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  1. I would offer caution about this idea. Eventually everything in life changes. Someday you may want to change the location of things in your room and discover that the holes need to be in a different place on the walls, then what? Also, until the room is finished you are really only guessing as to exactly where you need the room treatments. What if you guess wrong? It will only be after the room is finished that you can correctly determine where and what treatments you need. The holes you are referring to are going to be fixed and not flexible unless later, if things change, you repair the holes and make new ones. Just something to consider.
  2. Claude, go spend some money on more power for your system. System overhead is a lot like having fun.......................you can never get too much of it.
  3. Tally Ho! I missed where you were from. Is Austrialia part of planet earth or somewhere else? BTW, how are the kangaroos doing these days?
  4. Would that be Angel Food Cake or Devil's Food Cake? Please advise.
  5. I love Arkansas forum members.!!!! Now let's get back to having fun on the Klipsch forum.
  6. Thank you Harry. I find it odd that so far no bids on them with less than two days to go. But the activity usually happens in the last hour or so. It's not the price that is stopping me. It is the: 1. distance 2. shiny appearance of the cabinets in the pics ...otherwise they are pretty much what I am searching for. I'll let you know if I go for them. It will cost me at least two nights in a hotel, maybe three, offset by the possibility to also visit bowling green KY for a plant tour, which I would otherwise not ever get to do. The tour does make sense since I am getting a car made there and actually I have the time to go right now. But believe me it is a great distance for someone older like me. Thanks again Harry.
  7. jacksonbart where do you come up with these things?
  8. Were you aware that Klipsch is offering $1,000 to the member with the most posts? I didn't think so.
  9. ....and "Russia" was a bunch of purely fun posts anyhow.
  10. What am I missing? Is the goal to minimize one's posts in this forum? And why would that be? Look, I have very limited free time like, I'm sure, the rest of you do. So when I get a chance to get onto this forum I travel fast and post wildly. If you don't like that, then just skip over my posts. I have made some friends here and, I guess, some "not so friends". That's what makes the world go 'round. I'm sure that my brand of humor (?) isn't for everyone.
  11. ETA about six weeks. Pics to follow, for sure. Velocity Yellow. 0-60 4.1 sec. 190 top speed. My second childhood is about to arrive.!!! ....and I didn't have to trade in my wife or dog for this.
  12. Moderation in all things, including moderation.
  13. Been called lots of things but never that. Were you referring to a fence post or a bed post?
  14. Never. Variability of sound quality, (both in fidelity and volume) in source material is a nemesis that just won't die. I hate it.
  15. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I am conversing with the owner. These particular speakers seem very very glossy/shiny. The pics are not too good but I worry that someone applied something to them to make them glossy. My forte IIs are dull, not shiny and I want to match mine. Do you think from the pics that they are shiny to you? Otherwise they seem to be what I am looking for. It would be a very long trip but I might turn it into a vacation and swing over to KY to tour the Corvette plant. I just orderd a 2008 on Saturday. I have now spent ALL of my retirement money.
  16. "....pork chitterlings and lamb fryes..." This has to mean to the South what "Cold Beer and Steamed Crabs" means to Baltimore. And don't forget "french fries with gravy" and "snowballs". I had to laugh when you said "french fries with gravy", down here it is then put on french bread with mayo, sometimes tomatoes for a sandwich ! Sounds tasty.
  17. I .... find that a lotta Watt's ... fixes ..That.. just fine .....[] I agree Duke. I'm using 6,400 watts in my system. I can still hear it after I shut it off.
  18. Does bowling really cost that much? How much do you bowl? Ten pins or duckpins?
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