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  1. yes, I am leaning towards option 1 as well. The crossover will probably be set to around 80hz anyways so the speaker size for these wouldn't have that much of an impact I hope.
  2. I've read the numerous threads on the topic and hopefully, this will be quick and easy for the gurus to address. Here is the situation, 9 ft ceilings in the main living room Front right/left will be towers with the center laying horizontally below the TV couch/MLP against the wall (cannot be relocated) REALLY trying to install Atmos (front height) speakers Trying to decide between the 2 options - Option 1 - install 2 front heigh/in-ceiling Klipsch CDT-5800 CII speakers (both speaker and tweeter are pivotable) Install 2 RP500SA speakers as surround ( both at about 7'3") height besides the couch. One of them about 5' away, with the other about 8' away. (The AVR should be able to calibrate and compensate for the irregular distance). <-- This speakers height is something I cannot lower as it would become a walking hazard. Option 2 - install 2 front heigh/in-ceiling (Klipsch CDT-5800 CII) speakers (both speaker and tweeter are pivotable) Install 2 side surround (Klipsch CDT-5800 CII) speakers in the ceiling but aimed at the MLP. I've read the dolby recommendation trying to decide if the smaller speaker size (Klipsch RP500sa) placed closER to the recommendation is OK... vs. the larger (Klipsch CDT 5800 CII) speaker placed in the ceiling, but angled at the MLP would be OK.... I am leaning towards Option 1 as that separates the Atmos layer from the base layer (even though by just a couple of feet) but then also thinking if the larger (5800) placed in the ceiling but aimed at the MLP would compensate.... I understand both options are not ideal but those are the only two options I have... Thanks.
  3. I am able to order a new one. So far, based on what I've read online, brands like ARCAM, NAD etc are more focused on better sound quality due to superior components, whereas, OTS brands such as Onkyo/Integra/Pioneer, Denon, Yamaha etc are more feature rich from a $$$ value for the money.
  4. Has anyone used the Arcam AVRs with the Forte (IVs preferably)? Any other recommendations for the Forte IVs? primary use will be HT, TV shows. Will be used with the RP504c center channel, along with 2 (in ceiling) Atmos and 2 (in ceiling) surrounds.
  5. Hey guys, just need some help here. I haven't heard the forte III's but heard the Forte IV and they obviously have more bass then the Hersy IVs. Cant decide which one to get. I am able to get a good price on the Forte IIIs.... These will be used as LR for a living room HT setup. Primary use TV/Movies and some music.
  6. I have waited 2 years for my AMP to be repaired every time he responds with saying he has found my AMP and he will send it to me next friday and that Friday never comes. I paid him 180 dollars to fix the AMP and paid the shipping both ways. I would say stay away from him i am doing a google search and everwhere i find elliot i am going to be posting this thread. Moderators please sticky this if possible.
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