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  1. My son is really into F1 racing and on Sunday he was watching the race feed from Austria. I poked my head in his room at one point and got to see the McLaren crew with their bright Klipsch headphones on! I thought that was pretty cool considering all the Klipsch gear I have in my house. Looks like a great partnership from the various marketing announcements.
  2. I’ve been off the forums for about 13 years, so a long time to catch up. I found this thread and wanted to express my (late) condolences to Bob’s family. He helped decide to recap the Type A crossovers and replaced the diaphragms in my Klipshorns and while I thought they sounded good when I first bought them, after his efforts, they sounded amazing. It put me on a quest to find better amplification for them, and now they sing with a pair of Quicksilver Horn Monos with the Quicksilver Full Function Preamp. I’m glad to hear his family will continue his work, as I have a home theater system that I’ve been thinking about tweaking. He will certainly be missed and thank you for adding so much to the forums and my enjoyment of Klipsch.
  3. @Chief bonehead Congratulations on what will undoubtedly be an amazing speaker. It was good to meet you at the ListenUp session before Covid closed everything down. Those Forte III speakers sound REALLY good and it is still tempting. I’m bummed I missed the 2020 Pilgrimage, but circumstances demanded that I not make the trip, even though the plane ticket was bought. Someday I’ll get to hear the new Jubilee and I hope they leave me in awe like the first time I heard a pair of Klipschorns (also at ListenUp) at the ripe age of 18.
  4. youngjj- I was in the same position you were about 6 yrs ago, bought a nice condition Scott 299B and sent it direct to Craig for the rebuild. It served me well with my K-horns until last year when I upgraded to a pair of Quicksilver Horn Monos. For the money, I was very pleased with how it sounded, and loved the idea that, except for the CD player, everything in my 2-ch system was older that I am! Currently, the Scott gets minimal use in a Heresy bedroom/office system, but I need to redo that room and the audio portion must go, so I'm looking to sell the Scott. I have lots of pictures, so if you are interested, drop me an email. I'll probably be posting to the garage sale forum soon. Rob
  5. Damonrpayne- If/when you got those "aesthetically pleasing" pics, do post, or share via email. And on a related note, I've checked out your website and it looks good. Maybe my HT could gain a place in your hall of fame? Check out www.snoozingdogs.com and click on the Home Theater Info link, describing the work we did in our basement. The pics there are just thumbnails, but I could send larger ones. LMK. Rob
  6. As an owner of both Chorus II and Forte II for the HT, I'll say that I've been very pleased with their current sound, but I, too, often wonder about an upgrade for the crossovers. I have not opened either pair up to look inside, like what I've done with my K-horns. At some point I would like to see those insides, but it just hasn't been in the cards, time-wise, or money-wise. These speakers are still "young," '92-93 models, so I would think they're still close to factory spec. However, I did send my '68 K-horn Type-A crossovers to Bob Crites for a refurb. I was truly amazed with those changes. I thought the stock crossovers sounded good, but the difference with "in spec" components was immediately noticable, and made the K-horns even better. I suppose I would like to tweak the HT speakers some, now that I'm done with my Masters and have a bit more time to spend there. Hopefully some other folks will chime in, or maybe Popbumper can give some insight. Rob
  7. Speak- Another South Metro Denver member here; Colorado native that's moved around a bunch and have been back here for 4 yrs. Personally, I'd look for a set of Forte II or Chorus II, though the Cornwall is a good choice. Check out my setup and maybe sometime I could give you a demo, if you don't mind a house filled with kid stuff. Amazing what little ones need for fun. And yes, put me on the "mailing list" for any other metro gatherings. I did a number of those when I was on the East coast, and would love to get back into that. Rob
  8. When I was using my 299B, I also used the loudness button. As Gary said, I like what it did at lower listening levels. Speaking of my 299B, I will probably be posting it over on the garage sale forum, with pics. Let me know if someone is interested. Rob
  9. I can't say for sure, but knowing how NASA works, probably B*SE. Weight is a killer in space, so you want things as light as possible. Maybe they could take up a small ProMedia 2.1 system?? I sure like mine at my desk. Now, if I were doing it, there'd be Heritage speakers on ISS! Probably need an extra shuttle flight just to bring up all the gear!
  10. Alan- Both are excellent speakers, and you can't go wrong with either of them. I posted some comments in the thread that Bill H linked that compares the Quartet/Forte, so check those out. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/99007.aspx Also, hopefully it's still in the archives, but I posted a long A/B comparison between Forte II/Chorus II when I got my new/used Chorus IIs. It's probably been about 5-6 yrs, but try searching for topics under my name. I think you can also find a good comparison between the Chorus II and Cornwall, as well as a center channel speaker shootout between the KV-3, KV-4, and Academy. In short, if I had to choose one, and space/money were no object, I'd go for the Chorus II. You lose a bit of the bottom end that the Forte II has, but I think the Chorus has a better mid- and high-end, and since I have an external subwoofer, that's not an issue. But, as I stated in the Quartet thread, I think the Forte II is probably the best all-around direct radiator that Klipsch has made, so if you have limitations on room size/cash, the Forte II will serve you perfectly. Hope that helps. Rob
  11. Bill- I'll add a few thoughts here. When I was auditioning speakers for the start of my Dolby Pro Logic HT (back in '93), I listened to all three, Chorus II/Forte II/Quartet. All are excellent speakers and you can't go wrong with any of them. I couldn't afford the Chorus II at the time, so it was between Forte II and Quartet. I was able to do an A/B comparison at my store, ListenUp in Denver, which was very helpful to me. I ended up buying the Forte II, mainly because it has a bit lower bottom end, and more of a "presence" than it's little brother. Everything that the Quartet had, the Forte II had more of. It was a bit of a stretch, budget-wise, at the time, and I certainly would have been very satisfied with the Quartet. But I don't think I'll ever give up my Forte IIs. Fast forward about 7 years, and I added a DD receiver and DVD player, and found the Klipsch forum. Lots of research, including some listening sessions and I made a leap; purchased a set of used Chorus IIs from fellow forum member Mike Lindsay. While you give up a bit of the bottom end with the Chorus II, the highs and mids are even sweeter than the Forte II. So, now I run Chorus IIs as my mains, with the Forte IIs as surrounds, with an Academy center and KG 1.2s as center rears. And I am very pleased! My next "trick" will be to swap the Academy for another Chorus II and run identical speakers across the front soundstage. I'll second Gil's comments that the Forte II is probably the best all-around direct radiator Klipsch made, and I've been able to A/B all of the Heritage line (Cornwall, Heresy, Chorus I/II, Forte I/II, Quartet) as well as some of the KG line, through the various forum friends I've made here. I would hate to give up my Chorus IIs, but if I had to, my Fortes would immediately fill in. I've always been tempted to pick up a pair of OO Quartets to round out the family, but I need a bigger room for them! As others have said, if you can get them for a good price, I bet they won't ever leave. Heck, move your Quartets to the rears and run them all together, since they are timbre matched...you'll be in heaven like I am. Rob
  12. Mike- Been very busy, but enjoying life. Looks like it was about this time last year that I was here. Since then, my son was born, finished my Masters, and been working my butt off on the NASA program that will replace the space shuttle. This year will probably be as busy, but with a different focus. Didn't get to spend much time in the theater last year (or with the K-horns) with work/school, and I was hoping to do some tweaks to it over the holidays, but with 2 kids, that's pretty tough. I still want to roll another Chorus II in as my center between the others, and maybe I can still get that done soon. Love the Academy, but I bet a Chorus II will sound even better. Hanging in there otherwise. Actually visited today because of a Sound & Vision article on the P-39, and have spent some time surfing around. Maybe a visit with the '08 Pilgrimage is in the cards... Rob
  13. mcp- I've been away from the forum for a while, and back checking things out. I have sent you an email about your Scott integrated statement. Check it out and get back with me via email. Rob
  14. JM- Yeah, that '03 pilgrimage was a blast. Sounds like some of the others have been just as good, maybe even better since I see folks have been getting to hear the new Heritage speakers, as well as some great "door" prizes. I guess it has been 3+ years since the Indy trip. Carlin's now 3, and I left the satellite company as it was in the process of being bought out, and when you are being acquired, usually not much falls in your favor. I figure it's a promotion...satellite engineer to rocket scientist, but who knows. Hope things are going well with you and your family. Jeff- You've got email.
  15. Jeff- I'll give you a ring this evening...I'm headed for home and I'm sure it will be a hard drive with the big snowstorm we are having. They are calling for "feet" of snow by mid-day tomorrow. Coytee- Guess I must have missed an earlier post or an inside joke? kaiser- Thanks for the kind comments; it was quite fun designing the room and watching it come together. I wish I could spend more time down there, but that will happen in time. Yep, Carlin's a cutie, and quite a handful. We'll have to see how things go next month with her little brother around. It will be a while before we have a manned flight, but we will be having several big test flights starting in '08. Keep your eyes open for various announcements. Alan- Happy to be back, at least in a part-time sense. Hopefully schedules will allow a visit every now and then.
  16. Yep, that's a killer deal! Hopefully someone here on the forum can ****** these up.
  17. The 333 is sold, but the 299B is still available. With the 299, I can offer either the Scott factory walnut cabinet, or the case from Alan, or, if someone wants them both, that's fine too. Jmon- It's amazing how kids can change your priorities. Carlin is getting old enough now to enjoy movies on the big screen, but with my workload, I don't get there very often. I figure Xmas will be a good time.
  18. Yep, that sounds about right on the replacement parts. I found the original invoice as well as Craig's excellent 299B bias instructions that I will pass along. I did find the 4 Tele 7189s, so those will be included as well. If people are interested in pictures, let me know and I'll send them along, so as not to clog up the forum. The 299B is in very good condition, as Craig can attest, though he probably doesn't remember since it's been a few years since he worked on it. Craig- You've got email. Parrot/RCarlton- Yeah, every now and then I think how cool this program will be. A few weeks ago, I was down in Houston on business, and got to go "behind the rope" and tour the actual Apollo 17 capsule. An amazing piece of history, and one day, I hope to have a role in a similar way. Mike- Good to hear from you again. Talk about long time, no hear!! Yep, your Chorus IIs are still doing great as part of my HT, now located out in Colorado. Pics can be found here. http://www.snoozingdogs.com/Basementremodel.html I need to do some updating as I've done a bit of tweaking on my gear, and Carlin's about 2.5 yrs older now, though you can view recent pics of her on the main page of our website. Over the Xmas break, I hope to swap out the Academy center with another Chorus II for some dramatic impacts. Rob
  19. Craig- I'll take a look at my email at home and see what he did. I truthfully don't remember what I paid for it, but I can shoot you an email with more details tonight. It's been so long since I've been pricing gear, so I'm not sure what a fair price is...we can discuss. Rob
  20. Hello fellow Klipschers- I've been absent from the forums for quite some time, mainly due to work and school, and a small diversion who is our daughter, now 3. For the past 2 years, I've been working on one of the two contractor teams bidding to build the next manned space vehicle for NASA. This year was incredibly busy with contract and proposal work, and at the end of August, we were selected as the winning team. Now comes the hard part...actually building the thing. I am excited, though, as I will be part of the next program that lands people on the moon! While I was alive (barely) for the first landings, the chance to see it happen again is amazing. Sprinkled around all the work-work has been school work; I'm over half-way through my Master's degree in systems engineering, and will be done this time next year. And then there's been the light of our lives, our daughter Carlin, who turned three last week. All this has kept me off the forums and not afforded much time to enjoy my K-horns or Chorus II-based HT. And, we'll be even busier this time next month, as we are expecting baby #2, this one a boy. Now this means I need to clear out some of the audio gear that hasn't been getting much use, and put the money to different use. For now, I need to put up my Scott 299B that was refurbed by NOSValves and has been a mainstay in my 2-ch system. It was replaced recently with a pair of Quicksilver Horn Monos and a tube pre that sounds wonderful. The 299B has been in a bedroom system, but now Carlin has that bedroom as her "big girl room" and I need to let it go. Also up for sale is a Scott 333 AM/FM tuner that was refurbed by Foster Blair. Both units are in excellent condition, and I can post some photos at some point, but wanted to get the word out as I'd like to keep these units in the Forum family, rather than going to eBay. The 299B has the original tube compliment with the exception of the 7189s, which Craig replaced with a quad of current tubes; I forget the brand. I do also have a quad of Telefunken 7189s that I'll add into the mix. The chasis is in great shape, as is the front panel with virtually all the lettering intact. The 333 is also in great cosmetic shape, and I will post some of the details that Foster did with the work. I have an original Scott cabinet that came with the 299B, but I have it currently on the 333, as I purchased one of the walnut cases from Alan Fallert, here on the forum, which allows for easy biasing. I'm posting from work, and will add some details at home, or certainly answer questions. I'm not sure of pricing yet, as I have to track down all the receipts, but I certainly want to give fellow forum members a chance for some great vintage gear that was well cared for while in my system at a nice price. Hope all has been good here on the forum and that life has been treating you well. Rob
  21. I used to have a KV-4 with my Forte IIs, and while it was good, it was not the best match for them. I now have an Academy and that one is much better. It depends on what your other speakers are. The KV-4 was developed for the Epic speaker line, and the RC-7 is for the Reference line. My guess is the RC-7 will not be a good timbre match with what you have now. But, maybe you can get your friend to bring the RC-7 over for a demo, then make the decision yourself.
  22. Guy- I've tried to send you a couple of emails with a few questions about the C-J preamp, but they have bounced back. The Quicksilver Horn Monos are in and things sound really good. Need to spend some time with the system this weekend, and then post up a review. Shoot me an email and I can reply. Thanks.
  23. Cool picture Bill. I have almost that exact same contingent, at least for the HT. I lined them up a while ago and took a similar picture. I had to thin the center channel herd otherwise my picture would have included a KV-3, and a KV-4, in addition to my Academy. Always good to get the youngun's started with the good gear early. Our 18 month old doesn't know it yet (nor does her wife/mom ), but she's got a set of Heresys, an H/K 730, and a Denon 5-disc CD player waiting when she moves into her "big girl" room. She loves music on either the HT or the 2-ch K-horn system and has nearly figured out all the remotes.
  24. Another option is the KV-2 or KV-3 series, which were also made for the KG series of speakers. All the KV-x line are shielded so they can sit directly on your TV and not affect the picture. I had a KV-3 with my Forte IIs and it did an admirable job with those speakers. You have lots of options with the KG series. That KG 2.2V isn't too bad a price yet. Best of luck.
  25. Bill- Check out http://www.woodnshop.com. I bought some walnut 3/4" plywood from them to build a set of Flexy racks. They have a pretty good selection of sizes, but you may have to have them make some cuts ahead of time so they can ship UPS. They are relatively close to you, in St. Louis. I was very pleased with their products; also bought walnut veneer edge tape.
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