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  1. Tarheel: We had a party at my place last weekend (Rf-83 complete system w/RT-12d sub) and a guy came from SEVEN houses down to tell us his kids couldn't sleep because of it!!
  2. My Sony DVD player has a similar ZOOM function that will fill in the black bands...you lose a little bit from the sides, though.
  3. I've liked just about everything I've heard by her. Was turned onto it by a coworker.
  4. 1. Make fraudulent listings with your id in good standing, assuring trust from potential bidders. 2. Bid on items as a deadbeat bidder with no intention of following thru (this can include bidding on their own auctions to push the selling price higher)
  5. So I guess the question is: Is a standard wide-screen tv set up 1:85 or 2:35? if it's 1:85, then you are watching a 2:35 film, which would explain the bars at the top/bottom...
  6. Dang, man! How many multi-disc players do you HAVE?!!?
  7. TNRabbit

    Akeelah & The Bee

    Definitely a great flick. Great performances all around.
  8. Collective Soul: Disciplined Breakdown. Southern progressive rock. CD A Southern progressive rock band that really doesn't fit into a particular genre. Something between alternative & progessive rock, really. One of my favorite bands of all time. I particularly like Full Circle,Listen, & Precious Declaration. A fantastic album from a uniquely creative band.
  9. I saw it and thought it was pretty good; although I'd stop short of saying it's a MUST see. It was very different & creative. One of the things I noted was that the "violence" was very untypical of Hollyewood (i.e., when shot in the head, a character's head didn't explode) but most of the folks in the theater where I saw if were incredibly shocked by it (for example, when the Major's face was cut). There was an inordinate amount of shooting in the film...I guess the Spanish had unlimited bullets in the waning period of WWII... I found it interesting that the only American in the movie played the two creatures (Pan & the creature at the table full of food) and that he was a voice-over. Overall, very dark & creative. Thought-provoking. The ending was very Narnia-esque.
  10. Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the only other link in your system; the WIRES! Have you checked them for resistance/continuity/etc.?
  11. Ribbons generally give a much more transparent and spacious sound stage. They are also less efficient. They work a lot like electrostats, on a smaller scale. I have a pair of Carver Amazing Loudspeakers (version III). The ribbons are 48" tall, giving that open. spacious, non-directional sound: They radiate front AND REAR, which helps give them that spacious feeling & presence. They really must be heard to understand. Horns can be shrill if not properly managed (quality crossovers & amps), but almost always provide more "impact"...IMHO. Each have their strengths; it's mostly a personal preference. I have both and enjoy each for different reasons.
  12. (in my best Yoda voice) *MMmmmm...Correct you are!* Can you say blast from the past?!?
  13. This band came across a lament written by country songwriter John D. Loudermilk. It had already been a hit once -- in 1968 -- for Don Fardon. The song broke nationally in mid-April 1971, beginning a 22 week run on the charts. By July, it was the most popular tune in America. It wound up being not only their biggest hit, but the best-selling single the label had issued. The art shown is actually from their Greatest Hits album:
  14. Green-Eyed Lady was a great song! Takes me back to the day...
  15. Don't Call Us, We'll Call You: Sugarloaf ??
  16. You might be able to pick up a used Sunfire for under $1,000.00.
  17. It was TEN degrees when I walked out this morning at 5 am. My clutch felt like molasses...
  18. One of the crossovers in a pair of KSB 3.1 bookshelf speakers I recently purchased was damaged in transit (see pics). Where can I obtain a replacement?
  19. I agree with silversport; that was my first inclination to think the LFE was cut off to the speakers. Check it out.
  20. Klipsch La Scalas powered by dual mono Carver m400 cubes, listening to AC/DC cranked to unbelieveable levels! Circa 1982.
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