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  1. Tracking Angle

    Phoenix, AZ Area?

    Anybody live in the Phoenix area near Chandler who can pickup a small pair of bookshelf speakers and drop them off at UPS? You don't have to pack them (unless you'd like to). I'll compensate you for taking the time and would certainly appreciate it. You can let me know here or PM me, thanks. -Phil
  2. Tracking Angle

    Best Way to Ship Forte II

    I've got a pair of walnut Forte II in fine condition that I would like to sell. (By the way, what is the going price range for these, in I would consevatively say, very good condition?) I live in a place that you have to take a ferry to get to, so I don't imagine many would come to pick them up. I am exploring my shipping options. I don't have the original boxes. What is the best way to ship them? Does Klipsch still sell the boxes? Any one know how can I make boxes for them? At 67 .lbs each would they be better in seperate boxes? Should they be double boxed? Or should I use a double walled box? What is the most cost effective shipping service to use? I doubt I will ship them out of the country? Can anyone point me to a previous thread that deals with this issue?
  3. Tracking Angle

    Suggestions on a Crown Amp

    Yes. Those single ended amps do have a unique sound: big soundstage, romantic, and lush. I have often wanted to hear one with my Forte IIs. As much as feel there is alot of voodoo in highend audio, I feel nothing is wrong with finding a sound you like. Afterall, the signal chain has been altered many times by the time it gets to your ears!
  4. Tracking Angle

    Suggestions on a Crown Amp

    Okay, so I will definately look into a K2. Does anyone know what Crown replaced it with? Or, which new Crown should I consider? I realize that it might cost more than what I was originally considering, but I want a good amp!
  5. Tracking Angle

    Suggestions on a Crown Amp

    I have notice many people using Crown amps now. I was considering a Berhinger A500, which I have seen good reviews on, but I have read too much negative anecdotal information about it and I am now exploring other options. I would like input on the best Crown amp, new or used for the money. Although I have Forte Iis, I would use the amp to drive many different speakers. In other words, I have no specific use for it; I just want a good high powered amp in contrast to all the low powered tube amps I own. I would want at least 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms, but more power would be fine. I believe a high damping factor is an important factor to consider for controlling woofers, do you agree? As far as an internal crossover goes, I don't need it but I guess it might be something I could play around with. How much should I spend? I was thinking about $600 or so. The Berhinger A500 is only $200. Thoughts?
  6. Tracking Angle


    As long as we're at it...I'll add Bill Nelson, Gary Green, Larry Carlton, and Wes Montgomery.
  7. Tracking Angle

    Which amp?

    Hello Violar, I have no idea what they sell for in Italy, but as they are made there I imagine you could get a good deal on an used Pathos Classic One integrated amp, series II (I believe series III is out now). I have heard this amp (series II) on LaScalas and Forte IIs and it sounds great. It looks pretty good, too. Pathos' website is in English and Italiano: http://www.pathosacoustics.com/ -Phil
  8. Tracking Angle

    Chime in on Amplifier questions

    I don't believe that MF or Arcam is going to sound much different from your B&K. Tubes will sound different. However, if you want your system to sound better overall, SS or tubes, working on your room acoustics will give you the biggest return for your efforts. -Phil
  9. "Hooyah!! 24 months to go until final retirement, my freefall chute is packed and ready, and I'm headed to the airport.... Gonna' jump 10,000 feet off the coast, fall as long as I can (to about 1500 feet), and land on the beach." THAT--is so cool!
  10. Tracking Angle

    Anyone have RPGInc products?

    No doubt MAS knows where to find DIY plans for the QEDs or "hemmifusors." Of course, he would want you to learn the acoustical science and do the proper room measurements needed to implement them.... [8-|] "A little learning is a dangerous thing." Maybe someday I'll find the time and do it right.
  11. Tracking Angle

    New Cornwall III's Incoming...

    "Whats really special about this amp is that it goes to eleven." [] --from This is Spinal Tap (1984)
  12. Tracking Angle

    Tour of Audio Classics and McIntosh

    Yes, I have found the people at Audio Classics to be nice. And yes, it would be great to hear some Klipsch Heritage there, but unless you say you are going to buy them (they had Cornwall III and Heresy III in stock when I was there earlier this year) they will stay in the box. I won't get much into the story but, they said the speakers would be worth three hundred dollars less when the box was open. I responded, "Well, don't you get a demo pair from Klipsch? Silence. "Ahhhh...no." They are not really set up to demonstrate equipment properly. As the pictures show, their "demo" rooms are crammed full of stuff including those old Wilson WAMMs. Bottom line is that they are a mail order business.
  13. Tracking Angle

    RIP Luciano Pavarotti

    mmmm, no. Not for the reason you're thinking, anyway... A truly exceptional world class voice, and he knew it. A wonderfully emotional performer in the Italian tradition. He "lives on" in his recordings--a good reason to own good audio equipment.
  14. Tracking Angle

    Acoustic Guitar Tracks

    Almost anything by Leo Kottke. A couple of good albums are My Father's Face and 6 and 12 String Guitar. If you don't want to hear him sing, there is Guitar Music and One Guitar, No Vocals. --Enjoy
  15. Tracking Angle

    Be The First On Your Block To Own: THE JUICY SUIT

    And I dont care what he is wearing.