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  1. Funny thing, I got the same tat about 38 years ago.....but down below somewhat close to the pecker LOL! It was done at biker friends house, everybody had tats but I didn't want one where everybody could see....only people on a need to know basis. Later when I got married my wife (may she rest in peace) wanted me to have it removed but I told her it stung like a mother to get it in that sensitive of an area and it was going to stay. She adjusted to the situation, but never appreciated that tat.
  2. TOOL the end of Oct., they have not toured in ages so I am looking forward to this concert.
  3. One of my most memorable was GWAR in Memphis with my son. We got up front and I was pelted with fake blood through a water cannon for most of the set. It took several days to get that sludge out of my ears! I have seen some incredible bands in my 61 years but this ranks right up there for just a crazy experience....Ozzfest in 2003 was also cool because my son was 15 and we met some great people at various meet and greet's for autographs.
  4. I bought my Jubilee's from Boxx in Nov. 2014 just prior to his passing and have considered selling them since my wife passed from cancer and I may downsize. Besides the Jub's I have some LaScalla II's, a pair of Cornwalls, a pair of Heresy I's and a pair of Heresy III's. The Jub's have the big horn and passive crossovers which were built by someone here on the forum, Boxx told me who but I forgot to write it down. I will probably hold on to them for now because I'm sure there will always be a market for used Jubilee......I would not sell mine for less than $5,500 including the passive XO's. You should keep your eye on the forum, if you don't buy new they always seem to turn up a couple times a year......damn after typing this post I already am getting a little sick thinking about selling them......any other of speakers I might sell.....but not my big frickin' horns. Sorry, newbie I can't sell the Jub's....even if I downsize my house, I swear you can put them in a fairly small room and they still sound like Heaven!
  5. Joe....My prayers go out to you and your family. I lost my precious wife of over 34 years this past Oct. 1st, she was the love of my life and though our only wish was to grow old together, it was not meant to be. At the time of her passing I was looking for some Jubs and ended up meeting with Boxx and buying his pair. He was such a fine man and within a few months he to was called home by the Father above. My heart aches for your loss, and I know how hard it is to share this with others. we may never meet but my thoughts are with you and know that your wife's spirit and energy will be a force that you can belive in, I know my sweet Michelle is with me every day. Bless you and everyone touched by your wife. Steve
  6. Alex.....I have not been on the forum for a week and then I see this......prayers to your family. I was very lucky to meet Boxx two months ago when I made the trip to purchase his Jubs(now my avitar). I had just lost my wife of 34 years and one thing we talked about was all of your parents collectables and antiques because my wife and her family were in the business for 30 years. It was clear he loved music, but also that he and your mom had a passion for collecing things big and small because every inch was filled with items to cherish and remember the past. There was also a grandson there to clear the way and help, of coursre I had to tease him while Boxx got things unhooked. One last thing to mention was his beard....Boxx said he had not shaved since he retired, I also have a long goat and told him since my wife was no longer around to feep it in check I hoped it would get at least a foot longer and I could put it in a braid! Alex, once again I pray for your loss and to everyone who will miss a fine man and friend....Steve
  7. I had a pair of the RP-5 model for several years and loved them, when hooked up with the LFI info going to the 2 12 inchpowered subs you had all you needed to blast the best movie sound for around $2k......hooked up with the subs facing toward the outside it really was good bang for the buck. You could also just hook them up to the front left and right without connecting to the LFI and they were good as a musical speaker without all the sub rumble. I sold them to a friend for $600, and at times wish I still had them.....don't know about the RP-3, but the 5's were really good. Good luck with the 3's.....but it would be nice to find some 5's. steve.....also the subs could be adjusted to tone them down a bit if they were alittle over the top
  8. I started out to make my office into a listening room next spring after redoing floors the first of next year, however after a few days of hearing how great these sound, the Jubs are staying a part of my HT...... a short while back I commented on how fantastic the LS II's sounded ater getting some quicksilver mid monos, I felt like things could not get much better. My son and I really thought we had reached a point of diminishing returns, Oh How Very Wrong Can Thee Of Undereducated Ears Be!!!!! Coytee...Horns May be honky, well I now have a pair of the biggest honkers in town! I am not sure if that came out right, but I think you get my drift....Some have called these ugly, but true beauty is in the ear of the beholder. Steve Coytee..you are correct about how the shelf is braced underneath.
  9. Boxx.....I replaced my fronts with the Jubs and my rear surround Heresy III's with The LaScala II's. Again I thank you so much for all of your help. This is the best purchase ever and my son has already laid claim to these bad boys......I heard Jubs for the first time a few years ago in Hope, but they are even more impressive here in my familyroom..... Steve
  10. [/url]">http://http://s42.photobucket.com/user/stevehollowell/media/7e569cc7-eb90-429e-b411-b277fa0896bf_zpsd04a9aab.jpg.html'>
  11. [/url]">http://http://s42.photobucket.com/user/stevehollowell/media/DSCN0119_zps9b0c59a3.jpg.html'>
  12. [/url]">http://http://s42.photobucket.com/user/stevehollowell/media/DSCN0117_zpsae2c824f.jpg.html'>
  13. I put my hat into the ring on these.......PM sent.......look forward to talking about the speakers with BOXX
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