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  1. Did you solder the crossover wires to the clips on the driver? Meaning you have to melt the solder to disconnect the crossover from the drivers.
  2. I don't know about cat 5 but I braided speaker cables with highly reguarded Beldin cable and managed to fry my amplfier using them. I think they are about 7 feet biwired. I'm no techy but it was either the high capacitance or impedance that was the culprit. I also thought it was due to my not having a zobel network installed to protect from frying. Recently I found out from the factory that my amp has a zobel network. Sell you some cables cheap! The continuity has been checked and is OK.
  3. If one wanted to sell something, how do the prospective buyers find out it's for sale? I did just two caculations of their fee and for $1600 it is $52 or 3 1/4 %. Not bad. For $400 it's $25 or 6 1/4%.
  4. It had nothing to do with your situation. But I would get in the live chat under security and ask about it. A very tedious process I might add. You might consider having the seller ship to you and not pay till you get the system delivered and tested. Especially if you have a strong Ebay record since he has none. BTW phone # and address is part of a members registration info. I would not give it out mine,especially the phone #, until I knew who the buyer is and their name and address. You are justified in being concerned.
  5. Before I realized my new velodyne DD 12 was too small for my 4000cu space and too inefficient for my RF 7's base reflex design, I played with the on screen software. Each day I would look at my best EQ settings from the day before and discover they were not nearly the best for today. Especially if I moved the mike a few inches up down sideways. Other things like sub volume level, low crossover point and slope and phase/polarity were much more consistent from day to day. DR Who? What is Q? What is Contour. Never got that far in playing with the settings with the software.
  6. Thanks Amy. After waiting on someone to answer for eons I gave up. But they said click on ebay home page and in the top right hand corner there is a place to click called live ??? Once there you choose a category that best fits your problem. Within a few minutes I was chatting 'laborously" with a real person. Not a satifying experience. Good news. Got the job done. BTW pay pal people are illeterate on ebay issues and vice versa. Bad as that was it was the best way.
  7. Does anyone know of a phone # to call ebay to solve a problem?
  8. The 999 will play multichannel SACD's and a few other improvements over the 9000. Plus the 999 is 3 years newer. Why is the 9000 selling "USED", on ebay for around $250 and the 9000 for $100 more at $350? I think the 9000weighs 28 lbs and the 999 about 15. Does the 9000 just play regular CD's better than the 999?
  9. Hi Audible. See the specs on Sony NS9100ES. It plays all of what you want.above DD DTS SACD 2 and multi, CDR and CDRW. $ 729 at Sound Sellers with full warranty as I recall.
  10. If I have a multichannel SACD with a 2 channel mix will it play on my 9000 "BETTER" than a regular CD of the same material on my 9000. If not better why bother. I'm looking for the SACD experience. I already have 600 CD's to play on the 9000. It would seem to me as I research this, if I get a STEREO ONLY SACD the 9000 will play it "BETTER", than a regular CD of the same material.
  11. Thanks Strabo!!!! If I buy a multichannel SACD, given that the 9000 does not play MC, will I hear the full quality of SACD? I have 600 regular store bought CD's. I don't need one called MC SACD and have it play, but as a normal CD would, after paying extra for a SACD.
  12. I just looked at e-bay and even though the 999 is newer and has some significant improvements over the 9000, the 999 is selling for less. Anyone know why?
  13. The S9000ES doesn't play multichannel. the NS999ES does. Now I don't know if the reviewer of both of these is correct, but here is the link. http://www.ultimateavmag.com/dvdplayers/84/ Also My pre amp/power amp does not have 5.1. It's 2 channel.
  14. I have read in a review that it will play 2 channel SACD but not multichannel SACD. I see many SACD's for sale on line that say multichannel. Should I avoid these if I want to play in the SACD mode?
  15. How do you tell if a SACD will play as a SACD on your Sony DVP S9000ES player? I've read it will not play multichannel SACD's which were not yet out when the Sony was launched. What are the key descriptive words on the SACD that say it will play and what are the key words that say it won't play?
  16. This Saint Saens Symphony 3 looks like one to get to also hear my sub. Does the multi channel aspect trump it out. I think the Sony s 9000es is 2 channel? PS I don't have the Sony yet.
  17. I'm extremely happy with my ARC gear. This is the first problems I ever had. The CD player seems to be fixed. The tech [Chris] at ARC talked the local tech thru fixing it on the phone. The SP 11 and its power supply are going back to the factory today, for the first time in 25 years, For cleaning, 6 relay replacements, new caps in the power supply, new tubes, and whatever else they recommend. When they get back, I'll start listening to my new Dean crossovers and then set up my new velodyne sub. Thanks
  18. Just bought the heralded Sony DVP S9000ES player used. It was used about 100 hours for movies mostly. The audiofile reviewer of this unit, when it came out, strongly suggested running a SACD sampler for 400 hours and a CD sampler for 200 hours. Anyone want to loan me one or both, or tell me which ones to get and where? I'll reimburse you for shipping. When doing burn in does the player need to be connected to an output receiver?
  19. Did all the things suggested. Right channel still not working. Left channel sounds great. Unit has light dust all over everything. Do I dare get an air can and blow it off. Is there any technique to doing this once the cover is off? I see no mention of a fuse by anyone. I don't even see any mention of the unit having a fuse in the manual. In a schematic, which I have, what is the symbol for a fuse? My best guess is there is a loose or cracked solder connection that my eyes and skill can't detect. Could a TV techy with a meter, be smart enough to find such a solder crack or am I advised to send this back to the factory? YIKES!!!!
  20. Thanks Gary. I have Thelonius Monk Straight No Chaser from Columbia. It plays on my regular CD player and the CD does not say anywhere I can see that it's super audio SACD. Do I have a different version than you?
  21. Thanks Mas. I did this with my DD 12 and It made the RF7 sound better. It off loads, in the case of the DD 12, frequencies below 80Hz allowing the RF 7's to do abetter job above 80Hz. I plan to do the same thing with the DLS 5000R when I connect it.
  22. DD 12 now on e-bay. Sale ends about 9:45 Sat. morning!
  23. DD 12 now on Ebay, Sale ends Sat morning about 9:45 AM.
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