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  1. Thanks to all for the info I just joined this forum, and very impressed to how fast some of you guys reply with your knowledge and imput. So as i stated before, I was looking for the RW8 all i could locate was floor models. I called a local retailer that was provided by this site under (locate dealer), called them and i was told they had one in stock.. Great Went there, paid for it.$205.99 with tax came to $239.00 And will be shipped from the warehouse and availible for pickup the next afternoon. Great.. Get there next day and informed me that they infact do not have RW8 and are unable to get due to being discontinued. I was ready for them to refund me the purchase, when they gave me the RPW-10 at no additional cost. Not being very knowledgable in this area, is this a good sub?
  2. So no more 8's ? why wre they discontinued? I have heard they were , for the money, a very good sub. Have they had problems or just going for bigger and better?
  3. I was online with a locale electronics retailer ( ultimate electronics ). They advertised the RW8 on sale for 199.99 When i got there to purchace it they were out of stock and informed me that it has been discontinued. After searching around for more info on this, I heard that a new powered sub 8 in. is replacing the RW8. Can anyone offer more info on this? Thanks
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