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  1. This is a very neutral preamp with an outstanding phono section for both MM/MC cartridges. Unit is in excellent condition with the exception of a few light scratches on the top casing. I'm retiring next month and need to sell off some of my toys. $180 shipped.
  2. Please let me know if anyone is interested in the any of the remaining CD titles on the list.
  3. I'm glad to hear all of the packages have arrived safe and sound. Since all shipped CDs have reached their destination, I've cleaned up the list and added some soundtrack and compilation CDs that were left off the original post. I'll offer a substantial discount to anyone who wants to buy the entire lot.
  4. I'm glad to hear the CDs arrived safely and truly appreciate the positive feedback. On a few occasions I've purchased a handful of CDs from forum members and remember the enjoyment of receiving new (to me) music in the mail. The best part was that if I made a poor selection, I was only out $3-$5 versus $15-$18 had I bought it in the store. Pricing the CDs at Garage Sale prices also allows me to share my love for music with others and allow them to check out artists they may not have otherwise considered. It also allows me to make room for new music as my tasted change. Regardless of the disagreements that surface on these audio forums, it's our common love for music that sparked our passion for audio gear to make it sound better and/or louder. In the end, it's all about the music. Gary
  5. The first batch of CDs was mailed out this morning. For those of you who bought CDs, please let me know if you didn't receive a PM with the tracking numbers. Thank you again! Gary
  6. Below is the updated list of CDs I've decided to purge from my collection. All disks play perfectly…most are in pristine condition unless noted otherwise. Jewel cases show standard wear, though I will attempt switch out any broken cases before shipping. Unless the buyer requests otherwise, I will ship via USPS Media Mail for a flat rate of $4 for up to 6 CDs. Anything more and I'll make a package up and charge you what the Post Office charges me. Preferred payment is via Paypal F7F or MO, but will accept personal checks from veteran forum members. I'll update the list with a strike through when they are spoken for. Bryan Adams |So Far So Good | M (missing front insert) | 3 Aerosmith | Made In America | M | 3 Matt Andersen |Something In Between|VG|$8 Lou Bega | A Little Bit of Mambo |Acceptable|2 Big Head Todd & the Monsters|Sister Sweetly|M|4 Big Mountain |Unity |NM|2 Frank Black | Self-titled M | 5 Bon Jovi |Self-Titled Debut|NM|4 Bon Jovi |7800 Degrees Farenheit|NM|4 Jimmy Buffett | Beach House On The Moon |VG|4 Jimmy Buffett |Songs You Know By Heart|VG|3 Canned Heat |The Best Of|M|5 Eva Cassidy |Method Actor|VG|6 Cat Power |The Greatest|M|10 Casey Chambers |Barricades & Brickwalls|M|3 Harry Chapin |Greatest Stories Live|VG|4 Tracy Chapman | New Beginning |M|4 Ray Charles | My World | M|4 Joe Cocker |Live|NM|4 Counting Crows |Across A Wire: Live In New York (2 CD) Promo Copy|M|4 Counting Crows |Recovering the Satellites|VG|3 Creedence Clearwater Revival|Chronicle|G|3 Sheryl Crow |Tuesday Night Music Club|Acceptable|2 Cub Country |High Unita High|M|4 Dashboard Confessional |A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar (2 CD)|A/G|3 Craig David |Born To Do It|Acceptable| 3 Deep Blue Something|Home| A| 2 Dido |No Angel|M|3 Dido |Life For Rent|A|2 Dinosaur Jr |Without A Sound|M|4 Doors |Absolutely Live|VG|5 Doors |The Best of the Doors (2 CD)|NM|10 Dr. John |Duke Elegant|NM|4 Dave Edmunds |Here Comes The Weekend|VG|4 Eminem |Encore (2 CD) |Acceptable| 3 Eminem |The Marshall Mathers LP|Acceptable|3 Enigma |MCMXC a.D.|M|4 Enigma |2 The Cross Of Change|NM|4 Jay Farrar |Sebastapol|NM|5 Jay Farrar |Terroir Blues| M|5 Fleetwood Mac |Behind The Mask|M|3 Fourplay |Self-Titled|M|3 Donavon Frankenreiter|Glow|Sealed|6 Donavon Frankenreiter|Self-Titled|G| 4 Aretha Franklin | Greatest Hits 1980-1994|M|5 Peter Gabriel| Passion |M|6 James Galway |Un-Break My Heart|M|2 Gin Blossoms |New Miserable Experience|M|6 Golden Earring |Moontan|M|5 David Gray |A New Day At Midnight|VG|5 Green Day |Dookie |G|4 Guns ‘N Roses |Appetite For Destruction|M|5 Guns ‘N Roses |The Spaghetti Incident|Acceptable|2 Guns ‘N Roses |Use Your Illusion I|NM|4 Hagar, Schon, Aaronson, Schrieve|Through the Fire|Acceptable|4 John Hiatt |Best of John Hiatt|M|5 Lauryn Hill | The Miseducation of |VG|4 The Honeydrippers|Volume 1|G|3 Bruce Hornsby |Night on the Town|NM|3 Hootie & The Blowfish|Cracked Rear View|VG|3 Il Divo |Self-Titled|M|4 Indigo Girls |Retrospective|M|3 Mark Isham |Blue Sun|VG|5 The Jayhawks |Anthology: Music From The North Country|M|10 Jewel |Spirit |NM|3 Billy Joel | Piano Man |M|4 Freedy Johnston |Perfect World|NM|4 Josh Kelley |For The Ride Home (2 CD)|M|5 Kansas |Point of Know Return|NM|3 Kansas |The Prelude to Implicit|M|5 Patrick Ki |Secrets of Men’s Hearts|M|4 Kid Rock |Cocky|VG|3 Jordan Knight |Self-Titled|M|3 Jonny Lang | Long Time Coming | VG|4 Jonny Lang |Wander This World|M|4 Lemonheads |It’s a Shame About Ray||G|3 Huey Lewis & The News|Best Of: The Heart of Rock & Roll|M|6 Lynyrd Skynyrd |All Time Greatest Hits|G|3 Lynyrd Skynyrd |Vicious Cycle|VG|12 Madonna |Erotica|Acceptable|2 Biroux Mahjun |Jail of Love|M|3 Bob Marley |Legend|Acceptable|2 Richard Marx |Repeat Offender| M| 3 Dave Matthews Band|The Best of What’s Around (2 CD)|M|5 Dave Matthews Band|Live At Red Rocks (2 CD)|5 Natalie Merchant|Ophelia (cutout)|G|3 John Mellencamp |Dance Naked (no rear insert)|G|2 John Mellencamp |Cuttin’ Heads| M|3 John Mellencamp | Scarecrow | NM | 4 John Mellencamp |Whenever We Wanted|G|3 Mike & The Mechanics|Living Years|NM|3 Gary Moore |Wild Frontier|Acceptable|3 Van Morrison | Bang Masters |G|3 Van Morrison |The Best of Van Morrison|G|4 Motley Crue |Greatest Hits|M|5 Neville Brothers|Fiyo On The Bayou|M|6 Stevie Nicks |Timespace: The Best Of|NM|5 Nirvana |In Utero|VG|4 Nirvana |Unplugged in New York|NM|4 No Doubt |The Singles 1992-2003|NM|4 Oasis |What’s the Story Morning Glory|NM|4 Old 97s |Satellite Rides|VG|5 Old 97s |Too Far To Care|G|7 Roy Orbison |The Very Best Of|VG|4 Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes|Live At The Greek (2 CDs)|M|10 Liz Phair |Exile in Guyville|M|4 Phish |Gone Phishin: A Bluegrass Tribute|NM|4 Phish |Farmhouse|M|5 Phish |Billy Breathes|M|5 Phish |A Live One (2 CDs)|G|14 Phish |Hoist|VG|5 Phish |Rift|NM|5 Phish |A Picture of Nectar|G|4 Pink Floyd | Momentary Lapse of Reason | VG | 7 Robert Plant |The Principle of Moments|Acceptable|2 Robert Plant |Mighty Rearranger|M|4 Pixies |At BBC|NM|5 Poison |Open Up and Say Ahh|G|2 Queensryche |Q2K|M|4 Bonnie Raitt |Fundamental|M|4 Bonnie Raitt |Luck of the Draw|NM|3 Bonnie Raitt |Nick of Time|G|3 Bonnie Raitt |Nine Lives |M| 7 Robbie Robertson|Self-Titled|Acceptable|2 Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble|M|4 RTZ (Brad Delp) | Return to Zero | NM | 8 Eric Sardinas |Treat Me Right|NM|5 Santana |Supernatural|G|3 Bob Seger |Greatest Hits| M|3 Paul Simon | 1964/1993 Disk 2 w/Disk 1 rear insert | M | 5 Son Volt |The Search|NM|6 Sonic Youth |Goo|M|4 Soul Asylum |Let Your Dim Light Shine (missing rear insert)|Acceptable|2 Bruce Springsteen|Greatest Hits|M|4 Bruce Springsteen|The River (2 CD)|M|6 Billy Squier | Anthology: Reach for the Sky (2 CD) OOP | M | 20 Angie Stone |Black Diamond|M|4 Stone Temple Pilots|Core|VG|3 Survivor |The Encore Collection |Acceptable|2 Tangerine Dream |The Private Music of Tangerine Dream|M|4 The Temptations |Phoenix Rising|VG|5 Rob Thomas |Something To Be (Dual Disk)|M|4 George Thorogood & the Destroyers|Live: 30th Anniversary Tour|M|5 Tuatara (Peter Buck)|Breaking the Ethers|M|4 Tuatara (Peter Buck)|Trading With The Enemy|M|4 Ike & Tina Turner | Greatest Hits Vol. 1 | VG | 3 KT Tunstall |Drastic Fantastic|M|3 KT Tunstall |Eye to the Telescope|M|3 Bonnie Tyler |Faster Than The Speed of Night|VG|3 UB40 |The Very Best Of|NM|3 Stevie Wonder |Song Review: Greatest Hits (2 CDs)|VG| 7 Widespread Panic|Everyday|M|3 Widespread Panic|Space Wrangler |Acceptable|2 Various | Common Thread: Songs of the Eagles | M/missing rear insert | 5 Various | Harley Davidson Road Songs (2 CD) | G | 15 Various | Time-Life Classic Country 1960-1964 (2 CDs) | G | 8 Various | Armageddon | M | 3 Various | The Bodyguard | NM | 4 Various | The Crow Soundtrack | M | 4 Various | Dead Presidents Soundtrack | G | 3 Various | Empire Records Soundtrack | M | 4 Various | Man on the Moon Soundtrack | M | 5 Various | The Osbourne Family Album | M | 5 Various | Say Anything Soundtrack | M | 5 Various | Sleepless in Seattle | NM | 3 Various | Twilight Soundtrack | M | 4 Various | Varsity Blues Soundtrack | G | 3 Various | What Women Want Soundtrack | 3
  7. Does anyone have a pair of original Klipsch K-76-K tweeters in working condition they are willing to part with? I'm attempting to revive a pair of early Quartets and both tweeters appear to fried. I noticed one of the horns is also cracked, so I would prefer to get the entire unit if possible. I'm not looking to upgrade these Quartets at this point...just wanting to bring them back to life.
  8. I'm an honest person and always thoroughly test my equipment before posting it for sale and insure it for the full value in the event something happens in transit. I've owned this amplifier for several years and have never had any issues. I've been active duty military for the past 26 years and have been overseas for the past 3 years. I'm nearing retirement and am trying to downsize. I've always enjoyed the Klipsch forum and wanted to offer it here before posting it on Audiogon.
  9. This amplifier was in my main system for several years and I've been hesitant to let it go since I've found this to be the most pleasant sounding of the open chassis McIntosh amplifiers. I've sold the matching C30 preamplifier, so this is just sitting in the box waiting for someone to enjoy it. Amplifier is in pristine condition with great glass and absolutely no corrosion. This is perhaps the finest example of a MC2255 in existence. Includes original paperwork and McIntosh shipping crates. I'm asking $2500, which seems to be in the mid to lower range of what others are going for in this condition.
  10. This headphone amplifier is brand new in the original cellophane. I purchased it about 6 months ago and later realized what I was really looking for was something with similar functionality as the Peachtree 'Dac It'. I'm asking $100 or am open to working out a trade for a Peachtree dac if anyone has one they are willing to part with. Below are the specs from the box. THD: 0.005% Output Power: 600mW (16 Ohm)
  11. I'm located in Oklahoma City. All of my gear has been in climate controlled storage in CO for the past 3 years while I had orders over to Japan followed by a 1-year deployment to the desert. I'll be downsizing a great deal over the next few months due to moving into smaller quarters.
  12. This unit is in absolute pristine condition and functions perfectly. The only flaw I could find on close examination is a light scratch on the rear right side of the top panel likely caused by the power plug. I’ve owned this unit for the past 8 years and it has spent a great deal of that time stored in the factory McIntosh double boxes. I also have the original manual, which will be included. This is considered one of the more rare McIntosh solid state preamplifiers and is desired for its simple circuit design and 5-band tone controls. Glass is flawless. I’m asking $1000. Since I’m trying to downsize, I’m not necessarily interested in trades, but would consider a partial trade towards a vintage Sansui tube amplifier.
  13. Final bump on this amplifier before I put it into storage on Monday.
  14. Let me know if there is any interest in a very nice McIntosh MR77 Tuner with all original paperwork. Tuner is packed in the McIntosh carton and ready to ship. I am asking $600. I am moving overseas and the tuner goes into storage on Monday if it doesn't sell. This tuner is absolutely stone mint except for a few dots in the glass where the screenprinting has pulled away. I am also selling the matching MA-6100 integrated amplifier in another post. Gary
  15. I still have the crossovers if anyone is interested. Due to the smaller quarters overseas, I will need to put much of my gear in storage...would prefer to sell these than have them sit in a storage unit for the next 2 years. If you are looking at upgrading your Cornwalls, you would be really helping me out and saving a few bucks over buying directly from Crites. Gary
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