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  1. So, what is the K1 re-equalization?
  2. https://www.estatesales.net/CA/Anaheim/92806/2186103 This looks like it would be fun.
  3. I see some writing on the wire, no corrosion.
  4. '91 Klipschorns for sale. I'm in zip code 49120. 2 hours from Chicago. Asking $2,400.00. Minor issues with veneer on bottom edge and a ding on left speaker top. Otherwise lovely speakers. Selling because I don't have corners. I have boxes. I will not ship. Drivers are stock. I changed capacitors about 8 years ago, no other changes.
  5. I have a pair if you're still interested. I'm asking $2,400.00. I'm zip code 49120. 2 hours from Chicago. Here's one speaker.
  6. Let's see underneath.
  7. Any news on this auction? Where? When? If on Ebay under what seller?
  8. You could build one. Heyboer has all the transformers.
  9. http://www.estatesales.net/estate-sales/IL/Chicago/60631/584052 This is killing me. I have to work and would love that Empire turntable. Lots of tubes too, can't see values. sheesh. Why do they always have the first day on a Friday? Brian
  10. An Estate sale on Dec 13th but they are taking offers for the speakers up until December 6th. http://www.estatesales.net/estate-sales/IL/Highland-Park/60035/532176
  11. There's a section on the David Attenborough's life story "Life on Camera" where he talks about trying to get lions to roar. They show him carring a speaker out in the grass in Africa and you can see plainly on the front a Klipsch name plate. The speaker looks like a Heresy. He then played recordings of lions roaring and watched what happened. The lions were only slightly interested. This Nature program has been airing on PBS (channel 11 in Chicago) if anyones interested. Regards Brian
  12. Three LPs McCoy Tyner "Nights of Ballads and Blues Joe Pass "Virtuoso #3" Pass And Ellis "Two for the Road"
  13. Bob, Thanks, exactly what I needed!! Regards, Brian
  14. Greetings, I was wondering if anyone knows the values for the capacitors in the Quartets. I peeked at the crossover the other day and the caps say they're 1.0k and 2.0k. Isn't that 1uf and 2uf? Thanks Brian
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