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  1. After reading this thread panic set in and I got off my tired arse and checked mine. I'm good here. THIS TIME!

    C.R.S. is highly contageous in the elderly.

    Normally I don't tell on myself but since I didn't screw up this time I'm fessin' up to "having no clue"

  2. Welcome, I have been here for almost a week now, and no one welcomed me! I think I have a hunch.

    Anyway, if you play very compressed music very loudlit may cause a problem, but my guess is your amp is either failing or clipping.

    Clipping happens when you overdrive your amp. Its much easier to damage a speaker with an underpowered amp than by using an amp that can deliver more power than your speakers are rated to handle. A simple way to explain headroom is extra power so that when the program contains bursts of loud sound the amp can deliver clean power without overloading. "Clipping" refers to distortion that looks on a scope like the top of the waveform is "clipped" off. It's usually more likely to fry a tweeter, but can damage woofers too.

    Check your speaker connections first. If the speaker has biwire connection, make sure the jumpers are making contact. Next step is to switch speaker wires to see if a channel of your amp is out. You might want to use more caution and use a different amp to test the speakers in case your amp has become a speaker killer.

    good luck!

    Welcome to the Forum.
  3. I have a feeling your tweeter problems may be connected to your phones compression. I know you'll get a lot of tweeter issues with compressed music, Karaoke, etc.

    Maybe some of the more knowledgeable on the phone output may chime in on this one.

    I do know there are replacement diaphrams available for the driver assy. (K-103? driver). Just remove the 8 screws holding on the horn lens, remove the wires, and they're accessible by removing the 3 screws holding on the lens. Take notice as to how they are lined up when disassembling them. I use a marker for assembly reference.

    I just traded off my RF-3s when I got my RF-5s up and running. I've got 4 extra drivers for the RF-5s and they're beasts. It's hard to think of blowing a diaphram in one of them.

    Pics with the horn lens removed showing diaphram, alignment dimples, and the three screw holes.



  4. Carefully push in on the woofer and watch for the passive to extend. The passive should hold out and stay extended for a few seconds anyway. IF NOT, check for leaks.

    Your room size shouldn't be an issue for the Forte IIs.


  5. technically the bucking magnet can have ever so slight effect on the sound of the tweeter. But it's not noticeable compared to the sound of having an extra magnet bouncing around in the cabinet Wink

    yeah just take it out, use it to hold paper clips but keep away from your floppy discs Surprise


  6. There's a lot of elements that can cause corrosion to your wires.

    The cleaning materials you are using will cause some of your oxidation issues.

    As far as copper goes, well we've all seen copper plumbing oxidized. You can go to Lowes for example and see some of the copper plumbing stock with oxidization on it.

    IF you do plumbing you know you have to clean the copper off before soldering. Usually an abrasive brush or sand paper is required to adequately clean it.


    And before I start any controversy...YES, wires do make a difference in sound quality. Not always in a positive way but they do and can sound different.

    I've got some hig buck Tara Labs, Signal Cable, Audio Quest, and high end Monster speaker wire cables set up and there are definitely sq differences in it. Resistance alone in copper is enough to affect the sound of the wires. Long strand copper wires sound different than the cheapie lamp cord you can buy in bulk. I'm one to put the VOM to about everything when I use it. I've been surprised more than once in the resistance in wires of even 10' lengths.

    I'm not saying the monitary differences are worth it, just saying different.

  7. Yes, by all means buy them. Belles are getting harder and harder to find.

    Nice Belles can go for as much as $2500. I'd say $800 would probably be a pretty good price on them. I don't see how you can lose.

    There will be a tag on the back with the serial #s for dating these.

    And yes, they're very effecient and can be driven easily with low wattage tube amps. As a matter of fact they'll sound fantastic on low watt tube amps.

    You'll love them.

    Don't walk! RUN!

  8. I bought about a half dozen AQ sidewinders a few years ago, and three have cracked/broken solder connections. Two simply broke mid-listening-session - a sudden loud hum starts emanating from the system from apparent "stress-fracturing" of the solder connections. Now these cables weren't laid out in "stressful" fashion (in fact, efforts are always made to run those cables in a way that they are "comfortable"), but I must say I wasn't too impressed with the construction of these.

    I DO like the sound, and yes, they can be resoldered, but three out of six ain't good.

    I had a pair do the same thing. AQ replaced without question and had that replaced pair back within 4 days of them receiving mine.

    Good Product Support

  9. I like them. Good open sound to them. Great for cdp, tape, etc.

    My only issue with them is with high current SS amps (Adcom GFA555II Denon POA1500). I get a little hum with them in my system. It's minimal but then again I have way too many components run on a single outlet. I could get the hum out by seperating my wiring from my ICs and relocation my power conditioner. I mean really seperating them. It was when using the high current amps only.

  10. I've only lost two rectifier tubes in about 40 years. Both were in the last two years and both were "Groove Tube"s.

    I just replaced them and everything was fine.

    What brand rectifier tubes are they?

    NOS has a good piece of gear and I'll bet the rectifier tubes are the only issue. Disclaimer is.... Just guessing without seeing it in person.

    Stick a new one in and be done with it.

    I'll recommend the old faithful Mullard.

    A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the
    airplane when the stranger turned to her and said,
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    To which the little girl replies, 'Do you really feel
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    This reminded me of some of the forum discussions lately.....

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