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  1. Hey guys, This video has gotten a lot of attention the last 3 days (originally from Gizmodo): My department has a standard PVC Rubens tube for demos to k-12 kids, but this is another level. Looks sweet. I think it'd be a badass grill and/or built in HT fireplace. Preliminary idea before I start carving on my good equipment, is to tap a hole for a propane feed into the bottom of my promedia 2.1 subwoofer, and flow enough propane to light the port. Anyone piddled around with flaming subwoofer ports before? I expect the pressure fluctuations, i.e. port chuffing, to produce the kind of dancing flame height seen above; think that a good kick drum might put the flame out though. Might need a pilot light of some sort...
  2. Link to my CL ad: http://columbiamo.craigslist.org/ele/4280740117.html
  3. I think government should protect me from violent crime (possible to do on your own, but I'd rather not militarize my house) That's about it. Unless they want to invade oil rich countries to raise my standard of living; then that's good too I don't get news from any television network There were 200 job postings on craigslist yesterday in my city. There should be no welfare programs, and unemployment should max at 2 weeks per year, not 26. (I worked 3 simultaneous minimum wage part time jobs during part of my undergrad. People need willpower, not government) If you can't afford to have children and you do, you should be 'fined' (obviously don't have any money, so it would be shifts at Walmart)
  4. Once you start believing that the Constitution grants citizens a 'base' standard of living, you have a huge sub-population of revenue-leeches with iPhone 5's and 5 year old cars, buying steaks with EBT, complaining about being poor, and expecting the government to provide them with that 'base' regardless of how useless they are to our society. I can't stand it. (liberals)
  5. Only solution is a dedicated basement theater. Pulling it out of the corner would lessen the rattling, but proportionally lessen the output on my couch. Might as well have a synergy 12
  6. It happens over a large range. I can place my hands on the walls of my garage door 100 feet away and feel it. Not a matter of particular resonance I'm a PhD physics student. Our main procedure to remove the native oxide layer on silicon wafers involves nasty chemical baths under a fume hood.
  7. No headaches. I work with boiling nitric acid, HF, nasty stuff all the time. Hg doesn't worry me (as long as the bulbs do what they should, and don't explode) If there is an equal output, equal wattage LED that fits for less $$$, I'm in. They're not at walmart. I believe I have these: http://www.amazon.com/GE-21709-15-Watt-740-Lumen-Floodlight/dp/B001AT22AG Buying chinese isn't bad. They make fine products at a low cost to the consumer. We don't need Americans clicking a button in a manufacturing plant... We have the privilege of an accessible and advanced post-secondary education system and should be churning out folks who invent/design/engineer the products for the $2/hr labor army to produce. House, built in 2007. 'Normal' construction.... I'm tuned flat-ish to below 20hz, maybe a 3db bump from 120 down. Run >110db regularly; the bass is prodigious (at 1/2 inch excursion, I probably have more displacement than 2-3 of klipsch's current offerings pooping their pants)
  8. Already had to replace every light bulb in the house with CFL's. (filaments were stressed from vibrations) Now the kitchen is driving me crazy
  9. Quiet fan upgrade. Blows warm
  10. masterxela


    Excellent. I saw no 'actual cat' context clues and figured you were using some hip internet slang, in reference to the perfectly wrapped gifts, etc.
  11. masterxela


    The 110lb variety. She bought that 60", so... not bad
  12. masterxela


    Black gloss laminate is in the mail. Lost my corner placement due to tree... It sounded way better there and will go back sometime in January I expect. Upfiring because it's not permanently mounted to the inner baffle yet (waiting till it's finished).
  13. masterxela


    I'll do a full review/pictures/measurements eventually, but to help people out who use the search feature: don't plan on running this beast on a Behringer 4000 watt amp. (I bought an EPX4000; the ep2500 and ep4000 I believe are equivalent) I use an art clean box pro and deq2496 to send the epx4000 a good hot signal (of course below clipping), and with the -10 lights on the amp solid, and the 0 light flashing (no clip light), the FTW-21 wants WAY more. (I'm in a sealed 6 cubic foot box, but even in free air with test tones, I can't get near the excursion ratings) The Behringer sounds good, and with the RTA/GEQ, I'm flat to 20hz no problem. Just needs double the power
  14. Preface: I've owned RF-15's, RF-7's, dean g'd RF-7's, RB-75's, Heresy's, a KV-3, 2 pairs of KG1's, KG 4.2's, KLF-30's, and briefly heard virtually everything else: cornscala's, forte's, etc Alright, got the RF-82 II's in today. Bought them because I felt they were the best for what I needed (of course). Mostly HT, modern living room, RF-7 II's were out of the price range. Could have gotten a pair of rf-82/63/83/7 used for the same price or less, but didn't feel like it... Wired 'em up. PS3 -> Denon receiver preouts -> Adcom GFA-5800 -> speakers Set 'em to large and cranked it to -3 on the receiver. The adcom is a monster... First listen I decided to do one of my favorite concert DVD's, Cream live at Royal Albert Hall (2005, they're OLD): I'm extremely familiar with this DVD, White Room is my favorite track - fretless bass tone is full and well balanced (forward) in the mix, drum toms 'smack', Claptons guitar and the cymbals soar, but not the delicate 'airy' magnepan kinda soar, the wall of full stack's 'fill a stadium' soar The RF-82 II's sound exactly like I expected. They sound like good Klipsch reference speakers. High sensitivity and relatively high power handling (rated at 150w) and you can reproduce live concert volumes with clarity and detail. You cannot find a $1000 pair of new floorstanders that has better sound quality at high volume. At moderate output levels, I think the conventional tweeter designs in the other manufacturers can compete (but you need big amps, and Klipsch's sound excellent on receivers) But who wants to listen to Cream at <110db? Snore. Plug in your headphones if you're after the purest reproduction at low volume I don't have the luxury of comparing them directly to my previous klipsch speakers because different room and different electronics does a lot. However, the rf-82 II's don't quite have the outrageous low distortion output that the rf-7s and klf-30's have (as expected). If someone asked me to describe the rf-7/klf-30's sound when pushed hard, I'd say, "they will crush your face". The rf-82 II gets a little strained, a little harsh, you can tell it's near it's limit and starting to sound compressed. Maybe a little bit of microdynamics and midrange texture is lost. You can turn up any speaker to the point this happens! The fact is that you don't want to be in the room when it happens to the 7. Crossed at 80hz and the midrange would improve at reference output (my woofers had serious visible several mm excursion during music. I'm sure low frequency HT material would highten the issue). I'm building a DIY FTW-21 sub, and it's not done. When it is, I'll have in room measurements of the 2.1 system. Am I keeping them? Yes. Am I happy with my purchase? Yes. Are there better speakers in the world? Yes. At $1000/pair new? Probably not
  15. Music they're playing doesn't require 17hz, or 30hz for that matter. I had the 15" version of this paired with my KLF-30's in my old loft (equivalent to a frat house.....) http://www.zzounds.com/item--GMNGVXSUB18P They are SPL monsters (for $500), and sound fine. They will not dig (what HT people consider) deep, however.
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