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  1. Well, well, well...where to begin??? First, lemme say that I posted the question not necessarily out of a need to "fix" anything. Rather, out of curiosity as to the "collectives" thoughts/opinions. For those curious, my systems is composed of the following: Denon AVR3300 Klipsch Heresy (front mains) Klipsch KV3 (center) Klipsch RS-3 (surround) Klipsch KSW-15 (sub) I realize this hodge-podge of speakers is not an ideal matched system. But the wife get's her new couches and bedroom furniture first, so cut me some slack here. For the most part, I'm happy with the sound. There are certain program sources and music that sound overly bright and even harsh from time-to-time, but that I can generally cure with the Denon's tone control. OTOH, I'm not that keen about how the Denon's treble tone control affects the mid and upper mid frequencies. However, in a former life I've witnessed how a properly equalized system (using a premium equalizer) tamed a room's acoustics. I agree that it's possible to introduce distortion and that one can drive an amp into clipping by being overly generous with boost. But what does one do when revising speaker placement is either not an option or doesn't solve the problem nor is moving walls?? It seems plausible to me that a properly designed, high-quality parametric equalizer set-up to get a flatter room response, using a pink/white noise generator, should not appreciably degrade the sound or ruin the "performance". After all, recording engineers use certain amounts of equalization. Having said all that, I would also admit that my ears have disliked the sound of a system that was equalized to achieve a flat response. Anyhow, like I said, just probing for comments/opinions/theories/etc. How else am I ever to get smart?? Tom Adams ps: I too am a recovering dancing lights aholic. Fortunately, my lava lamp keeps the urges at bay.
  2. >This is why some critical aircraft >fasteners are made out aluminum alloys. Finally....a topic I know something about. Uhhh, sorry Ray, but that's not quite true. None of the critical fasteners we use on aircraft are aluminum. All are either steel (stainless or "plain") or titanium with a smattering of Inconel thrown in. Yes, we use aluminum fasteners, but they are used in multiples in order to carry tensile or shear loads. And while these loads are critical to the aircraft structure, one can have failures of several fasteners without impacting the integrity of the aircraft structure. I apologize to the board for being off-topic. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Tom Adams
  3. I'm curious...how many of you have equalized your HT system speakers? And if you have, what are you using for an equalizer? The tone control on my Denon (as with most receivers) just doesn't get it. Tom Adams
  4. erdric - Your questions are good ones. Unfortunately, I can't answer them. However, in my chats with TVodhanel, I found him to be very honest, straightforward and unbiased. I'd suggest you start a dialog with him. Tom Adams
  5. erdric - I have a KSW-15 that I paid $500 out the door from my dealer. It definitely produces a lot of bass - albeit in a fairly narrow band. It falls off around 25Hz and the output above 100Hz is not that great. Still, I like the way it matches up with my Heresy's and am pleased with it. However...after chatting at length with the folks at SVS, I would definitely take Gametester's advice and give those guys some serious consideration. My house will see their product in the near future. Tom Adams
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