I was stocked up with Amazon gift cards, so I splurged. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't drop that kind of cash. All my other lenses are Canon, except my 70mm-300mm, which is a Tamron (with image stabilization). I'm very happy with that one for the price. I take most of my wildlife shots with it:
  10. Buying prime lenses is like a gateway drug. I got my first Zeiss this year, 50mm. :emotion-25:
  11. Awe c'mon Dean! How much have we supported you over the years? Do it! It will be fun.
  12. I've never gotten so much flack for a profile picture! That's it. I'm changing it. Please hold.
  13. Oh for heaven's sake. mach-1 just got a warning point.
  14. True. I shouldn't jump to conclusions.
  15. What about you, Boxx? I'm fairly certain you're not actually the actor who plays the most interesting guy on earth. Although that would be kinda cool, not gonna lie.
  16. I am shocked and stunned this post received no support whatsoever. Really? You're shocked and stunned? Like I want my giant face plastered on this forum. haha
  17. Probably because I'm not smiling. I've been told I look completely different with a smile. Therefore, this picture is a better representation... because if I was smiling all the time, I'd be crazy.
  18. Haha, no, it's really me - from this past weekend. The girl who took it was walking right next to me, I turned to say something to her...and was immediately annoyed with a camera in my face. She told me I should use it for all my online avatars from now on. I took it as a dare. So there you go. Me, completely annoyed. Maybe apropos for the forum?
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