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  1. These pictures were all sent you. You can put the pop corn away, we won’t have any shown to watch. As I was confirm today my time here is limited. I tried to make everything right but frankly some people can not be dealt with and I have a better use for the rest of my time.
  2. Emile, Alright my turn now. Wow. I have gone out of my way to work with you. Expecting things to be at your door steps within two days of sending a payment, as well as woofers not be damaged while being jam packed up in one small box clearly demonstrated shows that you are an unreasonable person to deal with. I even told you that the shipping method and cost was not realistic. Again my better judgement I only agree to ship all the woofers separately in USPS boxes because your asked me to. I had a sneaky suspicion about you, that is why I sent you pictures of all the items before packing them up. I even stated that I was doing so in my emails to ensure that we were on agreement That same picture below clearly shows the ding crease etc..in the woofers and caps-but no RIP. The speakers were used almost daily with no noticable sound issues, but you claim that the horn is non functionning, yet not damaged. The likely hood that the membrane would get damaged in shipping is pretty small, but I guess it can happen with older speaker, so I issued a refund without you even asking for it Regarding the other damaged woofer, as you said, it was damaged in shipping and not because of poor packing. I can only imagine what would have happened if I had followed you advised and put two per box. I try to help this community the best I can, but you sir Is the bad apple I heated about and I did not want to deal with.
  3. I believe they are, but you will have to confirm it with the experts. The II has upgraded x-over, I think
  4. Make offer. RF3 I cabinets only. Good shape, no structural damage. Some scratches. The grills are in good shape, but all the pegs are broken. I was going to convert them to magnets. boxes are RF 3II. I drive to Houston every two weeks, I can deliver anywhere on I 45 between Dallas and Houston.
  5. We worked it out, all good. Glad I could help with the project. The RF3 is a fantastic speaker. I seem to always go back to them, I had 4 pairs over the years.
  6. I did take the local add down and responded to him last night. I did not realize that this was a urgent matter for Emile and that he is expecting immediate shipping with unrealistic Time line and shipping quote. Still for sale
  7. I honest have no idea what to ask for
  8. Looks like a really cool project
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