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  1. I checked the measurements again and was consistently measuring around about 8ohms (still not exact, but hovering between about 7.8 and 8.3) Bob, you have mail.
  2. I've checked the resistance of the woofers and it definitely appears to be above 4ohms. The value fluctuated between about 5 to about 10, but was definitely closer to 8ohms than 4ohms (I hope I measured it correctly, the fluctuations threw me a bit, was I doing it right?). Having thought about this for a couple of days I now think I remember when I bought the speakers the guy also had a set of speakers similar in size to the Khorns that I now think may have been hybrids (and I'm pretty sure they weren't Khorns because I went and had a quick look at them out of curiosity), so I'm beginning to think that he may have pinched the woofers from the Cornwalls for his own speakers. Obviously I'm only going on a vague recollection, but does this sound plausible? On closer inspection I can also see that some of the screws bolting in the woofers don't sit flush, but I've no idea if this is because it was taken out to modify or if it's just a different woofer. So is there any other way I can confirm/deny whether these are K-33's? If they're not then is this an issue, should I really be using K-33's? And if so, then has anyone got any suggestions on the easiest way for me to get a pair to Australia? Thanks for all your help so far, Chris
  3. Speaker binding posts - external.
  4. Speaker binding posts - internal.
  5. Here's a pic of the internal of the cabinet.
  6. Hi all, These are my Cornwalls. Thanks Craig for getting the ball rolling on this, and thanks everyone for your help so far. I bought these second hand about 8 years ago, so all the work was done by the previous owner. I knew that the speaker binding posts on the rear had been changed but was unaware of any other changes internally till a few days ago when I checked under the hood. Other than the binding posts and the woofer you are looking at, it all looks original to me, but you guys are the experts. Also, both woofers appear identical from both the front and the rear, so whatever work you see was done to both. Bob, I haven't measured the resistance as yet, but will endeavor to so this afternoon. I'll also try and post some more pics. Thanks, Chris
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