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  1. I own a pair of Forte 1 upgraded with Bob Crites tweeters and Mids sound great. Also upgrade with munsonic k-stacks. Going to purchase a new pair of Forte 3 will use my current speakers as B channel. What receiver tube amp should I buy to drive both pairs?
  2. Ordered a pair of these from simply speakers for my Forte's listened for a while and they are just to bright for me. Some rave about them just not my bag went back to Crites Midrange. First $75 can have the pair of diaphriams I will ship them free in the US. Thanks, Spoonplugger
  3. Already have titanium mid & tweeter. What do you think about a pair of La Scala's with a sub?
  4. I have owned a pair of Forte's for 20 years - Love Them! I upgraded with Chris Munson K-Stacks they sound great. Want to upgrade because I can - what should I buy?
  5. After researching upgrade options on this board for my Forte 1, I made the decision to purchase this crossover upgrade.I received my networks yesterday, immediately installed and ended up listening until 2:00am last night.I was absolutey amazed at the difference these networks made, I purchased my Forte's new in 1989 and have always enjoyed them.This network upgrade has made a substantial improvement in the sound of my beloved Forte's.The sound is now extremely smooth & CRYSTAL CLEAR with no harshness whatsoever. Its hard to believe Klipsch quit making these speakers as the sound is fantastic. I would highly recommend these networks to anyone, well worth the investment. I would like thank popbumper - Chris Munson for making an incredible contribution to my system. Sincerely, Todd
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