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  1. Sony S9000ES. Came out in 2001. New was $1500. Flagship model, where they pulled out the stops. Rave reviews. Plays SACD but not multichannel, and redbook CD's like a dream come true. Several on audiogon now in the $ 350 range. It is upgradable later to unbeliveably fantastic by several companies. I just had level 5 upgrades put in by Vacuum State and am beside myself and it isn't close to being broken in yet.
  2. I know about Amazon Marketplace. Mostly interested in Jazz and popular.
  3. With the speakers in front of you as a first approximation have them point at you in your listening position. Both speakers should be toed in exactly the same amount.That angle, of toe in, will be determined by how far apart the speakers are from each other and how far away you are from the speakers. If the speakers are too far apart you can have a whole in the middle. If too close together you loose sound stage. The more you toe in the better the imaging at the cost of sound stage. The more you toe back out [to the limit of straight ahead] the bigger the sound stage but imaging is reduced. For some imaging is more important than sound stage so the toe in would be more. For those who like sound stage more just the opposite. In between you have pretty good sound stage and imaging.
  4. Check to see if the MO's have been cashed. If not stop payment. You need your receipt and go to where you bought them.
  5. With them on the floor, will you be able to toe them in? You may surprise yourself and find you can move them off the wall. Mine are about 14" forward of the front of the media cabinet. Looked stupid at first but I am getting used to it. Can't say my wife is though.
  6. Leave it switched and try to remember if you disconnect, to reconnect the way you have it now. HeHe!!!! Hey you are more alert than me. I had my RF 7's out of phase for 2 years before I found out and did what you did to correct it. BTW I only found out by using white noise on the stereophile test CD 2 which they sell for $9.95. It tests other things as well.
  7. As you walk in close to even between the speakers and as far out,still centered, does the base still seem missing all along this centered line? If the answer is yes, your speakers may be out of phase. Switch the cables on "ONE" speaker + to - and - to +. [You are not bi-wiring are you] If you "ARE" bi-wiring it's easier to switch the cables for one speaker at the power amp. If this changes nothing put the cables back.
  8. Referencing the 90 db comment above, my Radio Shack SPL meter says that ear damage starts to come into play at 80 db and worsens as you go higher. Most of my listening is 75 db and a bit lower.
  9. Can't answer your question, but your 40' is a multiple of your 20'. There have been comments here that that will cause acoustical problems. There is a best smaller dimension for the 40' length. Someone should be able to tell you what it is. Will your R-3650-Ws fill that smaller space? Lets hope your ceiling isn't 10'
  10. Have peace of mind with a fully factory refurbished Rotel RB 990BX power amp. Brought up to all original specs by Rotel. Sounds great. Looks great! I'm only selling because I have a newly acquired RB 1090 380w/ch amp.
  11. FWIW There are Rega Jupiters and Apollos and Saturns on Audiogon. The Jupiters are only $100 more than Apollos.
  12. For someone thinking interconnect cables, I highly recommend the 99.99% silver Kingcats. I'm stunned by the sound improvement. I thought I was at the point of very diminished returns on more system improvements. WOW was I wrong! Major bass improvement and great detail and still smooth thruout. My system was bright but no more. This sound improvement was after switching from 200w/ch Rotel 990 to the famous 380w/ch 84 lb 1090 and putting 8 ASC tube traps in and Sony's S9000ES flagship CD player. And the cable price was not bizzarr like the $3000 MIT cables I had back in the 80's/90's. Not a big cable co. but a one man show from Doug. www.catcables.com
  13. There is a mint almost new, Rega Saturn on audiogon for $ $1800 which includes S&H. If I hadn't commited to a Sony S9000ES level 5 upgrade, I would seriously consider this with its new master clock.
  14. Good points Josh, How much is a Saturn? What is the difference?
  15. There are 7 Rega Apollos on Audiogon. They all have been with their owners for only a few weeks. That would be a red flag to me. One might contact each seller to get a good idea as to why they are selling. Price $750 to $825. The owner of the $825 unit never opened the box but put a Marantz in their system instead.
  16. http://www.amazon.com/Bach-Four-Great-Toccatas-Fugues/dp/B0000026HJ/ref=sr_1_20/104-3580406-6211965?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1184153600&sr=1-20 Good and cheap at Amazon Marketplace. "Power"-ful by E. Power Biggs. Used $3.99 + $2.98 S&H. Enjoy.
  17. Maybe I missed it but is the Ah Tjoeb 4000 with upsampling the latest version? What does it cost? How long has it been around? Where do you get It?
  18. Yes Dean has this player. Fritz, audiokarma will not let me register with my email because its free. Spam paranoia. For $5.00 the paranoia goes away and I can register. I don't think so. We have enough here to keep me happy. Can't even read their posts? Thanks anyway. I'm calling Vacuum State tomorrow. There are several favorable reviews and testimomials on the net anyway.
  19. Vacuum State has an upgrade to the 9000. Have "YOU" had it done? In particular what did it do for Redbook CD's? What did it cost? Thanks.
  20. So how much is your guess for the visable room treatment for each room. 30 to 40 k?
  21. http://www.soundstagelive.com/factorytours/audioresearch/ Scroll down to the large and small listening rooms. What type of diffusers are these and what are the speakers? I'll bet these rooms have good acustics.
  22. Look into a 2 story, same floor space. I bet you save around $1500 a year. In your locale can you have a basement?
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